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...or the "Robits" deck. This was designed to be a fun deck consisting of robotic Artifact creatures, and its main focus is on the robots combining using the living weapon mechanic. Metalcraft is in full use here as well, including Puresteel Paladin for the weapons, Stoic Rebuttal for answers, and Galvanic Blast for good old-fashioned damage.

The Etched Monstrosity/Hex Parasite combo also makes an appearance, and with the dual lands and Alloy Myrs present, it's actually relatively easy to remove the Monstrosity's counters legitimately and earn the 3 card draw. Hex Parasite of course works wonders against infect decks or anything else that relies on counters (JTMS, anyone?)

Karn is... Karn. If he shows up, he can do serious damage to an opponent's strategy (more than Despise alone, for sure), and he serves as a neat contingency plan should things go horribly wrong. Plus he can also serve as Hex Parasite ammunition. He's not central to the strategy, but he definitely adds to it in a big way.

EDITS: Changed out Jace's Ingenuity for Tezzeret's Gambit to comply with Standard post-rotation, and adjusted the numbers of it and Gitaxian Probe to make the deck a little better at drawing. Changed Alloy Myr to Sphere of the Suns, since this deck already has enough creatures or equivalents and the latter card is lower costed and a little better protected by virtue of not being a creature. The charge counters are no big deal now that I can reasonably expect to draw a card that proliferates.



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