The strategy for this deck is to get a ton of zombies to get a ton of card draw. Hopefully this will result in getting Doomsday or Demonic Consultation in your hand and end it with Laboratory Maniac. Depending on the deck I am playing against and what cards I have in my hand the doomsday pile it would consist of Laboratory Maniac, some graveyard retrival, Flux, a counterspell, and some other draw spells. Having Varina, Lich Queen out in during the endgame will help finish the game with her draw ability. I have also recently added a turn 1 win condition consisting of a island or a swamp, Laboratory Maniac, Lotus Petal, Dark Ritual, Demonic Consultation, and Gitaxian Probe it is a bit of a long-shot but each card added did have tremendous value to the deck as a whole.


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So I did a few updates since I last updated the deck on tappedout. The main changes I have made were to make the deck run more efficiently with more card draw and a few more tutors, like Mystical Tutor. I also added a few cards to have a turn 1 win condition, which you can see in the updated deck description. It is a long-shot but the cards added also work really well in the deck, so they are useful still without the other cards in the combo. Hope you enjoy the new decklist, let me know any feedback so I can improve.


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