Aven Eternal

Aven Eternal

Creature — Zombie Bird Warrior


When Aven Eternal enters the battlefield, amass 1. (Put a +1/+1 counter on an Army you control. If you don't control one, create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token first.)

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Common

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
Arena Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Historic Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper Legal
Unformat Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Aven Eternal Discussion

Epicurus on Amass

4 months ago

You can look at my deck, Gleaming Arbiter, for inspiration if you'd like, but keep in mind that mine is Modern, not Pioneer. So there will be some differences.

For adding noncreature spells, Honor the God-Pharaoh is one of my favorite cards to cast in my deck. Two cards for one, and adds 1 to the army. Next, Toll of the Invasion might do better for you than me, since you already run some discard. Commence the Endgame is, I believe, the best amass spell, period. However, you really would only have to run a couple of them, because they're a late-game spell. Now, if you did flip the balance more toward noncreature spells, Invade the City becomes brutal, albeit conditional. Furthermore, if you went that route, then Widespread Brutality is an even better choice than Massacre Girl that I mentioned before. However, it will very likely wipe your creatures also, so only if you went that route.

For creatures, I'd remove Aven Eternal, Eternal Skylord and Lazotep Reaver. They all either cost too much or don't help much. The other creatures are not necessarily unhelpful, so you'll probably have to playtest to find a good balance between creatures and others. I do, however, question your idea of adding Liliana, Dreadhorde General. She's more suited for a traditional zombie token deck. Remember that amass doesn't create multiple tokens, just one potentially gigantic one. In a similar vein, I wouldn't say to remove Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip, but to seriously playtest and determine how much it aids the theme of the deck. It's never a bad draw in any situation, but if worrying about it takes away from building the army, then it diminishes the effectiveness of the rest of the deck. Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God can stay, though, because why wouldn't you use him. I'm going to consider adding him to my own deck.

Sorry, I'm long winded. Hope that all was helpful.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

5 months ago

I never really understood the whole "Army" idea. Like, to a degree I get it... the giant 7/7 or 9/9 or 12/12 represents an impending doom and all... but here's my problem with it: It's a single entity. A single creature. It doesn't matter how big the creature is; It dies to a single removal spell or a sufficient blocker.

I feel like the correct way to use Army-based spells is to maybe get a 3/3 out there and when it dies you cast the next thing that might get you a 2/2. So rather than a 5/5, you have a 3/3 that dies and you replace it with a 2/2.

But honestly, I'd rather go wide than tall. The benefit of going wide, even if they are a bunch of 1/1s, is they are far harder to stop. This is why cards like Avenger of Zendikar and Hornet Queen are so insanely powerful. Also, anthem effects are much stronger. A single spell that says "Creatures you control get +2/+0 until end of turn" is leagues more powerful if you have 10x 1/1s than if you have 1x 10/10.

So, I'm going to take the wildcard opportunity to "fix" the Army thing, in my own way. Sticking with Amonkhet / WAR Zombies though, so it's easier to work with.

Behold the Dreadhorde


At the beginning of your upkeep, Amass 1.

: Remove a +1/+1 counter from an Army you control, then create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

A legion for every district.

Simple, yet HIGHLY effective. This works in a vacuum as it creates an Army if you don't already have one. This ensures it ALWAYS works. So, if you don't have one, you create a 1/1 Army on your upkeep. The next upkeep, your Army becomes a 2/2. You may then pay and remove a +1/+1 counter from it and create a 0/0 Army token that you then put a +1/+1 counter on.

The benefit here is you now have 2x 1/1 Army tokens rather than a single 2/2.

Perhaps you cast Aven Eternal. You now place a +1/+1 counter on either of the two 1/1s. Now you have a 2/2 and a 1/1.

During your Upkeep, you have a choice: Make a 3/3 and keep the 1/1, or keep the 2/2 and make another 2/2.

From here, you can pay and split it off again;

  • Turn your 3/3 and 1/1 into a 2/2, a 1/1 and a 1/1
  • Turn your 2/2 and 2/2 into a 2/2, a 1/1 and a 1/1

Effectively, it lets you go as wide as you want, or as tall as you want. Best of both worlds.


Wildcard again, since I sort of kept up with the Army theme so that kind of feels like I cheated a bit.

Argy on War of the Spark: Spoilers ...

1 year ago

Just finished playing at my last prerelease, at least for a while.

Can't see myself playing another one, unless we go back to Kaladesh.

A lot of the Planeswalkers were very underwhelming. Ajani was one that seemed to work.

I got Nahiri and Massacre Girl as my promos. Neither went in my deck but I love Nahiri and Massacre Girl is a cool name, so I was still pleased to get them.

I also cracked Jace, Teferi, and heaps of Blue, White, and Colourless fliers, which determined my build.

I got completely stomped in my first match by a deck with loads of ramp and big fatties.

I did whittle him down in the first game, only for him to play a card that put his life total back to 18.

I obliterated my second Opponent, also playing , with too many fliers for him to deal with. He had two Ajani's, but they weren't enough to save him.

My third Opponent played and had a preponderance of non-creature spells.

She was able to kill all of my creatures in our first game, and then laid down a God-Pharaoh's Statue that meant I couldn't cast some of my spells in hand. She only got some small creatures on the field but they, along with the chip damage from God-Pharaoh's Statue , eventually wore me down.

I got ahead of her with my creatures in the next game, playing so many that she couldn't kill them all.

In our final game we were fairly evenly matched. She was going very wide and I had a lot of fliers. Neither of us could attack because then we would leave ourselves vulnerable to a return attack by our Opponent.

I started to put some fliers on the field, got some +1/+1 counters on them, and was able to get a bit of flying damage through.

Then I played God-Pharaoh's Statue , which not only shut her down, but added more chip damage to my flying combat.

Eventually it was all over, in my favour. Good game to finish with as I've played against my Opponent on many occasions, she's a nice person, and I thought it was great to end my prerelease experience playing another female, which is rare for me.

This was my deck:

1x Ashiok's Skulker
2x Aven Eternal
1x Battlefield Promotion
1x Charmed Stray
1x Crush Dissent
1x Dovin's Veto
1x Enforcer Griffin
1x Erratic Visionary
1x God-Pharaoh's Statue
1x Iron Bully
8x Island
1x Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
1x Karn's Bastion
1x Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor
1x Martyr for the Cause
8x Plains
1x Rescuer Sphinx
2x Saheeli's Silverwing
1x Teferi, Time Raveler
2x Teyo's Lightshield
1x Thunder Drake
1x Totally Lost
1x War Screecher

My thoughtw on some of the cards from tonight:

Ajani is excellent.

God-Pharaoh's Statue is better than you might imagine - the person who played it won both matches I saw it in.

Make sure your Planeswalker is going to do something right away that will effect the match - I killed so many of them the turn after they dropped, with flying creatures ie. Don't rely on their static abilities.

There are enough fliers to make a deck with a lot of them - the ability on Saheeli's Silverwing isn't useful most of the time, but the flying is great

The limited environment didn't feel much different to me, even with more Planeswalkers. Most of the time they didn't really affect things. Better Planeswalkers might, though.

I only ever played my Teferi, Time Raveler at a point in the game that I didn't need him to win. My Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor never came to hand. So, basically, I kept winning games without any of my Planeswalkers helping.

Be careful when building with Planeswalkers. Remember they AREN'T creatures, so should not be taking up many or even ANY of your creature slots. Some people learnt this the hard way, running too many of them for little gain, and not having enough creatures to protect them.

I had started off with two Emergence Zone cards in my deck but didn't find them useful, and took them out to colour fix better. I just found that I was never in a position where I could afford to sac them and needed to Flash a card in.

Mobilized District was very good. A bit like Mutavault . It having Vigilance works well as you can still tap it for mana in your second Main phase.

seems VERY strong. Most people were playing it.

I think that's all I have to pass on.

Thanks for reading my prerelease reports over the years.

Hope everyone has fun this weekend, and cracks some good cards.