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Tatyova lands: Level Up

Commander / EDH Budget GU (Simic)



This is built as a Pauper EDH deck but with the idea that I have seen in a few locations of a deck that levels up.

So as a start to my level up system I will use is a simple way:

+1 EXP: Kill an opponent

+1 EXP: Win the match (last one alive)

Some experience gaining modifications:

2 player = no experience can be gained.

3 player = -1 experience max to gain; so 2 max.

Another level up deck -1 experience per level up deck max can be earned.

Modifications stack; minimum 1 experience can be gained (Other then 1v1).

Things to spend the EXP on is upgrading the deck out of being a Pauper deck.

Each EXP can upgrade one card up one rarity. So if I kill only one opponent in a game I can upgrade one common to an uncommon. If I get 3 EXP I can get 3 uncommon, or 1 uncommon with 1 Rare, or 1 Mythic.

Experiance gained: +6

Experiance used: -6


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(Round 3 gained no exp).

Another successful game, Phantasmal Terrain and Boomerang is out, Blighted Woodland and Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep are in. Slinn Voda is a board wipe or rather a poor man's Cyclonic Rift with the woodland being more card draw/ramp. Boomerang and Phatasmal Terrain just have done nothing.


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