welcome to my profile. please, dont be shy. you can look at anything you like. my goblins wont hurt you, too much. oh, and a side note, all my decks are meant for casual play (with a few exceptions) so don't rant me on them not being legal.

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let's go down the list:

Manalith. i have it but that is not the main point of the deck. same for Sol Ring. might be helpful yes. but not the main theme.

Chemist Insight. do not have that card.

the counters you suggested. don't need them cause again, budget is not a priority. i only use what i have. i won't scour the internet for cards that could be good when i have a card that does the same thing. cause the only thing better than cheap is free.

lightning bolt. if i have it it being used in another deck.

StC, sorcery. hard no.

daybreak and steel. don't have.

boon and favor. same thing.

epiphany. it is the card draw that counts. discarding is a small price especially if i can cast it for free after attacking.

Disperse. the spells are only good for the turn i attack. so if i don't use them they gone. and disperse only returns to hand. if i am to counter something, i want it outright gone. not out of my way for a turn.

burns. they aren't suppose to hit creatures. if that was the case i'd run better burns. no the burns hit the players in most cases. if a creature is small sure. i may shoot it but most times i'll shoot the player.

budget is merely a coincidence. if i have the card ok. if i do not then ok. if the card happens to be cheap or expensive it don't matter to me. long as i have it. i will not spend money for a single card if i already have a card that does what i need. (i.e. counterspell at $1.49 vs cancel at $0.58) dropping the mana cost by 1 colorless mana is worth over 80 cents. thinking more i might drop 1 of each land to run R/W/U lockets. as for what you say about Haste, it is white's job to provide utility. there are no white things that give Haste (plus i got red cartouche to give haste). red's job is to shoot and blue is draw and counter. i do have cards that could provide missing roles but i want to keep to that theme.

October 10, 2019 4:04 a.m.


Mana Acceleration: i don't have any acceleration cards to add and is not really needed since most cards are instants and can be cast immediately after attacking with Narset.

Better Cards: unless they are instant cards i don't really need them or if i have them.

Budget: this is not a budget deck. budget, mana or money, is not a priority. if it somehow is then it is merely a coincidence.

October 10, 2019 2:15 a.m.


Rush of the Wild

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Zada's Burning Skirmish.

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Krenko's Goblin Barracks

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Daretti's Goblin Factory

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Tuktuk's Expedition Squad

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Odric, Combat Medic.

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SCORE: 1 | 228 VIEWS

Deck of Death

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