One word to call them forth, one act of aggression against the molten pinnacle to attack in rage!

Our bronzed god of chaotic proportions will aid in the dispensation of wild beasts from the air, mountains, and even the forge. We just want to cheat in big fun charizards and golems and smash face and take names. This deck is ready to eviscerate all that oppose us.

Purphoros is fast, furious, and rather game warping. He turns normal game mechanics on their head by the ultra low cost of three mana to get a seven to 12 mana creature out. Often times he can do this two or even three times in one turn. Many ways in the deck we can recur or keep our big bois by circumventing the end step or returning creatures to hand, sending them to exile for a while, etc. Glimpse of Tomorrow is more incredible than most will know.

Combos & Wincons: Fat giants of rage.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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