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Hedron Alignment Esper

Modern WUB (Esper)




Aligning the Hedrons

Demonic Bargain almost always exiles a hedron. If more than one gets exiles, pull from eternity gets one into the graveyard

Heliod gets extra hedrons from the grave and the backside can be used to cast hedron on the opp's turn, among the other uses

Lots of surveil, some mill, some discard, and flashback to fill and use the graveyard

Murktide gives exile redundancy and an alternate wincon, as well as Egon

I'm unsure about the draw package, but it seems to work reasonably well

The mana base works, but I'm sure some utility lands might help. I haven't looked too hard yet

The side board has cards that I can see being in the main or side

The maybe board are cards that have some synergy within Esper


Updates Add

-1x Demonic Bargain -2x Preordain -1x Flooded Strand -1x Polluted Delta -1x Hallowed Fountain -1x Watery Grave -1x Raffine's Tower -1x Island +3x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy +2 Marsh Flats +1x Godless Shrine +1x Undercity Sewer +1x Meticulous Archive +1x Shadowy Backstreet


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