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I had the Oloro precon from way back when. I've been getting back into MTG after a long time. Went through my old stuff, bought some newer stuff, and threw some cards in here that I thought would work well but I'm sure it could be more focused. Basically posted to give myself a better visual of the stats and if anyone wants to make some suggestions, it's appreciated.

This deck is trying to go wide and get big, gain a bunch of life to pay for spells, while pinging opponent's health down indirectly. Felidar Sovereign is included more as a back up plan if the game runs super long and I am going to add Exquisite Blood for the combo for the same reason. I'm not trying to make this a $1000 deck or anything but would like feedback on if I should lean into the token generating more (tokens with lifegain/deathtouch?), maybe add some anthem ideas to pump them up. I plan on add some budget tutors and have some other cards in mind to help with indirect damage but suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


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