A chunk of Zombies, a dollop of Constellation, a smattering of Spirits, a dash of Ring Tempting with just a little tiny morsel of Dungeon Venturing.

WinCon? Luck!

Probably the most budget EDH deck I have ever put together but \slaps the top of the deck box/ I still have plenty of faith it can give a good time at the table!

Deck named from lyrics within Static-X song "Black and White"


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First game with this deck and can certainly say Daxos' Spirit Token/s run wild when created early thanks to Experience Counters. A very surprising stand out was also Triumphant Adventurer who created alot of pondering moments on the board. Eventually Constelation begun churning away and it was too late for the table, eapecially with Daxos's Torment activating on most turns.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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