Stitched Mangler

Stitched Mangler

Creature — Zombie Horror

Stitched Mangler enters the battlefield tapped.

When Stitched Mangler enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls. That creature doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

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Stitched Mangler Discussion

Xenerai on Zombinstein

1 year ago

if this deck is for casual then i'd say its pretty alright for a fun break from the norm. Only 10 cards short of a commander deck too if you want to go that route. But if you're looking for more competitiveness, I'd say to do the following:

The first thing we need to do before anything, is to figure out the strategy we're going for. Obviously a token based liliana deck is way out of reasonable budgets. The blue you added does give me an idea for a control based zombie deck.

So the first thing to do is remove the cards above 60 that we wouldn't need, along with cards that will don't either assist or protect our strategies. I would start by removing the following: 2 - Advanced Stitchwing. 2 - Certain Death. 1 - Collective Brutality. 1 - Corrupt. 1 - Corrupted Roots. 2 - Disentomb. 1 - Doom Blade. 1 - Essence Harvest. 1 - Gnawing Zombie. 1 - Grixis Slavedriver. 1 - Grixis Grimblade. 1 - Hunted Ghoul. 1 - Haunted Dead. 3 - Ingenious Skaab. 4 - Laboratory Brute. 1 - Lamplighter of Selhoff. 1 - Maalfeld Twins. 2 - Macabre Waltz. 2 - Midnight Recovery. 1 - Mistvein Borderpost. 1 - Moan of the Unhallowed. 2 - Paranoid Delusions. 1 - Polluted Dead. 2 - Psychic Strike. 1 - Recover. 1 - Rise from the Grave. 1 - Scrapskin Drake. 1 - Shambling Attendants. 1 - Sibsig Host. 1 - Sibsig Muckdraggers. 1 - Sidisi's Pet. 1 - Sip of Hemlock. 1 - Skinrender. 1 - Spineless Thug. 1 - Stitched Mangler. 2 - Thraben Foulbloods. 1 - Strange Augmentation. 1 - Undead Executioner. 1 - Zombie Outlander. 15 - Swamp. 10 - Island.

It IS Quite a lot, but it's because we need to make room for the cards that'll make the bulk of our strategy, not to mention there are cheaper, better alternatives to most of these cards (lands were removed because the mana base will be changed later). With these cards taken out, that leaves us with the following: 3 - Cemetery Recruitment. 1 - Ghastly Conscription. 1 - Sign in Blood. 1 - Graf Harvest. 1 - Rooftop Storm. 2 - Gavony Unhallowed. 1 - Jhessian Zombies. 1 - Vedalken Ghoul.

these are pretty linearly focused for an effective strategy. to fluff out the rest of the cards for the deck, I'd recommend:

+1 - Cemetery Recruitment. +3 - Sign in Blood. +4 - Mana Leak. +3 - Duress. +3 - Vedalken Ghoul. +3 - Jhessian Zombies. +1 - Rooftop Storm. +4 - Go for the Throat. +4 - Rotting Rats. +3 - Claim / Fame.

triproberts12 on Mr. Sandman, Bring me a Dream

1 year ago

If you're going to devote a deck to your favorite card (Nice choice, mine's Soulcatchers' Aerie), I would go all in. For example, in Dimir, Mana Skimmer is the Timeshifted version of Somnophore.

Time of Ice, Quiet Contemplation, Back to Basics, Dream Tides, Wrath of Marit Lage, Temporal Distortion, Neko-Te Thalakos Dreamsower, Wall of Stolen Identity, Frost Titan, Queen of Ice, Wall of Ice, Niblis of Frost, Guardian of Tazeem, Icefall Regent, Dungeon Geists, Mesmerizing Benthid, House Guildmage, Tidebinder Mage, Watertrap Weaver, Frost Lynx, Stitched Mangler, Fogwalker, and Vertigo Spawn would probably be my picks for "freeze" tribal.

Alternately, if you're not invested in Dimir, so much as in the creature itself, you could build a Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, or Empress Galina deck, since those commanders probably best represent what the card is doing.

Zero1911 on I'm going to have to ask you to come with me...

4 years ago

Personally i would cut Stitched Mangler for Riftwing seems like an almost direct upgrade.

Zooby9 on Horrid Intentions

4 years ago

I like the idea of this deck, but I don't know if you're taking full advantage of some of the cards. Scourge Wolf is a pretty decent card on its own, but it gets even better with delirium, and I don't know if you are able to make that happen easily. Also you aren't discarding a lot, so Geralf's Masterpiece will not very often be a very big creature because of this. I personally don't really like Stitched Mangler and think it's kind of a bad card in constructed. I also don't think you have enough instants and sorceries to make the best use of Thing in the Ice  Flip as it will not get flipped when you will need it to. I like the idea of using it to boardwipe and be able to keep all of your creatures, but I might look more into taking out some of the creatures that don't do a lot and putting more spells in to use Thing in the Ice  Flip and even Ingenious Skaab better. Those are just my thoughts use them as you'd like and if you have any questions let me know.

NobleGhost117 on Ahmonket UWU

4 years ago

Ancient Crabs -> a playset of Stitched Mangler, sideboard a playset of Negate for against control decks, and Labyrinth Guardians -> 2 Islands and 2 Trueheart Duelist. Mess around with some of the creature numbers, maybe take a more expensive one out for a cheaper one (mana cost wise).

Argy on Zombie Beat Down

4 years ago

You can't build a consistent Standard deck with only one copy of so many cards.

To start with, I would remove:

3x Drunau Corpse Trawler
1x Gisa and Geralf
1x Laboratory Brute
3x Stitched Mangler
1x Wailing Ghoul
1x Contingency Plan

Try to add:

3x Cryptbreaker
2x Diregraf Colossus
3x Relentless Dead
2x Fetid Pools
2x Sunken Hollow


4x Sunken Hollow if you have the cash

I would try to remove ALL the Sorceries and put in extra Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness, and Turn Aside

Have a good look at this deck, as it's basically the best way to build Zombies at the moment, and should give you a few tips.

#1 Black Zombies

Standard Argeaux


Pieguy396 on Brago Flicker (Uber-Budget)

4 years ago

Hi! This looks like a really fun deck to play! I have just a few pieces of advice for you:

A final deck might look something like this (I'll keep the deck up for at least a few weeks)

MohenjoDaro on Battlefield Flickering

4 years ago

You have some high mana cards, I would drop 1 or 2 Drowner of Hope and add Eldrazi Skyspawner. Knight of the White Orchid would be good for more mana; Sandsteppe Outcast and Wall of Resurgence would make more creatures to attack; and Stitched Mangler and Harbinger of the Tides would clear the way.

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