Budget-ish Red Mono Modern Deck


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It is with regret, that I have to finally admit. Bomat has been defeated

Honestly. Bomat is one of my favourite cards. No Cap.

However, it is WAY to easy to remove in Modern, and cannot really fit the format well.

Will have to settle for Light up the Stage. Way more consistent.

This will likely be the last update to the deck in a while... reason being is I don't really know if there is any other way to IMPROVE without spending a lot more money.

Don't wanna spend 300+ dollars on a modern deck. This is a great substitute.

Last 4 Tournaments results 3-1, 2-2, 2-2, 2-2. Average win% was 54%.

DISCLAIMER. This is with my local meta. These results may not reflect in yours.


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This deck is Modern legal.

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