Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Betrayers of Kamigawa (BOK) Uncommon
Urza's Destiny (UDS) Uncommon

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Remove target artifact from the game. Search its controller's graveyard, hand, and library for all cards with the same name as that artifact and remove them from the game. That player then shuffles his or her library.

Splinter Discussion

Liquidbeaver on Liquidbeaver's Liquimetal Landscaping Service

2 months ago

Been playtesting a lot lately, and it has gone very well.

I've made two MB changes:

-1 Walking Ballista +1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance : The deck really struggles to close out the game sometimes, and with all the Karns I can always get to Ballista when I need it. I may end up running two in the side.

-1 Abrade +1 Splinter : I really, really love Splinter, so I am going to run it as a fun-of.

As for SB changes:

Switched out Crucible of Worlds for Chalice of the Void . For every reason Crucible should be great, but because Wrenn and Six can handle so much of the same functionality plus some, I found myself never wanting to wish for Crucible. Chalice was an immediate thought to combo with Trinisphere to lock the opponent out of even more spells, and running it MB really requires Simians.

I am still on the hunt for 1-2 more artifact based alternate wincons to test. So far the runner's up are Goblin Charbelcher and God-Pharaoh's Statue . If I could guarantee I could get more mana on the board I would definitely try Blightsteel Colossus but unfortunately I hardly ever get above 8 or 9.

There's also the option of trying to fit a Nahiri, the Harbinger / Emrakul, the Aeons Torn combo in the side (or main?!) but I don't know if two cards are good enough.

Will361405 on Is this combo good enough ...

3 months ago

Could go green red and use Splinter

BroadScholar on Liquidbeaver's Liquimetal Landscaping Service

3 months ago

I feels ya. Gambit seems better as a sideboard card to deal with tron. And I agree, Landshaper is weak. Dies to Noble Hierarch haha

I'm exited for Shenanigans . Automatic sideboard card in my 8-whack deck. And it seems like this deck can utilize it even better. It'd be a cool one-of in place of an Abrade .

I should mention Into the Core is a personal favorite sideboard card against Welding Jar . I guess you're already running Splinter which is probably better, but it's something to consider.

Good luck with this deck. Make people tilt!

Liquidbeaver on Liquidbeaver's Liquimetal Landscaping Service

3 months ago

The7thBobba Thanks! I'll definitely check it out!

BroadScholar I'd considered it, but at the time I didn't have the Stone Rain in so it wasn't good enough. I've noticed during playtesting though that I like getting the basic lands out, because it gives me great targets to Splinter and totally ruin their gameplan. I can also judge their hand based on the type of basic they keep trying to grab, and push against that color some more. I'm gonna give this a try and see how it plays, definitely wouldn't be bad to have in the GY if I can ever ultimate Wrenn.

I haven't really played with Myr Landshaper since my first mono-green deck, and even though I miss having an almost 5th Liquimetal, I think the defense is just too low. I would have loved for a 0/2 or 0/3 even. I would be curious though how having one in the side would be, or even having an Liquimetal in the side to grab with Karn, and a Landshaper in its spot. I think I would need another piece of two of artifact destruction to take fool advantage of it though, which makes me lean towards the one-of Shenanigans even more.

5dollarMTG on $5 Land Destruction

6 months ago

You're right SignoreVitello. I always play the deck with at least two Hoard-Smelter Dragon and four Splinter but couldn't get it down to $5 the other night. It looks like a few prices have dropped, however, so I can substitute in another Dragon for a Tin Street Hooligan and still hit my target. Thanks.

5dollarMTG on 5dollarMTG

6 months ago

This week's new deck is $5 Land Destruction - a super-cheap destruction deck built around Liquimetal Coating , Myr Landshaper , and artifact removal like Splinter .

SentientRhombus on Secret Agent Jodah

6 months ago

Didn't mean to get on your case about the mana base - I've just seen people dump a lot of money into mana trying to "fix" underoptimized decks and it makes me cringe. Sorry if I came across as rude.

I found a few relevant cards you might've missed. In particular: Dichotomancy is an even bigger bomb than Eradicate , since it can steal all the creatures from an opponent's deck instead of exiling them. Mimeofacture is similar, but requires an investment of 4 mana per creature. Splinter is an Eradicate that requires an artifact creature. And Verdant Succession works like Remembrance for green creatures, except it brings stuff directly onto the battlefield.

Other (less powerful) options: Bazaar of Wonders , Eye of Singularity , Echoing Truth , Sever the Bloodline , Declaration in Stone , Retraced Image , Bubbling Cauldron , Pack Hunt , and Reflector Mage . If you have some way to copy Spy Kit , Biovisionary and Doubling Chant could also work.

In general, I think the biggest challenge you'll face is that effects synergizing with Spy Kit are kind of all over the place. There's board wipes, removal, staxxy control, creature tutoring... but not a lot of actual finishers. You've got to make room not only for precursors to Spy Kit (draw, ramp, tutors, etc.), but stuff that can win the game.

Maybe focus on one or two archetypes for the cards enabled by Spy Kit, then pick an unrelated win con? Or fill up on stealing/copying effects that can help set up Spy Kit combos but also be used offensively? I don't know... interesting dilemma.

Scion_of_Darkness on Millzilla

7 months ago

I have a combo that I use with Mirko that you may like.

Eradicate and Wind Zendikon .

The Eradicate combo is quite old and used to use green to go off, and it also had a turn 2 slam with Dark Ritual , but that's a long time ago.

Eradicate reads "Exile target nonblack creature. Search its controller's graveyard, hand, and library for ALL CARDS with the same name as THAT CREATURE and exile them. Then that player shuffles their library.

With Wind Zendikon , your opponents basic land (of course you want to target a basic land) is now a creature. Eradicate that "Creature" and rip ALL CARDS that have the same name out. Then... hit them with Mirko. Good luck hitting 4 lands after that. Double Strike = LOL.

Similar function with Splinter and Liquimetal Coating , if that tickles your fancy.

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