Can you hear them chittering? Crawling in the dank streets, devouring whatever food they can find... Rats have flooded the streets and leading them is none other than the foulest rat of them all, you of course!

Welcome to the rattpack, a tribal swarm of vermin, gnawing away at your opponents life totals. The plan is quite simple, make a lot of rats, buff the rats with protein powder(or cards) and turn them sideways. Abusing the commander to create more rats and the power of black mana to sacrifice those extra rats for card draw and mana.

This deck is a mixture between budget and expensive, some might even call it "spending an average amount" so if some busted cards are not included that might be why, but don't let that deter you from giving card tips!

Currently thinking of removing the +1/+1 theme in this deck together with some other cards and add a more aristrocrat feel to it, using Rat Colony as the main force.


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27% Competitive