Rancid Rats


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Rancid Rats

Creature — Zombie Rat

Skulk (This creature can't be blocked by creatures with greater power.)

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

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Rancid Rats Discussion

solarPULSAR on Deathtouch Annoyance (Casual)

17 hours ago

CrowdedMantis96 Thanks! Funnily enough i just ordered some Typhoid Rats as well as some other stuff like Rancid Rats. I also have a full compliment of Wasteland Viper and Ambush Viper I can throw in instead of some of the card draw and maybe get rid of the Sharpened Pitchfork since it doesn't fully sync with my deck (unless I get some Human Cleric tokens out, but if im doing that ive already lost probably lol)

Anski on Blue/Black Zombies

4 days ago

I would definitely cut Rancid Rats, Noosegraf Mob, Seagraf Skaab, Tattered Haunter, Doomed Dissenter from the creatures and Rise from the Tides, From Under the Floorboards and Drag Under from the sorcery slots. I would also probably cut Mindwrack Demon, Geralf's Masterpiece and Lamplighter of Selhoff.

Here's some of my reasoning behind those thoughts.- Rancid Rats I don't think you want to playing a 2CMC 1/1 even though it has death touch, you could be playing something more impactful even on a budget.

  • Noosegraf Mob 6mana creature is already pretty hard to cast and the fact that it does nothing when it comes on the board feels bad for that cmc. Even though it can take over the game after that, I still think that at 6 mana you would be better of recurring or playing multiple zombies that do more or holding up spells.

  • Seagraf Skaab 2mana 1/3 doesn't really kill or trade anything relevant, again could be using this slot to focus on having more impactful spells/creaturs.

  • Tattered Haunter Again doesn't really do anything for whats it worth.

  • Doomed Dissenter This could actually be playable, but I think you could still be playing something better.

  • Rise From the Tides This card works better in a deck that is really trying to break it. The zombies entering tapped is a big downside since they can't even block.

  • From Under the Floorboard I don't think you deck has enough looting effects to really take advantage of this card, Amonkhet also had this card Liliana's Mastery which is the same cmc but pumps your whole team and gets you 1 less zombie. Not sure if I would play even that though, but it is definitely more powerful.

  • Drag under basically reads "Delay your opponent by a turn, draw a card" or it gets rid of a blocker. But again for 3 mana you could be playing something better. 3 mana is surprisingly costly price to play for a spells that doesn't improve your board state, unless you're hitting for lethal but you need to get rid of a blocker.

  • Mindwrack Demon this is a powerful card, but it works much better in a deck that is dedicated on getting delirium fast.

  • Geralf's Masterpiece this is again a potentially powerful card. But it's very hard for a deck like this to have a near empty hand to cast this on turn 5 to get a lot out of it.

  • Lamplighter of Selhoff probably my favorite art in all of SOI, but sadly the card isn't very good outside of sealed/limited if you get synergies around it.

There are some other kinda bad cards as well like Liliana's Elite that could be cut for something better, but enough of that. Lets see what could help your deck perform a lot better. First of all focusing the on something for recursion or for aggro. Seeing that you're already in the camp I would suggest going for the recursion theme. Playing more 4x cards also really helps with consistency so you get to do more powerful plays more often.

I'll list a couple of cards that I would always run 4x in a zombie tribal with recursion theme.

  • Prized Amalgam this really the key recursion creature and one of the cards that will make your deck very resilient against removal.

  • Haunted Dead 4cmc 2/2 that gives you a 1/1 flyer isn't great, but the ability to pay to discard 2 cards and then bring it back is. You can even do things like have this creature die, use the ability target 2x Prized Amalgam in your hand and you would get all of them on the board. Also you can do that at instant speed during your opponents second main phase to get the amalgams ready for attacks on your next turn.

  • Cryptbreaker 1 mana zombie with a major upside is pretty good. Its ability lets you get Haunted Dead into the graveyard so you can use it ability easier.

Those are what I would definitely run as 4x every time. Now I can give you some ideas of cards that I might or might not run as 4x but would definitely run 2-4 copies of.

  • First of all this card Voldaren Pariah  Flip not a zombie, but vampire with a sweet art is almost as good right? If you got 5mana with at least 4 and a Cryptbreaker on board you can use its ability to discard this card and then cast it for madness using the zombie token you just created as 1 of the 3 creatures to flip this card and kill 3 of your opponents creatures. Most of the time you want to be probably sacking Haunted Dead and 2 Prized Amalgam since you can then just get them back on the next turn. This is a really awesome card and I would run 3-4 of these.

  • Lord of the Accursed make your whole team bigger and can even give them menace, very nice card since you're running almost only zombies. I don't know how many of these I would run, but this card looks like it could be worth a shot.

This is the kind of shell I would build for a deck like this other cards worth considering 4xFatal Push annoyingly pricey but a very good card. Some form of card draw is also good, like your Epiphany at the Drownyard for an example. Having 2x Geier Reach Sanitarium instead of 1 could also be nice.

I hope this comment helps or gives you some fun ideas. I didn't really want to become "play THIS or dont play" so please do brainstorm with it a bit and fit it into your own budget. Luckily none of the cards I mentioned are more than 3 dollars (aside from push), so getting a powerful deck shouldn't be very expensive :)

JararoNatsu on Cheap Zombie Horde for Friday Night Magic

1 week ago

Keep in mind that Curse of Shallow Graves is not Modern-legal.

It seems like you want this deck to be rather aggressive. I would at the least suggest Vile Rebirth and Moan of the Unhallowed (Gisa's Bidding works similarly) to get your army started early. Having Army of the Damned as a 4-of is not a good idea, as you may flood your opening hand with them. Having it at a 2 or 3-of and having lower-CMC cards that generate tokens would be helpful.

There's a bit of a contradiction going on in your creature base. You want to have Zombies in the graveyard to cast Skaab Goliath and boost Diregraf Colossus, and yet your creatures hold several incentives for the opponent to NOT kill or block them, or they can't be blocked at all (I am looking specifically at Vedalken Ghoul and Rancid Rats here, and I can never talk smack about Diregraf Captain because I love it too much). If you want to set up Goliath/Colossus, you may want to find different creatures or get some cards that send your own cards to the graveyard (the latter can be rather expensive, though).

Also, I feel like Skinrender would be a really good card to have in this deck, as would both Butcher Ghoul and Carrion Feeder (can also get creatures into your graveyard).

Hope this helps!

LithiumHD on Zombies

1 month ago

i'd personally swap out x2 Rancid Rats for Prized Amalgam

you'd also benefit from running x2 Gisa and Geralf.

Imprisoned in the Moon doesnt do you much good here, so that would be the first card i would cut.

Fatal Push for removal

and lastly one or two more islands wouldn't hurt, but no more than that

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago

After thinking about why Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim should have been good, and why she turned out to be less than I had hoped, I started to consider other cards for that spot. The problem was that she was rarely active, she advertised her value before she was able to fulfill her role, and she often just drew hate. She was an efficient deathtouch creature, but those are better when they are less obtrusive, so having a powerful ability that never got used just made her, and hence me, a bigger threat than she actually was. This was counter to the theme of the deck. She was fine, just not great, and despite all indications that she would fit nicely, she was antisynnergistic.

The most obvious alternatives would be other efficient deathtouch creatures. Since that was the role she actually fulfilled, I could easily find other deathtouch creatures to fill it. Rancid Rats actually works pretty well, same CMC, easier to cast, and skulk means that it can usually sneak in to steal The Monarch back if I lose it, or hit for a huge Hatred when I have the opportunity. Not bad. Fetid Imp brings flying, and can gain deathtouch for a . Malakir Familiar brings flying and an extra ability. Flying defense is nice in EDH. Pharika's Chosen, Ruthless Ripper, Typhoid Rats are all very efficient, but don't really bring much more than a Queen Marchesa token, and would potentially not bring enough value to the deck for the card slot. Any of these could probably replace Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim without affecting the performance of the deck, since her actual role only turned out to be a ground deathtouch creature that seemed more threatening than she actually was.

Finally, another direction I could go is assassins. Kiku, Night's Flower, Royal Assassin, and King's Assassin all threaten to kill any attacker, including evasive attackers, but they also threaten utility creatures that tap for value. The ability can be used politically, can be used either outside of combat or when I am not involved in combat, and it is active on the turn after they come into play. This can effectively perform exactly the same function that I hoped Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim would perform, but be active from the start, if slightly more limited in scope. I think the tap to destroy effect on each of these is slightly more powerful than block or be blocked to destroy ability of a deathtouch creature. The tradeoff is dropping a less subtle threat, which Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim also brought with her.

In the end, this is not an essential function, just a duplicate of functions the deck already performs. I can replace Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim with something that performs a similar function, or potentially go a different direction, without really changing deck performance much.

keller44 on B/G Fun with deathtouch (3-1 at FNM)

1 month ago

So the biggest question I have now that you've played it, is what did you think about Rancid Rats would you cut it for more Blossoming Defense Fatal Push or the vehicle Aethersphere Harvester you were talking about?

emrakulinsmugglers on None with One thing

1 month ago

you should dd more Rooftop Storm, those are nice. sorry but i need to say that this deck still isn't that good, you want zombies like Gravecrawler, Nantuko Husk, Diregraf Colossus, Rancid Rats, Black Cat, Stitchwing Skaab, Advanced Stitchwing, Geralf's Masterpiece, Liliana of the Veil, Liliana, the Last Hope, Cryptbreaker, and more!! also maybe play some removal like Fatal Push, Dismember, Grasp of Darkness, Ruinous Path, To the Slaughter, Serum Visions, Divination, and also have stuff like Damnation, Yahenni's Expertise, etc.

Cradum on Flavor Text with Odric

1 month ago

emrakulinsmugglers I will actually throw in a Westvale Abbey  Flip, it's almost like an alternate late game win condition on top of Brisella. I don't like Rancid Rats because it doesn't help Lone Rider  Flip flip though which is my only reservation about it!

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