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(Somewhat) Budget Grand Warlord Radha Deck

Commander / EDH RG (Gruul)


get down a lot of creatures and overwhelm your opponent. The main finisher of the deck is Hellkite Charger, having a few cards that help me search for him as well, the ability to untap all your creatures for an additional combat phase can be deadly for this deck if you have enough creatures on the board and with Radha's ability, you can potentially have infinite attacks, taking out all your opponents in one turn. The constant production of mana allows for constant board presence, and many cards in the deck allow for card draws which can reduce your hand disadvantage, and if board wipes bother you, many cards in this deck allow you to repopulate your board or prevent your creatures from being destroyed. I was able to build this deck myself for much lower than what it's worth, it took time to look around for cards cheaper than their market price, but it was possible. Be sure to buy heavily played and damaged cards, those cards are still usable and can be bought for very cheap.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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