• See, I had this idea that if we don't let anybody play anything, everything will turn out alright.
  • Then I got to thinking how good this would be with Paradox Engine .
  • Engine banned. RIP in Peace.
  • So then I was thinking, if the engine is banned, we need to just make everyone suffer even more.
  • Then I got to having a think that the solution would be free spells.
  • Jodah's pretty good.
  • But wait, he's just Fist of Suns that can fly.
  • Why not the scouty boy?
  • Yes, the scouty boy. The one with the 5 colors.
  • So then I was having a thought experimentation on how best to annoy everyone.
  • Then it hit me.

  • The Brick. The Brick hit me.

  • Right in the face.
  • No warning.
  • Just Brick.

  • Solution, throw bricks at people and see what sticks.

  • Any suggestions?


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