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Ghoulcaller Gisa Infinite Zombie Tribal EDH

Commander / EDH Aggro Infinite Combo Mono-Black Tokens Tribal Zombie



A mostly tribal undead deck, if you forgive two vampires, a pirate and a banker! Revoles around Ghoulcaller Gisa + Thornbite Staff and Coat of Arms . You're really not a threat until Coat of Arms hits the field, so play under the radar and surprise everyone when you flood the board with zombies! Upgrade the 2/2 into infinite power/thoughness. Lots if shenanigans with Phyrexian Altar + Gravecrawler . Tie a game with Shepherd of Rot so no one gets (that) mad at you! The possibilities are [infinite]! If only black had haste, but Thousand-Year Elixir will comes close for tapping, and you can toss in Akroma's Memorial if you really want. I'm missing a couple of high value tutor's and a much needed Yawgmoth's Will , which I'll add in time. I have a code I can link you if you're having trouble doing the math for the zombies, it gets a bit tricky into the hundred thousands or millions/billions.


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