8-Flame immolates the competition! This deck is different than typical Burn, Pyromancer, Storm, Goblin, or Hollow One modern decks. In 8-Flame you want to increase the number of damage triggers on a specific turn while you benefit from +2 damage and double damage modifiers. Expect to deal 20-100 damage to the opponent by turns 4-7. If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading.

The Flame of Keld draws cards and adds +2 damage (combat & noncombat) to each red damage source for a turn.

Quest for Pure Flame doubles each source of damage (combat & noncombat) for a turn. Multiple copies of Quest for Pure Flame have a compounding effect.

The following cards have two main reasons behind their use in this deck. Goblin Fireslinger , Scorched Rusalka , Grim Lavamancer , Impact Tremors , Viashino Pyromancer , Keldon Marauders and Flame Jab all add tokens faster to Quest for Pure Flame and create more instances of damage for the +2 bonus of The Flame of Keld .

Flame Jab is one of the most clever utility cards in the deck. It allows you to pack more lands for consistent opening hands. Extra lands can be "Retraced" as red non-creature spells to the benefit of Monastery Swiftspear . The Flame of Keld and Quest for Pure Flame modify the damage done by Flame Jab and by "Retraced" copies of Flame Jab . Adding Mountain cards to the graveyard gives Grim Lavamancer more cards to exile.

Scorched Rusalka is another clever utility card. When Spark Elemental or Keldon Marauders are about to leave the battlefield anyway, use Scorched Rusalka to sacrifice them for an extra ping of damage! Scorched Rusalka can also sacrifice itself and other creatures after combat on the same turn that Quest for Pure Flame and The Flame of Keld are modifying damage. (Attack with Keldon Marauders , sacrifice Keldon Marauders , and trigger Keldon Marauders ' leave the battlefield ability for 3 separate damage triggers in the same turn!) Scorched Rusalka 's ability can also be done at instant speed in response to removal. Scorched Rusalka provides cards for Grim Lavamancer to exile.

Do you think this could be a groundbreaking new Burn strategy? Please share your thoughts!

Update 1/17/2019: Looking to mix in Risk Factor and Possibly Lightning Bolt or Direct Current.


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Before you critique 8-Flame, playtest it.

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