All hail Zirilan!!! Or at least the huge dragons he hangs out with. I wanted to make a deck that was different from my usual play style, and i dont usually play "mono color" or "red" very often so i was inspired by another deck i saw on here Tarmon Gai’don and made my own version to sute my playstyle/collection/buget

Anyways here is Zirilan of the Claw he is an amazing commander, he basiclly can pull dragons out of thin air, "but wait" you say "dont they get exiled at the end of turn?" Yes which is why we build in the zirilan abuse triggers, for example Tel-Jilad Stylus can be used for utility dragons, zirilan will grab them tel jilad puts them away for future use, then there are other options like Endless Sands where you can store up your summoned dragons before they exile then you can Dragon Storm when desired, you can even combo cards like Synod Sanctum and Safe Haven and have multiple caches of dragons for different purposes, just remember this deck is high powered so it will recieve lots of hate when big dragons on the cheap and scary artifacts start showing up so if all that fails you can just keep throwing dragons at them because you have plenty dragons to throw, then once zirilan has been hated out of the game you should have the mana to cast those dragons naturally, There are more combos and fun interactions but ive found its more fun to play this deck and discover the true insanity of ZIRILAN! (Question, Comments & +1s welcome)


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