Feather the Redeemed has been hailed as perhaps the best Boros general ever, and it's easy to see why many believe that to be fact. A very efficient body paired with easy card advantage in the command zone makes Feather quite more appealing than the Boros generals of old. I'm looking at you, Razia. However, I believe the most obvious way many people see to build Feather may be a trap. Since Feather effectively buys back your combat tricks, it looks like the best way to win would be too pump up Feather large enough to win with commander damage. The other impressive thing that Feather does is gain extra card advantage through combat tricks that also draw a card. I don't believe Feather decks should necessarily disregard all of those cards, the cantrip trick is strong in multiplayer. However, I believe the "oops all combat tricks" deck literally dies to removal. In the typical Feather build, the deck simply does not function if Feather dies two or three times. I have found in other Boros decks that creatures with enter the battlefield are often a good source of card advantage. The ability to recur and reuse enter the battlefield abilities can be very powerful, and often, etb creatures are effective without being blinked. I included several cantrip cards in my Feather build, but the majority of this deck functions just fine if Feather is taken out of the equation. The deck doesn't totally revolve around Feather, but the many blink effects become incredibly powerful with Feather, as well as provide protection for her. I know I should run fewer tapped lands, but I wanted this to be a more casual deck, and I've found an easy way to power down a deck while still playing good cards is to slow your mana base.


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