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Battalion of Centaurs (Part II: Showdown)

Modern Combo GW (Selesnya) Tribal


SOLDIER: Aaagh...

KING: cof... unh... coward! Sneaking into the bushes... hiding under the trees like a vermin... cof cof... fight me on open field and I'll break your skull like an egg... you, coward... cof cof cof

CHIEF: Centaurs didn't enter your castle. Centaurs didn't steal your food nor poison your water. Centaurs didn't SLAUGHTER YOUR CHILDREN... SO DON'T TALK ABOUT COWARDS!

KING: You are wild beasts... cof... cof... does the lyon have mercy with the stag?... Only humans... understand the truth of nature... cof cof

CHIEF: Beasts understand balance. Humans understand war. And now, it is my human half what pushes my spear into your heart...

KING: UUgggnnhh...

I continue developing my selesnya tribal centaur deck with cards I already have (centaur healer, karametra's gift, call of conclave) and near 10 USD total cost of new cards to buy.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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This time, I am creating a battalion of centaurs with Lagonna-Band Trailblazer and Assault Formation , however, rampage of the clans is still on the game as a surprise factor. I like the way this deck flows now.



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