So i need to talk about this deck and why it is what it is. Back during Khans of Tarkir standard I ran a deck fairly similar to this. It was a good deck for what it did and I attempted a version in modern. My problem was that is a heavy 1 mana cost removal format like modern it couldn't survive well enough. When Pioneer was announced my mind came back to this deck and how it worked. So I took an attempt to rebuild it but splashing into white.

The deck is as straight forwards as you can get.

Turn 1 - drop a one drop, preferably a swiftspear if you got one.

Turn 2 - drop a one drop and attach an enchantment, preferably a hammerhand or cartouche of zeal.

turn 3 - buff a creature, preferably a heroic one, and then use one of the double strike spells to deal lethal damage.

It's not exactly complicated. There is an inherent weakness that comes with a deck like this but that's what the sideboard is for. God's willing offers protection as does boros charm against destruction spells and board wipes. Dec in stone and chained makes for better removal around hard to deal with threats and skull crack deals with life gain decks. Often you only need turn 4 at most to make it work. You can win on turn 3 with the deck and it's somewhat reliable in that regards.

The optimal turn 3 win goes as such.

Turn 1 - Swiftspear (1 damage)

Turn 2 - Favored Hoplite/Satyr Hoplite attaching Hammerhand/cartouche of zeal triggering prowess on swift spear (5 damage)

Turn 3 - titan's strength/integrity adding battle rage/boros charm (17/18 damage with trample) or any cartouche/hammerhand (14 damage)

And that is the jist of the deck. When using during khans standard i did beat many a control and abzan midrange deck with this one.


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So after playing some league games with the deck I've noticed some glaring weaknesses. I've decided to up the protection spells in the side to make it easier to keep creature on the field. A lot of people are running B/G builds for removal make push, decay, and trophy real problems. you can see the changes in the side and among along with some changes like a small increase in lands and replacing lagonna-band trailblazer and gods willing.

Lagonna was good but his 0 power cost made him hard to take advantage of and get an early win. Instead I went with the 2 mana heroic creature that allows a scry making the buffing more profitable.

Ajani's presence has the strive ability not only making it better than gods willing in that I can target multiple creatures with 4 mana but also gives me the opportunity to make the buff valuable with the +1/+1.


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