Onward // Victory


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Onward // Victory



Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is its power.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Target creature gains double strike until end of turn.

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Onward // Victory Discussion

jakethewhale007 on $300 Avacyn the Purifier; based on Daedalus19876

2 days ago

encelade: I'm happy to hear that the deck is treating you well! I agree with what you said regarding stax/MLD being a reasonable strategy for RW. This is why I was really tempted to playtest Chandra Ablaze in my list, since our opponents will likely have bigger hands than us, and equalizing hand sizes could be considered a form of stax. However, it is hard to justify her since the only ability we would ever want to use is her -2 and she costs 6. Sadly, I have not yet been able to playtest the recent changes I made of Teferi's Protection and Blood Moon, but I had Onward // Victory and Temur Battle Rage in the list since I built it in October, and those cards were solid. Depending on playtest results, I might have to swap them back in if I find that we lack enough finishing power. However, I just bought Blood Moon, and I really do want to find a spot for it. Shielded by Faith is another card I was considering swapping out for the Blood Moon. I can understand completely wanting to play the deck more before tweaking the list. You are winning with it - if it isn't broken, don't fix it!

Also, your changes sound very reasonable. Before I acquired my copy of mana vault, I was running Mind Stone in its place.

jakethewhale007 on $300 Avacyn the Purifier; based on Daedalus19876

3 days ago

encelade: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you like my variant of the list; it is definitely one of my favorite decks, and if you don't mind the heavier stax emphasis of my list, then it certainly is powerful. I'm not sure when you started following my list, but in Daedalus' original list, he runs Onward // Victory and Temur Battle Rage, which I recently replaced with Teferi's Protection and Blood Moon. I found these 2 cards to be a little too "one-shot" for my tastes in a multiplayer game, although there is nothing wrong with keeping them in if you don't own/plan to acquire teferi's protection/blood moon.

I do agree that running out of gas is a problem if we don't hit any of our few key card draw pieces. One possible solution to mitigate this is simply to make your tutor target Sword of Fire and Ice or Mask of Memory. There are a few cards you could add to increase the draw power, but none of them are particularly cheap. The first place I would start with would be 2 cards on Daedalus' original list: Wheel of Fortune and Memory Jar. Wheel would obviously be the best option, and it really should be in this list, but isn't due to how expensive the card is. A spicier option you might want to consider is Chandra Ablaze. She is a bit costly at 6 cmc, so I am not sure if she is worth the slot at that cost, but she could be a fun option to try out. She doesn't really give us much draw unless our hand is empty, but the real strength is that she reduces all of our opponents down to our hand size. This would alleviate boros' lack of card draw, not by boosting our own draw power, but by making our opponents fight on our playing field of less cards in hand. I'm honestly not sure how well this would work, but I considered playtesting her at one point.

Let me know if you have any playtest adjustments that you made, i'd love to hear how you tweak the deck

Deathtouch_lifelink on R/G Ghalta Fling

1 month ago

Yeah, fore sure Insult / Injury seems overall better for the inability to prevent damage but mostly I use Blossoming Defense before Onward / Victory as a means of making it hexproof and +4/4.

And I did consider Otepec Huntmaster but it tends to not function much except for ghalta which either isn't neccesary early game or can be accomplished by Regisaur Alpha late game

stensiagamekeeper on Help with RU Jaya Ballard ...

2 months ago

First off Argy has covered the control angle pretty well although I will suggest a couple cards. Dynavolt Tower could be a reasonable alternate win condition and Sweltering Suns is probably the best thing to do with the the turn you play Jaya Ballard. Reduce / Rubble is interesting as on it's own it's a passable counter spell but also a sweat thing to do with the maybe to keep you opponent off a color or prevent them using all their mana to do something scary. Plus you can discard it for value. The First Eruption might be useful in getting a Jaya Ballard out early and getting the devotion necessary to cast her while cleaning up X/1s and incentivizing your opponent to not play creatures that die to the third ability until after it has gone off.

If you are trying wizard tribal I've seen people go one of two ways: spell-slinging aggro with Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and all the best aggressively costed wizards, i.e. Ghitu Lavarunner and Soul-Scar Mage etc., or a mid-range value based strat focused on Naban, Dean of Iteration and Champion of Wits. Jaya doesn't work at all with the former and probably wouldn't with the latter either however there may be an argument for using her to reach enough mana to go infinite with Naru Meha, Master Wizard (if I remember I'll ctrlC-ctrlV some in another comment*).

If you want some more ideas of how you could break Jaya I've wanted to build a Naya 'all about the graveyard' deck with all the random eternalize and aftermath jank for a while now. It is possible to embalm an Honored Hydra and swing for lethal with Onward / Victory and the triple rummage +1 might just be enough to get it there. I'm not saying it would be good but at least it's original.

What Jaya makes me excited about however is Indomitable Creativity. The aim of the deck usually is to make a lot of creatures or artifacts without using artifact or creature spells (like with Sram's Expertise or Huatli, Warrior Poet) and then use Indomitable Creativity to tutor out three creatures or artifacts that let you combo off and win immediately (the only three in the deck) such as Whirler Virtuoso, Gonti's Aether Heart and Panharmonicon or Forerunner of the Empire, Polyraptor and Regisaur Alpha or just hit multiple Herald of Anguish and make your opponent discard their hand. The deck has to run practically only instant and sorceries so jaya's first and last abilities just slot right in. And the triple red in her casting cost also isn't that bad as you are trying to set that up for Indomitable Creativity anyway. Plus jaya means that you can potentially pump much larger quantities into the value of X and therefore can afford to maybe run a couple of non-combopiece artifact or creature spells.

razelfark on boros aggro

2 months ago

Nice looking budget deck. You may want to remove some of the Onward / Victory in favor of Invigorated Rampage. This card gives you a larger damage increase or less mana more consistently and also gives your creature(s) trample.

You also may want to consider exchanging some of the Cast Out for something like Shock for faster rush. The idea is that in game one as a rush deck you want to move as fast as possible and the one mana early removal/late game damage for face can be better then the slow removal. On game 2 you go to cast out or similar removal once you find out you are vs something that requires the enchantment like gods or similar threats.

Best of luck with the deck.

Suns_Champion on Brion Stoutarm's Arm of Harm

3 months ago

Hi! I'm here from the discord! Thanks for letting me take a look; Brion is one of my favorites!

Here's my list for you to reference: Bad Luck Brion and a budget list Budget Bad Luck Brion(haven't updated in forever).

So! Here's some things I like:

I'm glad to see Neheb, the Eternal here. He's the best. Rekindling Phoenix is a cool include and Captivating Crew is a good repeatable steal effect! Nice work so far!

Some suggestions to try out:

Azor's Gateway  Flip is a good loot effect for Boros and synergizes with all the lifegain. I haven't tested it out myself but I plan too!

Rite of the Raging Storm is really fun in Brion. It gives you a chuckable every turn and makes your opponents fight eachother.

Fatal Frenzy and Onward / Victory pump up creatures before you sac them, doubling the damage!

Feldon of the Third Path is amazing, trust me. make copies of the fatties in your graveyard and sac them every turn! Similar to Mimic vat.

Three cards I think are must haves: Skullclamp, Infiltration Lens and Well of Lost Dreams. Card draw wins games my friend. These two do that best.

Fellwar Stone and Mind Stone will help your manabase.

Chandra's Ignition is a really fun one with Brion. The lifegain is real!

Now finally, two Brion win conditions that you should consider:

Phyrexian Devourer is a turn 7 insta-kill. Play it, use it's ability to add 7 or more counters to it. In response to it's sacrifice effect, sacrifice it to Brion. Then in response to THAT, continue exile cards from the top of your library until the Devourer is big enough to kill your opponent, then let it all go off and win!

Phyrexian Processor can be a surprise snipe if you A) have 9 mana and B) have more life than your opponent. play the Processor and pay life equal or more than your opponent has. Pay for the huge token. Sac the token to Brion. Gain all the life back.

Both of these are amazing game snipes. They become better with all the damage doublers and copy effects.

Now, Some cuts!

Your average CMC is over 4. We need to fix that because Boros has enough problems as it is. Cut:

Proper Burial - you should focus on the power of creatures, not toughness. Further, you have enough life gain.

Sunforger - If you aren't going to have a dedicated sunforger package(not saying you should), than this is too expensive for almost no benefit.

Boros Cluestone - Cut for better ramp optios that I mention.

Fireball - Is just a bad card. I don't even run it in my Neheb deck. You'll never get enough mana for it to be all that useful as it divides the damage too much.

Yosei, the Morning Star - Is okay put you gotta make cuts starting at the top of the curve, and this doesn't provide enough utility.

Stalking Vengeance - I cut this from mine. Never made an impact coming down so late.

Heartless Hidetsugu - Seems like he'll be doing the most damage to you.

Bearer of the Heavens - Cut this from mine as well. Pretty fun but not great and really hard to get the mana for, even late game.

Angrath's Marauders - aka "bad Gisela". Comes down to late. Replace with furnace of rath if you really need another damage doubler.

Akroma, Angel of Fury - Costs way too much and isn't hat big, also has protection from white so you can't even sac her to Brion.

Warstorm Surge - Cut this from mine too. Comes down to late. Most of your creatures are out already.

So these cuts will lower your curve, easing the pressure on your mana base. they'll also free up some space for testing out new cards and squeezing in more card draw, utility, and win conditions.

Hope some of this help! Good luck!

Skinken on BLOODRUSH Double-Strike

5 months ago

Your deck seems pretty classic Boros, and should do just fine, in a non-competitive environment, which I'm assuming you are playing this in. I also assume you mostly play with cards you had laying around anyway. I do have some suggestions for you though.

First off, the double strikers you chose do function, the thing is there are strict upgrades availible. You could replace Fencing Ace, Hearthfire Hobgoblin and Iroas's Champion with a number of cards, listed below in order of relavance:

Adorned Pouncer - strict upgrade, having the option to eternalize is sweet, especially since removal will hurt less. It's kinda pricy, but it's in standard, so you might have some friends to trade it with.

Fabled Hero - honestly pretty perfect for the deck. Gets bigger right when you are going for the kill, perfect. It's even counters, so they stick around. If you pump him once, he is a massive threat.

Arashin Foremost - If you ever have to cast Skinbrand Goblin to have a play on turn 2, this will be a nice followup, granting you two attackers. If they only block one, you can pump the other instead.

Kruin Outlaw  Flip - Since you have so many instants to protect yourself, you could flip it into Terror of Kruin Pass, an absolute beast. 3/3, double strike, hard to block... What more could you ask for? the only downside is the double red in the mana cost. Might be worth it though.

Honorable non-creature mentions:

Needle Spires - dual lands are great, and these beauties just rotated out of standard. You will not be disappointed with them

Onward / Victory - Pretty neat combat trick, good mana dump and surprise. The flexibility makes it a valid option as a 1- or 2-off

A full list of cheap ways to get double strike can be found here:http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&cmc=+%3C[4]&text=+[double]+[strike]

I want to comment on Holy Mantle. When it works out, I'm sure it's not bad. The thing is though, it's a huge investment to stack a 4 mana enchantment on a 3 mana dude. The thing that will happen is: You play your 3 mana 2/2 double striker, and enchant it. Next turn, you plan on buffing it with bloodrush - ideally twice or so. Now your opponent plays Murder. You invested a total of 8-10 mana, 4 cards and likely 3 entire turns investing in a dude he spent a single 3 mana card removing. Harsh. You have to avoid that somehow.

Don't be scared of trading, because trading with double strike creatures should always favor you. What you can do is grant the creature deathtouch, menace, flying or trample, in addition to the double strike to make your opponents blocks a bigger investment. Combinations of good keywords make attackers very scary.

What i would do, is add a couple Odric, Lunarch Marshal and creatures with the most relavant keywords. I'm looking at creatures like Sky Terror. Odric also grants himself and other creatures double strike. The result is a quick, scary and mostly unblockable army.

Ride Down is another option, if you don't want to change the deck a whole lot.

shrakner on Naya Myriarch

5 months ago


I do like Angel of Invention, but I don't have one available right now- I do admit I completely forgot about Fabricate, which works amazingly well with both Myriach and Oketra the True. Adding it to the Acquire board for future deck revisions.

I think I'll drop Torch Gauntlet down to 2x to free up a slot for the one Kinjalli's Sunwing I have. I do like the card, in theory, for giving extra damage on hard-to-block / double strike creatures, plus bumping a couple smaller creatures up enough to activate Rhonas. Onward / Victory or Appeal / Authority could play a similar role, but then they're not permanents.

I have 2x Glorybringer that would be useful for semi-removal + it's just a damn good card, but I'm already topheavy at 5 CMC. Ditto on Carnage Tyrant.

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