Onward / Victory


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Onward / Victory



Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is its power.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Target creature gains double strike until end of turn.

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Onward / Victory Discussion

Redace878 on Bad Luck Brion

2 weeks ago

Onward / Victory could be fun.

Redace878 on To Victory

2 weeks ago

Onward / Victory seems like a fitting card because of the name of this deck

Luciferos on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

3 weeks ago

Your main problem with Consulate Dreadnought is that most of the top decks are going to chump block that 10/11 first strike constantly. You want to find a way to grant Trample, such as Brute Strength, Built to Smash, Distemper of the Blood, and Invigorated Rampage.

Aerial Modification helps but is 5 mana. Modifications are obviously useful as they obviate the need for crew, but you're not necessarily going to get the damage through.

Onward / Victory may be a useful choice - Onward doubles the creature's power which could let you fling for 20+ damage alone, while Victory grants Double Strike which could instakill someone when they can't block.

Tapping out your opponents can be really useful, too. Topplegeists can provide a good source of cheap tap-out and also are flying chumps and can function as lockdown if the game drags and you get Delirium.

AkaAkuma on Boros | Gisela's Recipe For Scorched Elder Dragons

4 weeks ago

First of all thanks for your feedback, your comment is much appreciated!

You gave my allot of interesting thought to consider about, especially Volcanic Offering and Ghostly Prison are great cards i might add. And after checking your deck, Protector of the Crown and Purity might also be interesting additions to consider as well, but I'm unsure how well my mana curve would flow adding 2 more 6 mana creatures to it.

Actually I don't think Malignus ever had trouble getting through an opponents defense for me thus far. With the amount of wipes, trample and battlefield control I run he always has been able to bring allot of bang for his buck.

I agree the Isochron Scepter has better use with blue and I won't miss it whenever i play a game without it, however I consider this card a mini-game to this deck where whenever i find it, it's a fun extra feature to my game. Deflecting Palm, Ride Down and Temur Battle Rage have been solid win conditions to this deck since the beginning and also Swords to Plowshares or Condemn are great imprints for the scepter. That Disenchant made it to this deck might be the poorer choice over Return to Dust or even Revoke Existence. But it's an extra imprint option and it helps my curve better. I have yet to decide if I should keep it however.

Browbeat is a bit tricky yes, also since it's this deck's only card advantage. But I've tried Emeria Shepherd and it's just too expensive. I always end up with better options to play. Urza's Incubator is in the same spot however. While this card greatly benefits me to get Gisela on the field asap, it can even work against me in the long run as angels are a popular theme to play and over the development of this deck fewer and fewer angels stay. But i also haven't updated this deck since the Amonkhet so far. Oketra's Monument might replace the incubator and Bloodlust Inciter, Onward / Victory or Pyramid of the Pantheon seem kinda interesting.

Lastly I used to run Inferno Titan in this deck, but when i saw the Assembled Alphas i fell in love with that card and decided to retire the titan for the alphas. I can't say I've had any regrets thus far.

DarkenedGod on Never stop exerting

1 month ago

The true viability of this deck will come down to the sideboard. This is a good deck for just drop and swing and I do have a couple suggestions for Main Board.

I would swap Declaration in Stone with Immolating Glare. While Declaration can be a great swing it assumes tokens and this deck will likely be swinging too early to worry about many tokens hitting the board. I would sideboard Stone for match-ups like that.

Ahn-Crop Crasher is a good card, but he may be worth lowering to 3 and upping Always Watching to 4. Since Watching is a key card it'd be worth guaranteeing it can be hit.

For the sideboard I would heavily consider 2 copies of Gideon of the Trials. He can become a 4/4 indestructible that Watching can pump, or be used to neuter powerful creatures. Also at 3 he does not increase the top of the mana curve. Expose Evil is another good cheap sideboard card. You can tap creatures early if they have ramp to swing in, plus get a chump blocker and card advantage. Repel the Abominable could be good in the sideboard for a general no damage if an opponent wants to swing all out or your creatures are exerted. Onward / Victory would be my final sideboard suggestion and it would be for games that may run later, but could be handy fast to seal a fate.

DragoKdb on RW Humans (Exert... Stage Left)

1 month ago

Cards to consider- Insult / Injury and Onward / Victory, Ride Down isn't bad either.

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

1 month ago

DarkEclipse18: I think I'm putting him in over Ethersworn Canonist - we'll have to see! I was also thinking about Insult / Injury and/or Onward / Victory...

Poptartz95: Thank you kindly!! :)

Scorpy on R/G Energy

2 months ago

You might want to try Consuming Fervor. Also, you could try Onward / Victory. Onward is really nice with Pummeler, and although you aren't playing white, you might be able to cast Victory using Aether Hub. Good luck with your deck!