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Sudden Decay - Sasaya Green Millstones

Commander / EDH Combo Infinite Combo Mill Mono-Green Ramp


Mono green mill. Deal with it.


Having played this deck in multiple situations of non cEDH, I have found that this deck is remarkably resilient for what it is trying to do. Here is what it is trying to do:

Generate mana to the tune of hundreds in one turn

Sink it into multiple use mill targets

Tap Temple Bell


There are several ways to accomplish this, but they all require a critical mass of things. A critical mass of mana, a critical mass of permanents, etc. The original idea going into it was a bit clunky, but when the mana system goes off, it still works. That method was to ramp hard, ramp fast, generate permanents and cards in hand so as to cast The Great Aurora ; then, off the lands in hand plus floating mana, cast Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant , flip her immediately, continue to ramp, and get a critical mass of artifacts on the battlefield, in particular Sands of Delirium and Whetwheel , sink mana into them to mill out opponents one at a time, untap them with Clock of Omens , and finally tap Temple Bell . Game Over

Since then I have added other pieces. Altar of the Brood allows for quicker milling via tokens, generated by Howl of the Night Pack , Hydra Broodmaster , and Gelatinous Genesis . Then again, Boundless Realms with that out helps a lot too.

Finally, I added an infinite mana combo. Really, there are two, but they are essentially the same and rely on the same engine. First, twelve mana that my lands can produce, Patron of the Orochi , Swiftfoot Boots , and the engine card Temur Sabretooth. That gives me one additional mana every time I cast and equip the Patron. Second, the Sabretooth and Boots with Magus of the Candelabra when the lands tap for more than one mana, which is easily accomplished. Then Genesis Hydra plus the Sabretooth finds me all the pieces I require.

In case you wonder if this deck is capable of winning, consider that I recently cast Gelatinous Genesis on turn 6 for x=16, gaining 256 power and toughness on the board. On turn 6. And I won by milling out the opponents through their removal.

+1 if you like it.


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This deck now has an infinite combo. My friend has given me a Temur Sabertooth. And a Genesis Hydra, but that's more beside the point, although it can be an outlet for the combo. Essentially, the Patron of the Orochi + Swiftfoot Boots + Temur Sabertooth + forests that tap for at least 12 equals infinite mana. Then I can sink that into Genesis Hydra, Gelatinous Genesis, Hydra Broodmaster (both those last two with Altar of the Brood on the battlefield), whatever else I so desire. It's quite lovely.

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