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"Our wills and fates do so contrary run, that our devices are still overthrown; our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own". This is a very fitting quote from William Shakespeare's Hamlet for my Moirai deck. This deck is named after the three Moirai of Ancient Greece: Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis, daughters of Themis and Zeus (in the myth I believe most in). The whole purpose of this deck is to manipulate the fates of my opponents and their decks to the best of its ability ... while the real Morai dictates whether or not our weaving of fate will produce the desired outcome or not. Sen Triplets and Triad of Fates are the representations for Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis.

Each card in this deck is focused upon Fate, whether it is in the name (Crux of Fate, Fatespinner, Fate Unraveller, Fated Retribution, Fated Return, Fated Infatuation and Weave Fate) or it is implied. Reading bones and Divination are known practises used in the past, and even in the present, in order to decipher the will of the Morai, hence why Read the Bones and Divination are included. Counterspells such as Render Silent, Unwind, and Punish Ignorance are obvious manipulations of people - you're putting a stop, or at least hindering, their plans. Magister of Worth is not only political but is Fate through and through: the outcome of the vote could dictate the outcome of the game, and thus the fate of the players. Pyxis of Pandemonium is obvious Fate manipulation in addition to synergy: Pandora's Fate was to unleash the misfortunes in the pythos. Elixir of Immortality can give me another chance to change my Fate. Life and death manipulation is also included: Hand of Death, Debt to the Deathless, and Hallowed Burial are exquisite examples. Spirits and spirit creatures are included; Teysa, Envoy of the Ghosts and Luminous Angel, in addition to the Nine-Tail White Fox, represent the spooky, ghostly Underworld and how spirits will keep coming back. Deathpact Angel - she will just keep coming back. Obzedat, Ghost Council - you will be haunted by them.

Boardwipes are included for obvious reasons: curb the game and keep it under control. I prefer mass exile or simply exiling to destroying. Agent of Masks is also good control cards and help to curb the Fate of your opponent. Mu Yanling ... obvious Fate manipulation if you ever see it, especially when I get to her alt and yes ... I managed to get to her ultimate.

The only way to get rid of my creatures is to mass exile or boardwipe. This deck is someone's Worst Fear ... so naturally I play Worst Fears. I control someone's next turn and ensure it will be in my favour. If this is not Fate manipulation, I do not know what is.

This is simply the core of my Morai deck. It will be upgraded soon once more and if I have to admit, I do not think this deck will ever be truly done. Leave an upvote and comment your suggestions! I would love to hear them. I hope you have enjoyed looking at this deck.

Raven Rose.


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