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Greta, Now Serving Beats! (Food Fight!)

Commander / EDH BG (Golgari) Food Sacrifice Tokens



Trying to maximize the value of food - making tokens that turn into toolkit pieces for draws or more counters with increasing functionality - +1/+1s and food for mana, food for treasure or damage, and all of them for squirrels! Top end, making dino-food or sac'ing all the tokens to a great aurora gamble (for s's & g's) or a centaur army at the end of opponent's turn to stampede.. wove in some blink effects to help with recurring token generation and upkeep sacrifices to keep opponents boards under control. Looking for input!


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Date added 1 month
Last updated 2 weeks

This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.21
Tokens Bear 2/2 G, Centaur 3/3 G, Clue, Food, Fungus Beast 4/4 G, Giant 7/7 G, Goat 0/1 W, Human 1/1 W, Powerstone, Rat 1/1 B w/ Can't Block, Rhino Warrior 4/4 G, Servo 1/1 C, Squirrel 1/1 G, Treasure
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