How to play:

Step 1, play infect creatures

Step 2, get 1 poison counter on your opponent

Step 3, proliferate or go wide with infect creatures to win.

enter image description here

Great combo piece is also to sac creatures to do infect damage. Vindictive Vampire + Glistening Oil / Phyresis / Grafted Exoskeleton to complete this task.

Another win combo is infect + Hatred / Howl from Beyond to one shot someone.

Intimidation for the fear and Dauthi Embrace for shadow

Bitter Ordeal to sac off all your creatures for their win tactics. Add Sadistic Sacrament to make their library a joke.

Otherwise deal a ton of damage with Exsanguinate / Torment of Hailfire

Let me know what you think and dont forget to +1!


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