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Mono White Clerics

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The idea with this deck was to build around Cleric theme. I wanted all creatures to be clerics ( Hanweir Militia Captain   is the exception but only since it becomes a cleric type).

The thought for this deck is to get lots of clerics out who can support each other and protect each other. Once the field has several clerics out start buffing with Commander. If possible get Ring of Thune on the commander to keep the buff train going.

The goal was to keep the cost down, preferably less than $100 and keep the Cleric theme. I own most of the more pricey cards and currently only have 2 cards over $3 I would need to purchase for this deck. I wanted to avoid any infinite combos or any crazy time consuming combos. Before I was playing an artifact deck that had a lot of reactions and triggers and wanted to move to a simpler deck. The goal was to summon creatures buff/protect them and beat face. Suggestions are welcome. I plan to update/fine tune the deck before I purchase the missing cards.



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