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8-whack Goblins [Primer]




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This is my primary modern deck for now because I am just a teen and don't have the money to buy a playset of Snapcaster Mage s. Let's get into the breakdown!

Foundry Street Denizen - A Goblin staple, he grows easily and always gets in for some good damage, sometimes more then what Goblin Guide can do!

Goblin Guide - Also a Goblin staple, a 2/2 with haste is nothing to laugh at. Even though he may get your opponent some extra lands, you also get to see what deck they are playing just by the top card of their library.

Legion Loyalist - The deck's answer to Elves, Lingering Souls , and Mardu Pyromancer. Even though he is just a 1/1 with haste, he is a goblin and never lets us down.

Goblin Bushwhacker - 4 of the Whacks in 8-whack, he gives everything +1/+0 and haste, including himself, for just a whopping ! I've also had times where I'm stuck on one land and played him just for an extra 1/1 on board.

Reckless Bushwhacker - The other 4 Whacks in 8-whack, he does pretty much what the other Whacker does. The Surge is very easy to get with Burning-Tree Emissary .

Mogg War Marshal - Usually a semi-staple in Goblins. I don't like that you can't swing with the Marshal and you can't swing with the token created by it on death, but it is a huge factor to make Foundry Street Denizen s bigger earlier.

Burning-Tree Emissary - Although not a Goblin, it gives me a free 2/2 body and synergizes with Reckless Bushwhacker 's surge.

Lightning Bolt - 3 damage to any target at instant speed at only is nothing to mess with. A staple in all modern red decks.

Goblin Grenade - I don't know if Goblin Aggro would be a thing without this card. For just and the low cost of putting bombs in a goblin's mouth, you can deal 5 damage to any target. Everyone hates this card because of it's stupidness.

Burn- 40-60 - They can sometimes outrace us Game 1, and they have Kor Firewalker and sometimes Ensnaring Bridge after sideboarding. We have to rely on our haste creatures, burn spells and creature spam to counteract their speed.

Affinity- 30-70 - They are relying on their 0 and 1-drops, we are relying on our 1 and 2-drops. They can dump their hand by turn 2, we can dump our hand by turn 3 if were lucky. Luckily, Shattering Spree is a card as well as Smash to Smithereens . If you can destroy their Cranial Plating s and Master of Etherium s then we can quickly close out the game with Whack effects and burn.

Control- 70-30 - Their first board wipe comes out on turn 4, being Settle the Wreckage or more likely Supreme Verdict . We have constant pressure on them through big burn spells, haste creatures, and the go-wide deck strategy. After sideboarding they mostly just have Timely Reinforcements , but we can easily work around that with Legion Loyalist .

Tron- 60-40 - They basically win if they drop a Wurmcoil Engine turn 3, but if they don't then we pretty much win. They never interact with our board except through Oblivion Stone . Sideboarding they bring in all of they removal and we bring in our artifact destruction and Blood Moon s, so it shouldn't really be a problem.

Jund- 50-50 - They may be slower than us, but they have big Tarmogoyf s and 3 Scavenging Ooze s in the main, as well as early game removal. We have to rely on our utility creatures/spells against them so we can win in the long grind. They also don't have much in the sideboard against us, and we have Dismember and Searing Blood .

Humans- 40-60 - If they go first then they pretty much win through big humans, Mantis Rider s, and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben . Sometimes they have a slow start and we can push through, but there are only 4 Lightning Bolt s in our deck to remove whatever we can to get there. Sideboarding they have Izzet Staticaster and Auriok Champion . But we have Searing Blood and Dismember .

Bant Spirits- 50-50 - If they drop a lord we Bolt it and call it a day. If they drop 2 lords and we don't have Bolts then we give them the game. Because all of their creatures are flyers, we are forced to attack whenever possible instead of thinking about defense. Instant-speed Collected Company s can be a problem.

Dredge- 50-50 - Haven't played much against this matchup, but from what I've seen they have almost no interaction, Bloodghast s that can't block, and recurring Prized Amalgam s that will haunt my deck until it dies. Luckily for me I have Tormod's Crypt in the side against it.

Hollow One- 20-80 - This matchup is rough. They can drop 3 Hollow One s before we can even play a Goblin Guide . They have Gurmag Angler s and we have Bushwhackers. If we bring in our Dismember and artifact destruction, then we have more of a 40-60 chance of winning, but they still have the upper hand.

Death's Shadow- 70-30 - Even though Death's Shadow is bigger than our Goblins, they pain themselves so much that we can usually close the game out with burn damage. We can shut off mostly their entire deck by using Blood Moon after sideboarding.

Mardu Pyromancer- If we can kill their Young Pyromancer before it spams tokens, then we are good. Legion Loyalist is especially good in this matchup as most of their creatures are tokens. Goblin Chainwhirler is so fun to play against this deck because it has so many 1/1's.

Storm- If we can outrace them then we win. If they storm off before we can kill them then they win. Post sideboarding we have Damping Sphere and Dragon's Claw to slow them down, but it's only a matter of time...

That's all I have for you for matchups! If you would like another matchup posted please comment below and I will describe it in the most detail possible from experience.

If you guys have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments! Also, please +1 Upvote the deck if you like it!


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Hey guys, went 4-0 again at my LGS because I learned how to win grindy matchups with a hyper-aggro deck. I faced Burn, Jund, Bant Spirits, and Burn again. Dragon's Claw especially did work against the burn matchups and I will probably add in 1 more to the side because Burn is so heavy rn.

I am also testing Risk Factor in place of The Flame of Keld . So far it has never been a dead draw, because the outcome always turns out bad for my brother who is playing Elves (which is mostly a bad matchup for me pre-sideboarded). Either he takes 4 and goes into a dangerous health range or lets me draw 3 to give me an explosive response. The Jump-start on it is just an added bonus to make it much better than Browbeat . Let me know what you guys think of the deck so far in the comments!



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