Rest for the Weary


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Common

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Rest for the Weary


Target player gains 4 life.

Landfall If you had a land enter the battlefield under your control this turn, that player gains 8 life instead.

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Rest for the Weary Discussion

Pieguy396 on I have Esper, I have a Delver, Uh, Esper Delver

4 days ago

I haven't seen an Esper Delver list before! +1 from me!

I'd like to suggest Remand (more countermagic is rarely bad, and Delver is such a tempo-oriented deck), Spell Snare (same) Azorius Charm (versatility is great; maybe a 1-of, and maybe even replace Rest for the Weary in the side with them), Geist of Saint Traft (solid threat if you can back him up with removal), and maybe even Vapor Snag (tempo play). Also, Leyline of the Void instead of Nihil Spellbomb in the sideboard?

May I ask you to check out my Jeskai Delver deck (Delving into America)? Thanks in advance!

Squirrelbacon on Thing in yo face

1 week ago

With an active ascension, Rest for the Weary is crazy against any aggressive decks. I'd also recommend taking out Rewind. I like the card but it is way to slow and doesn't help TITI or ascension due to 4cmc. I'd rather see Sleight of Hand. Same problem with Electrolyze... it's in my top 5 favorite cards and I wouldn't run more than two of them since it is slow and misses many key creatures in modern now. I'd run a few Izzet Charm instead, maybe a 2/2 or a 1/3 split with charm on priority.

Also, if you want burn and ascension to be wincons, Thought Scour might be your best friend. If you don't care for ascension/is in there more for the lols, you can forget it if you don't want to self mill.

GodCyphus on Felidar Heals

3 weeks ago

I removed Venser's Journal just before you commented, lol. As for Wall of Reverence and Rest for the Weary, I'd have to agree that those look like great additions.

total_euphoria on Felidar Heals

3 weeks ago

Wall of Reverence works very well with Ajani's Pridemate. Plus I would favour Rest for the Weary over Angel's Mercy. Not really sure why you have Venser's Journal in there thoguh. You're not drawing an excessive amount of cards and there are much cheaper and better ways of gaining life.

Chick3nJr on Righteous Beasties

1 month ago

WOW!! I love this deck. This looks sooooooo fun to play!

I would suggest Rest for the Weary since it can combo really well with Tainted Remedy.

Ballzanya on Tainted Remedy

2 months ago

I actually play a version of this deck as a casual modern deck that I sometimes bring to FNM. Trust me, you want to play the four copies of Wall of Shards. The wall is a pure beast, and you can simply not pay the cumulative upkeep, or you can sac it to Devour Flesh to gain 8 life.

As far as the mana base goes, you don't actually need fetches or shocks, believe it or not. You do need at least 2 Shambling Vent, 2 Isolated Chapel, and 2 Concealed Courtyard, as well as 2-4 copies of Ghost Quarter. (Ghost quartering your own land to activate landfall with a remedy on board, to cast two Rest for the Weary to make your opponent lose 16 life is just priceless.

Another card you simply need a playset of in the mainboard is , Blessed Alliance. It's so good and you can make them sac an attacking creature and give yourself 4 life while you dont yet have a remedy on the field. Since I don't have the budget for the Idyllic Tutors, I run two copies of Dimir Machinations, since it lets you search for tainted remedy.

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