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lukas96 on Jeskai Aggro

2 hours ago

your mana curve is a bit odd for an aggro deckput in Monastery Swiftspear and id also play Always Watching and Glory-Bound Initiate.

Soulfire Grand Master, Reflector Magge and Selfless Spirit are no aggro cards, id play the spirit in the SB and remove the other two.

garden379 on ugw approach ramp

2 hours ago

let me know if there is anything i should change or add

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Speculation on new dinosaurs with ...

2 hours ago

"Dinosaurs you control have deathtouch". Unlikely? Sure. Incredibly powerful? Definitely.

kameenook on "Did you just attack me?" ...

2 hours ago

Azorius Guildmage seems kinda out of place in the deck to me, Vraska's Contempt would be great, probably better than Unmake (usually one mana but easier to cast, gains life, and can hit walkers)

DrWut on U/W Cyclone

2 hours ago

Yeah, some good substitutes would be a couple of spells like 1 more Lookout's Dispersal and Unsummon or 2 Chart A Course. If you'd rather not go down creatures the problem is that there are not many more great creatures on the 2 slot. Duskborne Skymarcher gets you a 1-drop. Skyblade of the Legion is a decent flying 2 that becomes an awesome blocker with a Favorable Winds in play, but if there is no FW it's not going to be very impactful :/.

butter83 on Gishath and the Dinosaucers

2 hours ago

Faith's Reward I hadn't even seen yet in play but my play group runs a lot of board wipes not so much bounce effects.

bobtoll on Cretaceous Nature Preserve

2 hours ago

Just out of curiosity, why do you run Staff of Nin?

kameenook on Animation Foundry: Infinite Turns?

2 hours ago

What about Metallic Rebuke in some conjunction or in place of Stoic Rebuttal ? In modern if games are not going long (which often they do, sometimes they don't) being able to get the counter out earlier with improvise could be nice.

backinajiffy on Monogreen Primal Amulet

2 hours ago

Agreed on the addition of Heroic Intervention at least for the sideboard. If you fint the amulet is tough to flip, replacing 2-3 lands with Attune with Aether might be an option.

hypnoticfreak on Relentless Spirits

3 hours ago

Ive tried out a similar blue white build but instead of remands i used aethervials and phantasmal image. I found it to be slow and Ive made it Bant Spirits. Turn 2 queller feels good. I played at an open in charlotte last year and the deck was called blue white aetherspirits. I also didnt have much experience in modern at the time either so I went 3/6.I have my list up if youd like to check it out

FullmetalWes on Monogreen Primal Amulet

3 hours ago

I would strongly recommend Heroic Intervention to protect your amulet from Abrade. Fun original idea!

SynergyBuild on The Western Way of War

3 hours ago

Switch the 3xDisenchant in the sideboard for 3xFragmentize my friend!

Bxbx on Gishath and the Dinosaucers

3 hours ago

Hi, I like that you're really maxing out on the dinosaurs! Gishath's trigger will put a lot into play in this deck.

Here are some remarks on your card-choices:

  • For six mana the abilities of Huatli, Dinosaur Knight are mediocre, I think. Her +2 is cool with Gishath but rather irrelevant in commander in general. Her -3 does not even trigger enrage on your creatures. The ultimate is bad too because it does not even give trample.

  • Pillar of Origins may be cool because you play so many dinosaurs, but not paying for your noncreature spells can be annoying sometimes, so maybe Farseek would be the better alternative.

  • from my experience Faith's Reward does not work that often. Most of the time it was a dead card in my hand because the opponent either cast Cyclonic Rift or Final Judgement or I had not enough mana open to pay its manacost.

  • Gratuitous Violence offers a great effect for this deck, but it is stretching the mana base too much. Play Dictate of the Twin Gods instead or for a coequal effect Xenagos, God of Revels.

For card-suggestions you may visit my own Gishath deck page where I evaluated most of my card choices: Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

That's all for now. I hope my comment will be helpful!

tumorman73 on U/R Riddle Drake (Ixalan Standard ...

3 hours ago

Rile is a good way to give the drake trample with the added bonus of a draw

Neotrup on When do I have to ...

3 hours ago

The key for telling the difference between a regular triggered ability like this one and a reflexive triggered ability is whether it uses the word "If" (in which case you choose the moment the whole ability triggers, before any player can respond and well before you make the payment) or "When" (in which case you choose after you make the payment, and the trigger gets put back on the stack with the target allowing a second round of responses).

backinajiffy on Monogreen Primal Amulet

3 hours ago

WTF this deck is freaking awesome. Is this an original idea?? If so, you're an evil genius.

Rhadamanthus on When do I have to ...

3 hours ago

You choose a target when the ability is first put onto the stack, i.e. when Frenzied Goblin attacks. It's just a regular triggered ability, not a delayed or reflexive one.

Kjartan on G/W ramp & lion man ...

3 hours ago

Depending so much on Snowballing will probably be your downfall, if you decide to take this to a tournement.

It's a good thing to have synergy, and it's a good thing to have good late-game, but it's more important to be able to get through whatever your opponent throws against you in the early/mid game.

Getting indepentantly better cards, and lowering your curve will get you to a more competitive result, I'll wager.

One thing you can do right now that'll make it better, is cutting down your deck size. (preferably to 60)

Removing your worst things, cutting down on your biggst things, and simultaneously maximising your odds on drawing your best things, is a great way to start, if you want to upgrade.

MrGameAndScotch on When do I have to ...

3 hours ago

PS: I understand it so that there already has to be a target creature when the ability resolves/you pay the . So my answer would be: You have to declare the target when you attack with Frenzied Goblin, but the target creature might be able to block after resolution of the triggered ability, because you decided to not pay .

Source: I'm 100% positive you have to declare the target of Lightning Bolt when you but it on the stack, too. ;)

Columb on Alestorm

3 hours ago

It's cool and all, but why the horrendous manabase?

enthusedorphan on Sorin's Wrath

3 hours ago

My friends/playgroup decided to try our own variant of commander where we allow planeswalkers as commanders.

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Blue Black Scarab Control

3 hours ago

Awesome! Opt is essentially cycling but with an extra scry.

Murzilki on Raw, Untamed Power

3 hours ago

The only suggestion I can make is maybe sideboard aetherwind basker. 7/7 brings in energy for all creatures you control plus when he attacks it does the same. I've managed to get him up to be a 20/20. And with trample too??!?! Hell yeah. It's not cheap in Mana cost tho. That's the only reason I say maybe.

bendjohnson on Accent-Accord

3 hours ago

Might put another Always Watching in this.

Sp00k on U/R Spell Slinging Burn

3 hours ago

I would highly encourage maindecking a pair of amulets - they can turn a game around fast. Otherwise it looks pretty promising. Since you're generating energy anyway, could run a 4of Aether Hub and drop the wilds for the amulets. Your curve is relatively low.

FLATSO99 on Omnath, Locus of Creature Ramp

3 hours ago

Why is seed Guardian in the deck. I understand the need for some lower costed creatures in order to keep the curve balanced, but wouldn't somthing like Lotus Cobra be a better fit. It is coming out in Iconic masters as a rare, so the price should go down! Love the deck!

Sp00k on U/W Cyclone

3 hours ago

I actually like this build. Not sure about the black splash yet either, but I plan to Playtest it a bit with some friends. Solid synergy!

sskorakz6651 on Hail Hydra!

3 hours ago

Cis4Courtney13 Both would be fun additions to the deck but I believe they dont align that well with the concept of the deck itself. If you want to take this list and modify it you are more than welcome to!

Enganeer on Dauntless Naya Allies

3 hours ago

TheDuggernaught:Unintentional essay incoming.

In regards to Munda, more often than not a Kabira Evangel would secure a victory, and I'd gladly ditch my chance at topdecking a CoCo to dig for an Evangel. Virtually guaranteeing an ally etb per turn and getting a 3/4 haste is well worth it (bonus points against lantern control). Also, if a god-draw CoCo is truly your only out, you can choose not to activate his ability, or just pitch the cards on top. That said, it's still a 4-drop, so I'm always considering his place.

I agree, Aether Vial is superb, if absolutely nothing else, it protects turn 3 Kabira Evangel, but it does SO much more. Combat tricks, speeds up aggro, flexibility, I honestly think it would work better here than in Merfolk cause flash etb. Unfortunately, the cost has been prohibitively expensive, so I don't have any [so says he with 3 Cavern of Souls (I got them when they were $14)]. Every time it was suggested in the past, they were a minimum of $35 each, and I had no money. Now I'll watch the price and see if it drops with the re-print.

I have considered Expedition Envoy before and even made a deck oriented more around hyper aggro (Akoum Aggressors), but I'm not as much of a fan, as is that there is virtually no synergy. He provides no buff, he doesn't have haste, and his body's so lame he trades with mana dorks. However, I have often found myself casting 2-drops on turn 3, and being able to surge a Bushwhacker instead is thoroughly satisfying. I will test this variants with the Envoy and see how they fair.

I felt like Kor Bladewhirl was really just filling a spot for an actually good 2 drop ally since didn't actually put presence on the board. Metallic Mimic might just be the replacement I need. I will definitely test it out.

An older version of my deck used Mirror Entity to good effect. Unfortunately, it's too slow and weak. I found that your opponent tends to wait for you to sink the mana, then uses their removal, effectively wasting a turn you could have spent casting an ally. Lastly, I don't know what to do about Firemantle Mage, I want to put him in mainboard over Kor Bladewhirl, but that 1 extra mana slows him down. I want to put him in sideboard, but I don't know what to take out, I might remove Captain's Claws.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll see how the different cards work out. As soon as I found out about Allies 4 years ago, they've been my favorite deck. Both of the Zendikar blocks are my favorite, even if I wasn't around for the first one, and while I was first very disappointed in the newer allies, some of the cards REALLY pull their weight. Namely Bushwhacker, Gideon, and especially the encampment.

MrGameAndScotch on When do I have to ...

3 hours ago

Hello everyone,

I know that I don't have to pay the additional R until Frenzied Goblin's triggered ability resolves. Now my question is: Do I announce the target of Frenzied Goblin's triggered ability when it goes on the stack or when it resolves, after I paid R? I couldn't find an answer to this because I became confused with delayed/reflexive triggers.

Thank you in advance!

jorjo10 on 9/11 Twilight guys

3 hours ago

Drop: Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, asi Door of Destinies (nahradil bych to tma srgorama, co i lou), Guul Draz Assassin, Olivia's Bloodsworn, Skeletal Scrying, Enlightened Tutor (radi bych lzal vc karet).

Zkusil bych testit:

a) kolik m vc na sacrifice (jestli jich nen pli mnoho)

b) jak jsi na tom s manou

c) kolik le karet (pijde mi, e tam toho je docela dost, ale e to taky stoj dost many)

d) pokud bude implementovat discard + reanimaci, pidal bych velk vamp hovada

e) kolik m vampr a jak jsi na tom s kivkou

xyr0s on Black Merchant of Devotion

3 hours ago

The white SB cards are powerful, undoubtedly. But playing Path to Exile against fast aggro can be a bit suicidal - it can easily turn out to be card advantage for your opponent (trade a creature for a land - it's good for some decks). Besides, if you had all 4 possible Fatal Push, you'd have 11 interactive cards at 1 cmc, enough that you can rely on drawing them.

Collective Brutality is good, because it's a good 2 cmc card, so you get to play it fairly early - against most fast aggro, you get to trade for a creature and a spell (killing a Goblin Guide and discarding a Lava Spike really violates the game plan of a burn deck), slowing their clock considerably. It also corrects your deck a bit, as you can turn an unwanted land or extra copy of Thoughtseize into something more beneficial. works better with some recurrence, but it's not a necessity. It is also good, because it's not tied to one function, so it actually has lategame applications (your 1-cmc discard is often really poor topdecks from turn 4 or 5).

I'd worry a bit about reaching enough devotion for Gary to do something with. If you feel like spending a bit, consider Fulminator Mage - you currently have exactly 0 ways of dealing with lands, and this would add 2 devotion (good for any game) and a way to deal with lands (good for wrecking tron of all brands). In turn, I'd remove the 2 Prism Rings, as lifegain is only situationally good.

JagDogger2525 on The Perfect Kill it with ...

3 hours ago

The cost of Goblin Guide meaning $15-$16 - If I wanted a playset of haste Goblins, I'd prefer 4 Raging Goblin for $6 total compared to $65.50 total on 4 of those Guides. Even though it's 1 P/T, in a Goblin Deck, it works.

Bxbx on T-wrecked

3 hours ago


if you're going for the enrage-theme I can recommend Shaman en-Kor to you. It lets you redirect any damage that is dealt to creatures to another creature you control. And the best part is that it splits the damage in several instances of one damage each. Credits go to TheDeckMaker2300 for mentioning this card on another deck page!

Another card would be Breath of Darigaaz because you can either use it as a simple enrage-trigger or as a medium-scale boardwipe.

Warstorm Surge lets you kill the opponents' creatures but also trigger your own creatures' enrage.

By the way, you missed the first dinosaur to be printed with a semi-enrage-ability: Fungusaur. It got an erratum to be a dinosaur just like Magmasaur who is a good enrage-enabler.

Last but not least, you can add Desert and/or Arena for enabling enrage.

You culd cut Dinosaur Stampede (maybe not strong enough for EDH), Mayael's Aria (unrelated to the deck theme), Fires of Yavimaya (I consider giving all creatures haste to be rather unimportant in this deck. you already have Regisaur Alpha and Otepec Huntmaster. maybe add Xenagos, God of Revels as well). Some of the smaller dinosaurs could also be cut as you are playing more as enough dinosaurs, but I know that this is really tough :(

That's all for now. I hope my comment will be useful.

Oh, and I'll link my own version so you can check it out:

Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

Commander / EDH* Bxbx


WalkingPutoguro on Blue Black Scarab Control

4 hours ago

Legendary_penguin_of_death I will consider putting glimmer or opt in but i prefer hieroglyphic illumination because it has cycling. Thanks for the suggestion and I will check out your deck!

CCBM on Eldritch Ooze

4 hours ago


I pretty much just have to race them.

If only I was in white, then I could just sideboard in Condemn.

HorseFist on Taste the Rainbow(tm)

4 hours ago

Hivestone looks like a definite add, thanks for the suggestion ZendikariWol. Already got a Coat of Arms in here, so I think the Vanquisher's Banner I just got can and should go into my werewolf tribal deck instead of this one....

I really did put all the slivers I own (so far) into this deck when I first built it, and even picked up 4 more on EBay to replace other creatures, but I doubt I'll ever make it 100% slivers....

CaptSillva on What have I got in ...

4 hours ago

Palinchron, Treachery, Boundless Realms, Primeval Bounty, and Cultivate are all good cards for this deck you could try out. Also Bloodbraid Elf and Shardless Agent can be useful since they will filter out some of the lower cost spells in your deck for your commander while helping to build your storm count.

halophilic on Please Ban Torpor Orb

4 hours ago

So....doesn't Ramos, Dragon Engine just become the default 5c commander or what?

stuart3393 on Curse Control

4 hours ago

Hey Murphy77, thanks for the suggestion. I've thought about Raiders Wake but it feels like there will be alot of games where it does nothing. Like you say with Torment of Scarabs it seems pretty sweet, but what about when you don't have it? I think I'd rather use the slots for cheap discard and removal to clear the way for when ToS comes down.

Having a look at your deck you seem to be lacking card draw which is going to be very important in these types of deck where you're using up all your cards in hand very quickly simply making your opponent discard or using removal. I think you also need to add sweepers or else you're just going to get run over by any sort of aggro deck (mono red for example).

You also don't actually have that much targeted discard which seems like probably the most important thing you would want!! Heartless Pillage I don't think is worth it at all in this type of deck and the only reason I'm even playing 2x Unburden (which is my weakest discard probably) is because you can cycle it late game and it can force them to discard lands when they start holding onto them.

Lastly I would say you should think about how many creatures you want to play. If your aim is to swing quite abit then by all means play them, but for me I want to control the board as much as possible and the more creatures I play, the more I turn on their removal. Honestly I've gone back and forth about even playing Gifted Aetherborn, but in the end I think it's just too good not to (pseudo removal, slows them down, gains you life). However I do have a good number of creatures in the SB so you have the option of completely changing your game plan and take out the ToS package and switch with creatures if needed.

Hope this helps!

Funkydiscogod on Eldritch Ooze

4 hours ago

Well, with Spike Feeder maindeck, I think you're probably going to be good against Burn.

I'm not sure what to do against Death's Shadow. Maybe if you get a Fleshwrither in your graveyard, the ooze can fetch a Guardian of the Guildpact, and that'll be nearly impossible for them to deal with? Or a Molten-Tail Masticore? I really don't know what your deck can do about it.

Doombeard1984 on GW Turbo Eldrangels Fog

4 hours ago

love the idea of this deck. Really interesting, and lets face it Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is sickening hardcore. Must be said that I do love a good token/tribal deck but this is a really alternate way of playing. defo +1

JagDogger2525 on The Perfect Kill it with ...

4 hours ago

Maaagic - Vexing Devil, Goblin Guide, and Eidolon of the Great Revel are great and awesome, but at $140 for a full play set of them, I am just trying to make an awesome deck that is basically an equal to my The Glorious Slim Line deck in speed (to destroy the opponent) and cost (to purchase the deck)

I do have my retired Burn deck (Is everyone alright? I smell smoke.) which has Flames, Vexing Devil, both the Elementals, and even Chandra Ablaze for some late game steam.

But thinking about it the Guide isn't that great unless you are running RU with counters (Void Shatter, Dissipate, Deprive, etc.) because if you run the Guide in Mono-Red and they are playing Green, well, they could have Tooth and Nail on top ready to entwine, or have Joraga Warcaller on top where they have Immaculate Magistrate out and ready with 8-9 other elves to beef up their field and prevent you from doing burn on creatures, or have Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, or many other options. I just don't like Goblin Guide in a Mono-Red because A) the cost and B) it just isn't useful unless the deck is RU with counters or playing 2-Headed Giant and teamed up with a Counter deck.

muse99 on Derevi Wizardball

4 hours ago

Hi, nice list here. I am in the process of optimizing my own wizardball deck with another commander featuring Paradox Engine, but this looks more tuned so it's a good source of inspiration.

Why no Helm of Obedience? You're already running Rest in Peace and RIP Helm is actually a wincon that benefits greatly from having untap triggers available.

I saw you dropped Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir from the list (it's still in the description. What prompted that change?

I see that you use Galecaster Colossus. I love the effect but I couldn't bring myself to include it on the basis of its high CMC. How has it performed for you in testing?

Last but not least: the Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite inclusion. Is wizard beats a natural plan B and Living Plane a plan C for the deck? How confident are you that these two belong in the deck? It feels somewhat debtable without a way to cheat Elesh into play.

Valius on "I can make... a million ...

4 hours ago

Aura Mutation is good removal with token generation.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion, I think, is the best Planeswalker for a token deck and would be a good replacement for Valiant Protector at 6cmc slot.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip is your cheaper Gaea's Cradle.

Orochi Hatchery is a good way to make a ton of tokens all at once, and Riptide Replicator can make one huge creature. Additionally, Soul Foundry can give you copies of your favorite guys, like Mycoloth or Wayfaring Temple.

I can think of more, but hope those are helpful.

alexbaylis20 on W/B/U mill and destroy!!

4 hours ago

Hello,If you want to be more competitive then you can replace the Wall of Frost, the Wall of Essence, Wall of Denial and the Supreme Verdict with some faster mill cards such as Fraying Sanity to double your mill effects, Mind Funeral as good mill card and Glimpse the Unthinkable aswell. If you want to go for a more combo strategy you could use Myr Galvanizer and and myr(s) which can generate two mana total to generate infinite mana and use a card such as Blue Sun's Zenith to make them draw their entire library, or you could go for Temple Bell, Laboratory Maniac and Mind Over Matter to make everybody draw their entire library causing Laboratory Maniac to win you the game as everybody loses from mill.