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TheSneakyOnion on Akiri Equipment Voltron

5 hours ago

Akiri voltron? Looks cool. If only we had Black to fit in Cranial Plating...

carpecanum on Life is full of surprises

5 hours ago

Preacher possibly. Tap to steal a creature as a response to them throwing on shroud/haste or whatever. Sac it at your leisure.

Fleshbag Marauder etc., come out by turn 3 and can stop Kaalia pretty fast.

My first EDH deck had to go against a Kaalia deck. I beat it with Black/Green/White "every-freaking-removal-instant" deck. It was no fun to play.

SunnyD98 on Kaalia of the Vast - ...

5 hours ago

After reading the comments, i do not believe it has been brought up, how come you don't run Chancellor of the Annex?? So far for me it seems like a powerful card.

Will_Of_Ulamog on Heroes never die!

5 hours ago

Hum I think wrath effets could be destroying my entire board, but why not. Lightning bolt is good indeed, I'll look at it. And hell I didn't know Reki! Maybe I can put green cards in this deck. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!

hubatish on Token Storm Zada

6 hours ago

Also, what do you think about Akroan Crusader? Mana efficiency is good but he obviously doesn't interact as well with Zada. I might also brew up Wort, the Raidmother and I think both of these cards would be very good there as tokens go up in importance.

velo_r on Modern Mutant Zoo

6 hours ago

Awesome man, yeah I enjoy the deck a lot. bant eldrazi/ eldrazi-tron is heavy in my area and it feels kind of hard to keep up with it but I still enjoy it

Krashtak on Nekusar

6 hours ago

Yeah, I do really like Spelltwine half the reason why I took it out, was because I don't know if I really want to look through everyone's 30-40 card graveyards for that perfect spell, lol.

I agree Command Beacon is legit. Adding immediately.

I agree I do feel like I need a bit more removal. I'll probably go with Chaos Warp since it hits anything, and either Dreadbore or Hero's Downfall since I really only currently have mass removal.

Phyrexian Tyranny actually scares me a lot. Especially since I hope to have a no hand limit in play and there are more ways for me to draw than my opponents in this deck.

I do want both of the Talismans but I am straining to find enough cuts to add them back, and I already have the 3 signets to do very similar work.

Pact of Negation is out of my comfort zone as far as cost at the moment, but certainly worth thinking about.

I see your point about Minds Aglow. My original thought was that I could dump mana into it to finish the game. But you are right I don't really have many ways to support an X cost spell except in the case of the Waste Not + wheel.

Ghastly Conscription was also in there to deny a graveyard centric deck, as well as to get some potentially juicy creatures out there. Day's Undoing is only one spell and as long as there is like one or two wheels in between I think it would still have pretty good value. I honestly think that situation would be pretty rare where there isn't anything good left in anyone's graveyard.

I agree Runehorn Hellkite is very expensive for a wheel. However, being able to wheel from the graveyard is exactly why it's there. The way this deck goes dumping over half my library into my graveyard every game, I think it's actually very likely to be there as an ace-in-the-hole backup wheel when I need it.

Totally didn't realize Helm of Awakening was all players. Cutting it now.

Sudden Spoiling does so much more than Fog. It removes all creatures abilities without letting them respond. I'm thinking of all of the situations where someone is about to fire off a massive combo that relies on a triggered ability, or the repeated use of an activated ability. However, I am still going to cut it because it very likely won't be in my hand at the right time. Seeing as how my hand will cycle pretty much every time I have a wheel and at least one draw/discard trigger in play. I can't really afford to be much of a reliable responder with this deck.

My thought process on Nighthowler was to use him to survive the inevitable board wipe and still have high value on the board. But, I think you are right, it doesn't really fit as well as I would want it to, and I don't really have a way to make it connect.

rrosenthal2019 on Mirror-Mad Memes.

6 hours ago

If you all think I should go an entirely different way with this deck (Make it a graveyard style deck instead of what it is) in order to make it more competitive, I'd definitely be up for the idea. Just make sure to suggest things to me, as I have no idea how that type of deck really works. By this I'm talking about stuff with maybe Sidisi, Brood Tyrant or even Momir Vig, Simic Visionary

MizzMizz on Dead Woods

6 hours ago

Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Catacomb Sifter

You might want to look into BG delirium decks.

WelchyV90 on DeDe will have his day ...

6 hours ago

Taking a look at this what do you think about replacing Goldnight Castigator with Mogis, God of Slaughter and Purphoros, God of the Forge ? Heartless Summoning allows them in for 2 mana each and they can keep up the pressure in mid game when the deck might run out of steam. Also, Priest of Urabrask gives us lots of mana to play with from abusing the combination of it and HS, giving us 3 red mana from spending 1 red mana. Let me know what you think.

Miracles-and-Charms-of-Alara on Cards suggestions for Bant Turbo ...

6 hours ago

Here is the list:

I want to use planeswalkers as my win-cons, but I need a more controlling shell.

The7thBobba on heart pounding bloodrushing

6 hours ago

Oh, for sure! It's an old favourite of mine.You know who really like bloodrush? Rapacious One :D

mickalopagus on Premade White/Green

6 hours ago

lots of humans, maybe you should streamline it to that. I enjoy the tribals, and though people say Coat of Arms is overdone in our group I disagree. 1 of never hurt anything, so I would put that in there. Get rid of the treefolk, it doesnt fit. I like the angel for its ETB, but its not a human, and thats about all i like. If youre going to go big with an angel, get something that really fucks your opponents.

I mean, you can get Platinum Angel for one more and not lose the game. Advanced search for white or green angels CMC 6 and see whats out there, or scrap it and get heavy with human buffs. Sigarda, Heron's Grace and my favorite eldrazi hoser Sigarda, Host of Herons should be in consideration.

Heroic Intervention is a new favorite of mine, and is a must for any green deck IMO, especially with all the land destruct going around, your opponent will learn his lesson quickly. Thats what i see at first anyways.

JaysomeDecks on Make Mirrodin Pure Again

6 hours ago

I love the statements made in the philosophy of your deck, especially about the "social contract" of commander. I played a game in which the last hour were slave to a single deck's Capsize/buyback. Unable to win, this Damia deck simply locked the three of us out of the game while it slowly drew towards its win. I finally answer with an Armageddon, ending the drawn-out monotony and securing a hard-fought, solid win, and I become the villain of the table, whose deck people now refuse to play with. (Only land destruction I run, btw) I applaud your stance, level-headedness, and wish more people would read and take this to heart.

Stephencliffe on Golgari Obliterator

6 hours ago

Or if you want to be a horrible person, you could run loampox. That's a combination of Smallpox and Life from the Loam. Add in some Rain of Tears or fulminator mage, and you have a land destruction deck in golgari. You could even go so far as to take out the Phyrexian Obligator and put in some dark confidant and maybe some Liliana's. Just run all the nasty things.

hubatish on Token Storm Zada

6 hours ago

Thanks for the suggestion Foodtime! I tried Silverfur Partisan in the deck for a bit, but that was before I could tutor for Zada consistently (I now have 3, so still spend a decent amount of time without). I also had Triton Fortune Hunter back then, so probably just too many 3 drops.

  1. Any cut suggestions?

  2. Any multitarget or good buff spell suggestions? I have both Jace's Sanctum and Goblin Electromancer (maybe Baral, Chief of Compliance soon too), which are great when going off, but don't really help cast 1 mana spells, which most of my target spells are. So something that costs say 1R would be great.

The7thBobba on heart pounding bloodrushing

6 hours ago

You're very welcome. Stay frosty!

DaringApprentice on Atony1400

6 hours ago

Thank you very much for letting me know!

NarejED on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

6 hours ago

@MTWEmperor: Vault's Ghave list was horribly unoptimized. It ran 37 lands, a rather high curve, and a bunch of questionable cards like Rune-Scarred Demon and Skyshroud Claim. While Lerker's deck does have some issues, he's arguably the most knowledgeable Ghave player in competitive EDH.

Fortunately, it looks like he posted a more up to date list recently, so I can update the description link.

chosenone124 on What is the interaction between ...

6 hours ago

Suppose I have a saproling creature. I cast Life and Limb so it becomes a 1/1 green Land Creature - Saproling Forest.

I now cast Blood Moon. This makes my Saproling into a Land - Mountain, so it is no longer affected by Life and Limb

When Life and Limb stops affecting it, it isn't affected by Blood Moon, which means we have a saproling creature (loop start)

Did I get the interaction wrong?

chosenone124 on Can I name every card ...

6 hours ago

Or can I only name cards that I can give the name of. I haven't memorized the names of all 16505 cards so...

Dralnah on Emrakul The Promised End

6 hours ago

+1 for an honest deck. Try running Kozilek, the Great Distortion for more disruption.

Panzerforge on Baral's Beach Blanket Bonanza!

6 hours ago

ShadyPear that's assuming they can get one on the table after boarding!

Negate, Rejection, and Compelling Deterrence go a long way!

Boricua949 on Master Artificers Aether Stream

7 hours ago

So i did some major editing and found what i like. it seems Muzzio, is the only card illegal. But need to make it faster with a lil more pow wow. lmk, any suggestions?

The7thBobba on 8 mana for a 1/1?! ...

7 hours ago

DanyTargaryen102, thanks dude. And yes, yes it is. You are very right. Luckily I only play casual, so it's not so bad :) stay frosty!

Ryne91 on Mono Green Devotion

7 hours ago

This isn't Mono-Green Devotion. It's Stompy. It used Devotion for Aspect of Hydra, but without Nykthos, it really shouldn't be called a Devotion deck.

The7thBobba on heart pounding bloodrushing

7 hours ago

Looks like a simplistic, fullfilling joy to play! Might I suggest a few Hunter's Insight? Can really do some good in restocking your hand with more bloodrush

DanyTargaryen102 on 8 mana for a 1/1?! ...

7 hours ago

In my opinion, cool idea but way too slow.

ShadyPear on Baral's Beach Blanket Bonanza!

7 hours ago

Hopefully you never play against a Dynavolt Tower deck.

Flyboarg on Death by Discard

7 hours ago

Grave Betrayal is a good card to play

saturn999 on waste not storm v2

7 hours ago

Personally I'd add Dark Deal.

clayperce on Electrostatic Rampage

7 hours ago

Pummeler's awesome, and I like this build. Easy +1!

I've only one suggestion: Check out Josh Newell's Pummeler deck if you haven't already. He crushed a horde of Vehicles and Saheelis en route to 1st place at SCG Classic Dallas.

Draw well!

rizzenkampf on Little Teysa's Value Town

7 hours ago

Hey antismart, thanks. It's my favourite EDH deck and I've seen quite a bit of success with it.

Regarding the Requiem Angel, it's probably not a good idea IMO if your meta is super competitive. The effect is nothing short of amazing - it synergises with Teysa so well - but 6 mana hurts if games seldom go past turn 7-8. Otherwise it's good - and the fact that's it's a 5/5 flier helps close the game sometimes.

As for other cards, if you're looking for slots, maybe:

  • Gravecrawler (because it's hard to recur and you already have other 4 recurring creatures),

  • Haunted Dead (worse Zombie Infestation I think),

  • Mortify (you already have a lot of targeted permanent removal and Teysa herself acts as repeatable creature removal - the reason I only run Anguished Unmaking and Return to Dust),

  • Trading Post (I've run it myself for a long time and it very seldom worked for me - it just does very little not quite often compared to what, say, Recruiter or Stoneforge offer)

I am probably way out of line here though - your list is very sweet and I am sure there are very good reasons for the above inclusions. I haven't tested the Recruiter thoroughly enough yet but Flitter and Stoneforge are amazing and the Ophiomancer is Bitterblossom No.2 most of the time.

DarkStarStorm on Shadows Over Bogles

7 hours ago

Budget is currently an issue; I don't have the 100+ dollars to spend on two lands. I actually found Grixis Control to be a bit difficult in my most recent tournament. They have access to Cryptic Command and have the tools to last long enough to cast it. Although, it was also the first time I faced the deck, and my poor openers, draws, and missplays probably made it needlessly difficult.

xX6Krust6Punk6Xx on EDHTest

7 hours ago

Hey, bud. Thanks for the comment. I have discovered a wincon using my Blighted Agent and either Clone or Altered Ego. I mana ramp a good bit and will occasionally waste the Redirect spell on other peoples' mana ramps and use them on myself (Assuming they run green or blue mana ramps). I also have a concept using my Sprouting Phytohydra to build a wall of them around me while I ramp the hell out of Managorger Hydra and summon Zegana. Bioshift plays into this as well, assmuming I want to swing you for 21+ commander damage. I also have Swiftfoot Boots for the case that I come across these wincons on the draw. I guess, for now, I'm hoping to be able to control your board long enough to get big and swing out.

Shamen3mill on Don't mess with the Badger

7 hours ago

If we prefer keeping Stonebrow around, building around his effect might also be a good idea, Aggravated Assault, Savage Beating, Double dipping on that +2/+2 buff is really strong.

thoughtsinknots on Red doesn't suck in CMDR

7 hours ago

I like Reckless Abandon as a second Goblin Grenade. Any reason why you're not running Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker?

m0x on Electrostatic Rampage

7 hours ago

In my experience, Chandra, Torch of Defiance has been incredible. It is typically a must answer threat that can immediately destroy any creature in Mardu or GB, Saheeli Rai or Felidar Guardian from Saheeli, and it also works like Bristling Hydra against Dynavolt Tower where landing one nearly wins on its own.

I am also trying to minimize the number of pump spells as I like having a combo but prefer retaining the capability to side it out as described in the description. If Built to Smash did not have the combat clause, I would strongly consider it as it could counter removal, but it is too limited as is especially as it only grants Electrostatic Pummeler trample.

EDHTest on Zegana Baby Steps

7 hours ago

Hi, just want to know what is your game plan? All decks usually have some kind of win-con or themes, and in UG it is usually either midrange big stuff, overrun, combo, or control shenanigans.

When I see your deck, I think the game-plan looks like control deck, without apparent win-con.

If you can let us know what is your plan with the deck or any budget limitations, we can provide better ideas

Jagd_Tallgeese on UG Energy

7 hours ago

Empyreal Voyager is a 3-drop flyer with Trample that provides energy when it damages an opponent. Couple that with Fabrication Module and you will have a board state that can become lethal very quickly. Every time you gain an energy, you can make a creature bigger. Decoction Module will give you energy when a creature touches the field, including any tokens you could generate. An easy strategy would be to acquire a few copies of Larger Than Life, pump Longtusk Cub with all the energy you can muster, and swing.

TheDuggernaught on Intangible Tokens

7 hours ago

There are far better planeswalkers to use than the ones you are using. As you said, real games do not go on for as long as your play tests. Your opponent is looking to win as fast as possible. Now, tokens can certainly play a bit like a control deck as you have chump blockers for days. But it is not a control deck, and holding out until turn 6 or 7 to play Elspeth, Sun's Champion, and Ajani Unyielding is just not good enough. I really like Elspeth, but she is just a bit too slow. If you are in a decent position where you can play her turn 6 or 7, you are likely going to win anyways and she becomes win-more. Ajani is just very meh. As such, I would cut Elspeth, Ajani, and Call the Gatewatch.

Next, the creatures you have are also all very meh. Wayfaring Temple only populates if you do combat damage to a player with it and is otherwise just a big fat beater that does not get anything out of Intangible Virtue. Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter just takes too much mana investment to be worth it; and Midnight Guard is cute, but does not really have super good interactions with the rest of the deck -- spare the cute but super janky Presence of Gond combo. As such, I would cut all of those.

Enchantments, I would cut Banishing Light, and Presence of Gond. There are more efficient ways to remove pesky permanents than Banishing Light, and if we are taking out Midnight Guard, the Presence of Gond does not do anything.

Last, Secure the Wastes is awesome. But it is overkill having 4 of them. Two is plenty and I would personally only run 1. But if you take it down to 2, that leaves you with 19 empty slots. I would up the lands to 22 (13 slots), add 4 Voice of Resurgence (9 slots), 2 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (7 slots), 2x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar (5 slots), 3x Sram's Expertise (2 slots), 1 Advent of the Wurm, and 1 Midnight Haunting. Ideally, you would splash black a bit for the best tokens spell: Lingering Souls. But I know you probably want to keep a fairly low budget, and fetch lands and shock lands to support 3 colors is not cheap.

yeaGO on Inventory empty... or is it?

7 hours ago

jugglervr is everything normal now?