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Davan21 on dawn of abzan

1 hour ago

@C.drgn ive tried running with 4 but vs alot of the matchups in my lgs meta anointer priest isnt that good and thats why i run 2 main, there is an argument to putting the other 2 in the sideboard tho but dont know what to cut for it.

@multimedia ah thanks for reminding me i havent changed the description since the last major overhaul. before the changes i ran pretty much the deck u suggest + josu vess as a payoff to song and growing rites. but that didnt preform very well and couldnt kick vess consistently enough to be worthwhile. regarding not flipping growing rites consistently i beg to differ, in my playtests and fnm/showdown experience its quite easy to flip it with the current list. oviya slimefoot and tendershoot + migration is more than enough for it to flip consistently.

regarding the changes you proposed: im sure it would make a good deck but its not really what i was aiming for, if i had slots i would jam most of those cards right in but during my experience with the deck shanna,shalai,oviya is to great of additions to remove for sapherd or swarm.

FancyTuesday on Card images and images not ...

1 hour ago

Do you mean that images marked with the following syntax aren't showing up?

![image description](url)

It's probably because that functionally needs to be manually enabled for your account by yeaGO. Simply tag yeaGO here (I guess I already have) or on Discord requesting to have code processing enabled for your account. yeaGO has said it's a case-by-case evaluation, but typically agrees to do it assuming it's for an upstanding member of the community.

Korath37 on Card creation challenge

1 hour ago

Jund Card Green Black Red Blue White (Mana Cost)

Creature - Shapeshifter 1/1

When Jund Card enters the Battlefield, you may search your library for any number of cards named Jund Card, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle your library.

If you control 4 or more creatures named Jund Card, you win the game

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Wait, you play Grixis? Why?

1 hour ago

Grafdigger's Cage is good, especially because it is playable against any Snapcaster Mage deck in addition to Hollow One. My own snaps prevent me from playing it. Although in all honesty I could probably play it anyway. Things to think about.

Anger of the Gods is great against Humans too, which is another problem deck for me. And Dredge, if anyone plays that anymore.

Leyline of the Void is the real deal against Hollow One. If I can turn 0 Leyline, basically their only way to win is to drop turn 1 Flameblade Adept followed by Hollow One into a few big swings. I have to keep any hand with Leyline and 1 land, so they can catch me with my pants around my ankles if I don't have a Lightning Bolt. But odds are pretty good I have a Lightning Bolt or Fatal Push. Unfortunately, Leyline of the Void is expensive right now, so I don't have any yet.

Eldrazi decks and Hollow One are my biggest problems. Cavern of Souls is the biggest problem out of Eldrazi decks. If not for that, I could Ceremonious Rejection them into oblivion. But alas, I can only do that sometimes.

Liquidbeaver on [PRIMER] Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician

1 hour ago

Another exciting addition: Kusari-Gama!

Many thanks to Thegru3some2some for finding it. They messaged me about being disappointed because they liked the effect and included it in their version of the deck, but then realized it fell off the sac'd creature and didn't have an effect. Turns out that this isn't true, according to Rule 112.7a. Once a triggered ability is on the stack, it will go looking for the last known information about the creature that put it there even if it changed zones (i.e. died), which is the same ruling that allows Basilisk Collar's Lifelink and Deathtouch to work with the Ib-splosion Goblins!

Kusari-gama in some ways is even better than Nemesis Mask in that, in response to the equipped Goblin attacking the opponent could tap utility creatures or manadorks so they weren't able to block, saving them from the damage. Kusari-gama means they either block the Goblin and everything they own gets hit, or they don't block at all, letting us have free damage and giving us the opportunity to pump it.

Not only does this tie in well with Repercussion and Soul-Scar Mage, it is also is uneffected by most Fog spells. If a Goblin happens to have Nemesis Mask equipped as well, each creature the opponent controls would take 4 damage from Kusari-gama, and each blocking creature would take an additional 4 damage from the Goblin blowing up!

This is the most fun include in this deck in a long time. I am very excited to draw it ASAP!

Silver__Core on Guilt-Leaf

1 hour ago

I would suggest adding Glissa, the traitor. She allows you to recur some of those lost artifacts for more discard and is an elf to boot!I would cut Gnat miser as it doesn't exactly mesh well with your plan. Ideally, your opponents won't have enough cards for reducing their hand size to matter.

DangoDaikazoku on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 hour ago

Hey all,

I was just wondering if y'all could bounce some ideas off of me for suggestions regarding a reanimator commander. I know I want to build a reanimator heavy deck but I am really torn when it comes to deciding on a commander at the helm of the deck. I want something with considerable resilience to graveyard hate because I don't want to lose my gas when someone hits me with a Bojuka Bog or plays a Rest in Peace. I'm very open to suggestions, meaning they don't need to be top tier meta suggestions considering the fun for me is the challenge of putting together the deck. Thanks guys!

Khunjund on Lich's Approach to the Glorious ...

1 hour ago

@AlienoftheLand Post-board, you have 3 Gideon, 3 Aryel, 3 Lyra, and 2 Chandra to threaten Teferi, as well as 4 Vraska's Contempt, 2 Ixalan's Binding, and 3 Duress to deal with one directly (on top of Glorious End, which can be used as a "counterspell" if you have Gideon Emblem or Lich's Mastery out). If that's really not enough, you could switch some number of Disintegrations for Never / Return, or add Cast Out, but that's pretty much it. I believe the card-advantage engine you're looking for is Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip.

AdamChafee on A empty hand is a ...

1 hour ago

Sweet deck, inspirational for my own. Liliana's Caress might be good in this deck too. I personally think that Hypnotic Specter would be a good option instead of Sangromancer, although it might be worth sideboarding against burn.

Wizzmard on Zacama Power Up

1 hour ago

thats a very nice combo, we have a lot of team matches tho, so instead of Burning everyone I do prefer the Walking Balista to kill em all since with Bounce combo you also get infinite mana. But thanks for the suggestion , I had him in my mind too^^

hannibal6 on Card creation challenge

1 hour ago

Law of the Forest


Creatures may not attack unless they have the highest power or are tied for the highest power.

Make a jund card

Kiyomei on Card images and images not ...

1 hour ago

Also Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist card link links to someone's deck? don't think that is intended?

MWorl91 on Battlebond Spoilers Threaad

1 hour ago

Arena Rector hype is definitely for realz. Smart on Wizards for making the Partner Walkers Izzet and not Selesnya

Kiyomei on Card images and images not ...

1 hour ago

So I have put tons of work in my decks' descriptions and to great frustration, I have tried deleting all the text saving it and adding it again and so many other stuff I found elsewhere

I have tried adding some special symbols to card links trying to add them in all sorts of ways but no success and this has been so for a very long time now and I am kinda desperate for a fix now :s .

The two decks that have the most broken card links and images that never show up like Kess Inala and some cards in the sideboard description and new releases that are already out now... as well as just links and images

京 An illusion? What are you hiding? (Tier1-STAX) 京

京 Oona, (Exile/Control)(inf combo)(Tier 1.5) 京

I mean I am a member I contribute from time to time for the site I upgraded the account I don't know what I am doing wrong here to fix it....

cujo253 on #GotPain?

1 hour ago

The new Archfiend of Despair looks like a must have. I personally really like Chandra, Torch of Defiancetoo.

On a personal note, I love Heir of Falkenrath  Flip because shes and early flyer that almost always activates Rakdos being cast, and it helps load of the big fellas into the yard so you can cheat into play.

Maybe Coffin Queen...? Oldie but a goodie

zero2581 on Pox Devotion

1 hour ago

I like some of your ides for this. I made a deck like it. I had a lot of the cards that you have in now but they were working for my build. Check mine out and see what you think. A empty hand is a Dead one

Xica on American Control

1 hour ago

1# How do humans win by turn 3?

turn 1 - land + champion of the parish (1/1)...............turn 2 - land + 2x champion of the parish 2x 1/1, 1x 3/3 -> swing for 3........turn 3 - land + 1x thalia's lieutenant, thus they can swing with 2x 3/3, and 1x 5/5, for 11. Dealing a total of 14 before turn 4. With the draw that happens once in a millenia.

2# How does anger of the gods help you?

(I mean cleaning up only the small humans won't exactly save you.)

zephramtripp on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

By Our Powers Combined

Enchantment - Aura

Enchant permanent you control

At the beginning of your upkeep, if enchanted permanent is a legendary tribal artifact enchantment creature land planeswalker, you win the game.

Make a card that promotes control in green.

Th3_Ahrkitekt on Th3_Ahrkitekt

2 hours ago


cplvela0811 on B.U.G Control

2 hours ago


In all honesty, I have not come up against a lot of Eldrazi Tron, as of late. I know they use the 12 Urza lands, so I would make an intellectual connection regarding Damping Sphere. Little aggro is fine, but big aggro is a pain. especially when their top-decks are better. Because of this and Humans, I opted for the 2x Damnations in the main.

Hollow One, is a pain! straight up. Against any deck, even Tron--2x Hollow Ones dropped on turn 1 is nearly lethal--depending on their T2 play and your hand. Abrupt Decay & Fatal Push are neat, but cannot do what is necessary. The smaller guys are fine. Cast Down helps a bit, and is literally included for Reality Smasher/Hollow One decks. I may need 2x. I wish i had your Terminates! XD

Thank you. that is very kind of you.

ZorrosRage on Going Rogue

2 hours ago

Magic_Aids What do you think of this one?

Iamme10000 on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

Living Archive


Living Archive enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a lore counter on Living Archive.

: Living Archive becomes a X/X colorless Golem creature token, where X is the number of lore counters on Living Archive.

Because draw-go needed another manland.

Make a janky alt wincon.

FireofDamnation on that which has been seelie ...

2 hours ago

Cards like Fellwar stone, mox opal and such are good because they are fairly efficiant ramp for colours that don't really ramp much such as blue and black. Ramping is your friend lol Also with Coat of Arms be extremely careful. Commander is in a very tribal meta in some places and you want to make sure you aren't setting up some zombie player to destroy you when you play coat of arms.

Chasmolinker on Wait, you play Grixis? Why?

2 hours ago

I hear ya on that. Jund doesn't have a good match-up against Hollow One either. I like your strategy of going all in on Anger of the Gods. I will have to try that instead of splitting between Grafdigger's Cage.

pianomaster6 on Maximum Glee

2 hours ago


kamelyan on Ramos' Guide to Spells

2 hours ago

Big? Drop in O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami, giving Ramos +5/+5, then remove those counters to bring out Progenitus, and Ramos gets another set of counters.

slivercrazy on Slivers Aren't that Bad...

2 hours ago

I like the deck, have u brought it to an FNM yet? And why no sliver hivelord and homing sliver? 2 of each of those and you're guaranteed to get indedtructible for your slivers pretty much every game.

ZendikariWol on Esper Deaths Shadow

2 hours ago

Anyway Vendetta might be good here depending on the meta, Mutagenic Growth is a modern staple, but idk what you'd cut for it.

pillowmint on Looking for help on making ...

2 hours ago

I have pored over your decklist and I have a lot to say about how to improve it. Here goes-


-You're running quite a lot of lands that enter the battlefield tapped. There's nothing wrong with having a few of these (I'm partial to the Ravnica bounce lands in particular, and Bojuka Bog is an auto-include for just about any deck with black), but you're significantly slowing yourself down; at its most extreme, it's like you're perpetually a turn behind everyone else. I recommend you at least ditch the Guildgates, Mortuary Mire, and Skyline Cascade.

-I see you're running Terramorphic Expanse but not Evolving Wilds; while these two don't get around the issue of lands entering tapped, what they do offer is a basic for whichever color you need most in the moment, which IMO in three colors makes them leagues better than a Guildgate or other enters-tapped dual. Play both.

-Speaking of mana fixing, I highly recommend getting yourself a Farseek; while you're at it, consider springing for a Breeding Pool, just to have all those shockland bases covered. Skyshroud Claim fills a similar role to Farseek, and is slightly better than the sideboard's Ranger's Path since the lands it grabs don't have to enter tapped.

-Temple of the False God looks subpar for this deck, since you're in three colors and from the sound of it you want to speed it up. While this could be considered a corner case, it's worth noting that Temple does not play well at all with Ravnica bouncelands.

-Add all three on-color Signets, and consider getting a Chromatic Lantern as well. Solemn Simulacrum would be a pretty decent addition, too.

-Not sure why there are so many one-drop G-producing elves. Instead try Birds of Paradise and maybe Deathrite Shaman.

-Dark Ritual seems out of place, since you sure don't appear to be aiming for an explosive strategy like storm; consider instead Cultivate/Kodama's Reach or the aforementioned Skyshroud Claim. Since you aren't unlikely to find yourself needing 10+ mana for Vorosh when the game has been going a while, something like Gilded Lotus is justifiable.


-Why run Tranquility in a deck with a non-insignificant number of enchantments?

-A lot of the cards here that passively buff all your creatures (the Archetypes, the bow, the whip...) could be cut without losing much. I get that you want to protect Vorosh and ensure that he connects, but there are more effective ways to do it. Why no Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves?

-Run fewer counterspells. Also, nearly all of the counters you have in there now don't seem optimal; I suggest cutting Cancel (UU is restrictive in three colors, and Cancel is strictly worse than both Counterspell and Disallow), Force Spike (will be dead in your hand pretty frequently), Dispel (I see no reason to run this over Swan Song), Mana Leak (same here), and Spell Rupture (unreliable- you need a board presence for it to work at all). Remove Soul and Negate are okay, but could be improved. Better countermagic you may want to try out: Disallow, Arcane Denial, Pact of Negation, and good old Counterspell.

-As others have said, this deck is all over the place. There seem to be attempts at tokens, mill, combo, +1/+1 counters, Voltron, and more, with none of them getting the support it needs. Pick a fraction of these themes to focus on and cut the rest entirely. As for which to cut, well, some stand out as having no relation to Vorosh itself, the mill and token themes particularly. From this decklist I have no clue what drew you to this choice of commander specifically, especially in Sultai colors, where there is such a wealth of powerhouse legends. You can probably cut most of the big creatures in here, since you presumably want Vorosh himself to be filling that role; it's rather pointless to swing with something like Primordial Hydra if your goal is to reach 21 commander damage anyway.

-While your ramp is subpar, where you're really lacking is card advantage. Luckily you're in excellent colors for it, so this shouldn't be too hard to amend. For consistent draw/selection, get yourself a Phyrexian Arena and a Rhystic Study, and maybe a Sylvan Library, Mystic Remora, or Sensei's Diving Top if you want to get fancy. The blue/green color pair offers some very good creatures with card advantage built in: Coiling Oracle, Tishana, and Zegana spring to mind. When it comes to instants and sorceries, there is no end to your options: Brainstorm, Fact or Fiction, Ponder, Preordain, Treasure Cruise/Dig Through Time, Impulse, Rishkar's Expertise, and Lim-Dul's Vault, to name a few. If you add more enchantments, it may be worth tossing in Argothian and/or Verduran Enchantress and Enchantress's Presence, though I wouldn't count on them to do the card draw job singlehandedly. More tutors couldn't hurt; you don't need to go all-out and invest in a full suite of them, but the Worldly and Mystical tutors would both add some much-needed consistency (as would Vampiric, but I don't know your budget).

-The planeswalker choices look rather arbitrary. That Nissa looks next to useless considering there are only five basic Forests in the deck. Kiora and the monoG Garruk would be much stronger in a deck with a serious creature focus, which I don't think is the best direction for you to take. The other Garruk costs a lot of mana, and there's already lots of competition for the mana resources you have available, it seems.

-Other than countermagic, the deck has vanishingly little removal, with In Garruk's Wake as the sole board wipe (I'm not even counting Tranquility) and Plummet and Hero's Downfall as seemingly the only targeted removal (other than planeswalkers). Consider at minimum Putrefy, Krosan Grip, and Beast Within for spot removal; for board wipes, Damnation and Toxic Deluge are solid bets, but I recommend Pernicious Deed, especially if you beef up the enchantment subtheme. Plummet's slot would be better occupied by any number of black kill spells, e.g. Go for the Throat; it's way too narrow. If you like, removal stapled to creatures is not bad; looking at you, Reclamation Sage and Acidic Slime.

-These colors are ideal for graveyard-heavy strategies. You don't need to go hard in this department (you have too many competing themes as is), but a little recursion goes a long way; it's no fun when an important card hits your GY and you know it's never coming back. You should absolutely get yourself an Eternal Witness, at the very least. The cards currently topping your curve could pretty much all be replaced by things with comparable CMC that would provide you with way more value and staying power; while Elderscale Wurm will realistically eat a removal spell before it can do much of anything, if you plop down something like a Muldrotha you can be nearly guaranteed to eke out some amount of value (reusing Terramorphic Expanse, say) even if she too bites the bullet. I'm a sucker for Life from the Loam, and it's certainly an option if mana issues persist.

-Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood obviously form a strong combo, but in isolation I don't see them doing much; if you want to keep this combo in the deck, either ramp up the enchantment theme or add significantly more (black, indiscriminate) tutors. You asked for ways to protect the combo, which is wise; if half of it makes an appearance, any experienced player will see what you're planning a mile away and make it priority number one to stop you. The most effective means of protecting EB & SB uniformly require white: Privileged Position, Sterling Grove, Greater Auramancy, etc. In their absence, counterspells are pretty much the only way to protect these enchantments, unfortunately. Feel free to keep these two enchantments around, but don't expect them to win you more than one game in a blue moon.

-There are some other miscellaneous cards that don't seem justified. Mwonvuli Beast Tracker has a fairly small pool of creatures it can dig up, and the 1GG mana cost looks a little hard to satisfy reliably. Lotus Cobra is a great card, but since you have precisely one fetchland and very little land ramp, you're not giving it a chance to shine. Eater of the Dead is pretty underwhelming; I mentioned Deathrite Shaman earlier, and Eater is an easy cut to make room for it (alternatively, replace it by Scavenging Ooze for GY hate, since it meshes with the +1/+1 counter thing). Seedborn Muse and Vedalken Orrery are very strong cards, but there's only so much they can be expected to do here. Visions of Brutality doesn't seem all that great; if you want removal in the form of an aura, either Imprisoned in the Moon or Song of the Dryads would be a big step up. Burgeoning is a card that almost never lives up to expectations IME, especially with how little card draw you're running. I'm mystified by the inclusion of Ghostly Flicker; looks like there is only one target in the deck that would benefit from it, and that's the already-unimpressive Beast Tracker. Like Lotus Cobra, Retreat to Kazandu suffers from the paucity of landfall triggers; even when it works, Retreat is not nearly as powerful as the Cobra, so it's a definite cut in my book. Reliquary Tower, in practice, is a glorified Wastes in a deck with so little draw power. Lure is kinda clunky unless there are specific other pieces in place to make it shine. No idea what the plan is with Bioshift; do you want to move counters too Vorosh or away from him, and why?

I got a bit carried away here, but I enjoy helping people improve their decks. Hope this advice serves you well.

Murphy77 on Counter Surge Upgrade

2 hours ago

I get the feeling that you will need to focus either on explore, or on energy. With the high cost of Jadelight Ranger, Fatal Push and Vraska's Contempt it will always be difficult to keep this deck as a budget deck. I did, however, keep these in my list and went for an explore option with Explore aggressively

ZendikariWol on Esper Deaths Shadow

2 hours ago

"We're not all made out of dual lands and money"

~That guy running an eight hundred dollar deck.

Maaagic on Old School Elemental Burn

2 hours ago

I agree that Magma Jet is a better card and play it myself

HillyerGames on American Control

2 hours ago

Hi, I like the idea, and have wanted to see some these cards used in control. really hope this is a build you can iron out! If i have an opinion,You may have a bit to much going on in the deck, your looking to survive although its thin on focused shutdown cards. From experience i know its a pain syncing these colors up to control. So, My suggestion if I may is, Pick a concept and mesh the ability bit tighter. either control or attack,Both offers no path for a 3 turn anything.. and the boardwipe will harm you also if running snapcaster-mage . And gideon jura is no use here to you. Have no real suggestion to replace with since its sorta diluted. But I hope you brainstorm and get this working, Id love to see it flow ! GL&HF !

Futureman34 on Ezuri, Claw of Cheapskates

2 hours ago

You have Thrummingbird in there twice. As a replacement and since you're going for unblockable creatures might I recommend Looter il-Kor as a replacement? Other than that I love this deck since I personally hate infinite combos and love budget. Cheers.

TheCenterOfTheUniverse on Extreme Budget No-Scoping - Ixalan ...

2 hours ago

Looks good! I'll add it to the list the next time I edit the deck (Either when Battlebond or Core19 comes out)

N00B1123 on Dark Elves

2 hours ago

@titanreaver Sorry, I didn't word that well. What I mean is, the creature tokens are for fodder when the opponent has loads of the same.(it's all well and good having a 20/20 but when they have 20 1/1s not so much) as for the +1+1 counters. I assume you mean Increasing Savagery and that is what I meant by value. 11 green mana for 15 +1+1 split over 2 targets for me seems good value. That being said your suggestions are very good and I will definitely make some changes. You know your stuff sir.

ZendikariWol on Lost in the Woods with ...

2 hours ago

Surprise Hunting Wilds could be pretty great. As could Primeval Bounty but take that or leave it.

Also, as a kid who played Jack I feel obligated to say...

To see, to sell, to get, to bring, to make, to lift, to go to the festival! Into the woods! Into the woods! Into the woods and out of the wooooooooooooods- and happy ever after! (End act 1)

thegigibeast on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

2 hours ago

I am not merrowMania, but I am not dead either (I have been off quite a bit, I was finishing my studies, now I am back my dudes), here is a spoiler from today I find quite interesting:

Mmmmmm... I wonder which decks this could go in. I mean... It could tutor something like a Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Jace, the Mind Sculptor or any planeswalker that can be included in a W/x deck, even if there are not a lot. For sure, this is a tad less strong than Academy Rector, but getting a planeswalker out from the deck so easily... I am leaning towards Ugin, the Spirit Dragon since I have won a lot of games where I was able to get him -> exile the board. I am not sure about the shell that would like to do this, maybe in somehting like Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, but I am pretty sure this could find a home.

** EDIT **

What about a nice Flash deck that aims to either go Flash -> Academy Rector -> Omniscience or Flash -> Arena Rector -> Ugin, the Spirit Dragon? I would totally play this in a stax/control shell with Grand Arbiter Augustin IV at the helm. What are your thoughts?

mmonede on Acid Destruction

2 hours ago

Substituted Arashin Cleric with Atzocan Archer, for flying decks and small creature removal.

Took out Sanguine Bond & Entomber Exarch, and added an extra Ravenous Chupacabra.

And made the mana base quicker (and more painful).

bwanabeast5 on Karn and all His Friends

2 hours ago

With your Palladium Myr = INFINITE MANA!!!