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djnewellmit on Simic energy tempo

1 hour ago

Key to the City can also help your creatures get through for damage. It pairs nicely with both the Pummeler and Longtusk Cub.

Oloro_Magic on Where are the Johnny Players...need ...

1 hour ago

White card that gives everything first strike is Archetype of Courage, its downside is two white and it is vulnerable to removal but it could work and make Folk of An-Havva an efficient blocker. There is also Akroma's Memorial but I don't see that card being effective.

westdoorblowsnow on Mardu Reanimator

1 hour ago

I have a reanimator mardu list with the zombie package and focuses on refurbish instead.This seems like fun to try. will test it out

djnewellmit on G Ramp/Beats

1 hour ago

Since you don't have a need for any color mana other than green, I recommend swapping out your Naga Vitalist for Druid of the Cowl; same mana ability for you, plus one extra toughness.

4x Ulamogs seems to be a little much. I know you want to see the Eldrazi as much as possible, but what happens when you get two in your hand and can't cast it yet? Sylvan Advocate could make a good swap in for one Ulamog.

Drakengard_Sol on TYMNA + TANA STAXX ON ...

1 hour ago

well you have the viscera seer. so you sac the priest to the seer and combo out after the fact, sequencing makes cards that would effect you not do so, so the containment priest issue is fixed by tight play, thats all... and no, having a redundancy in combos makes for a more consistent deck

outmaxed on The Locusts are Coming... (cEDH)

1 hour ago

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter + Paradox Engine this also works without the Engine, as Reversal will untap anything either way and you only need artifact tapping for 3 Mana or more... After all, I always liked Engine as a way to keep going without actually going infinite

pappabear75 on TYMNA + TANA STAXX ON ...

1 hour ago

I would love to add the priest but correct me if I am wrong but won't that stop kiki combos and kitchen finks/redcap loops?

I have put scavenging ooze and deathrite in the deck list. I thought about adding another grave hate card but am not sure what to add.

Additionally is the Finks/Redcap/Devoted Druid/Meleria/Vizier/Viscera/Goblin Bombardment too much?

T_Rosh on Wrangler no mates

1 hour ago

Zo-zu, the punisherAnkh of mishra

Duchys on Budget Mono-black control

1 hour ago

No problem, it costs even more at mine (around 3$).

pinecone2k3 on how many goblins?

1 hour ago

Since this is a Modern build, I'll state the obvious, that you should swap out Lightning Strike for Lightning Bolt. Also, Impact Tremors has become a bit of a staple in Krenko-based goblin decks. Normally, I recommend that people run Mogg War Marshal over Dragon Fodder or Krenko's Command, but you do have some interactions here that work better with the two sorceries than they would with another creature card.

Garchomp98 on UB Devoid Ingest for FNM

2 hours ago

I love the ingest and devoid ability and also the devoid exclusive Corrupted Crossroads is great! +1

Rigol on Counter the Countermind

2 hours ago

Are You sure you're playing Legacy with this?

apfogu91 on The Zombosses

2 hours ago

This deck is spooky. Lots of tricky and boost business

Onahail on HOU - Grixis Control

2 hours ago

1 MB 1 SB. It's expensive so we're not going to want a lot of them but having another copy in the SB will be good against mid-range and control decks. Especially control decks because it's basically a must-counter ability given the advantage it gives. Play it on turn 7, hold up a negate, and if it resolves we just went 3-for-1 in card advantage. They lost a counter, discarded a card, and you got a creature or PW back from the GY.

westdoorblowsnow on Nissa's Friends

2 hours ago

hi i have a similar build with the exact number of planewalkers

just wondering if u tested with it yet i tried with heart of kiran because of all the pw in the deck but not working so well

Onahail on HOU - Grixis Control

2 hours ago

EastsideRock with the spoiling of Nimble Obstructionist, and considering we're going to be playing the god-pharaoh in this deck, I'm really feeling that Dark Intimations is going to be worthwhile to play. Sure it costs 5 but it lets us reuse Nimble Obstructionist (or bring back a PW), cantrips, has hand disruption, AND gives Bolas extra loyalty counters. That's pretty fucking solid for a 5 drop.

KinkyAnalMassacre on Thing in yo face

2 hours ago

SquirrelbaconSquirrelbacon I agree with taking out the rewind, I liked it possibly countering as well as untapping more lands than it uses (if I have a creature that causes -1 cmc) but it's restricting for the initial cost and I think I'll try disallow as it can prevent even standard abilities from being activated so even if I miss a chance to counter a card there's still hope to stop some infinite triggers as well as give me that definitive counter spell and not just a bounce or pay and it still happens. The electrolyse will stay just because I really like that draw power. When it's doubling and giving me 2 draw and 4 damage(split evenly if needed) for only 2 mana it saves me and ramps me back up instantly for more burn usually for the finish

Vman on The Ten Plagues: Locust God ...

2 hours ago

would Young Pyromancer have a home here? theres a combo that used to be ran in pyro-delver decks idk if you think anything of it.

also theres this card that lets you destroy creatures and place a 4/4 dragon in its place? i forgot the name but im sure 4/4 dragons are alot scaries than 1/1 locusts ahahaha

BantBitch on The Scarab God - by ...

2 hours ago

I'm currently making the same deck, and I think the best way to make this deck is to make it as versatile and resilient as possible. The thing that's great about The Scarab God is that the card helps zombies have 3 effective ways to win. The first is just pummeling people with Lords and Hordes that overrun them. The second is unique for our commander since we can stall the board and whittle our opponents life totals. Everything of TSG helps out by wearing opponents down, keeping our options open, and creating a 4/4 body at instant speed. These are the reasons why I would HIGHLY recommend countermagic in this deck. Once our Highlander hits the board, we can play a slow paced grind to win by fishing for countermagic from wrath's and using leftover Mana to create threats at instant speed. I don't think wraths are good for us at all because the deck's tempo and boardstate will take a while to catch up. The other way we win is combo. Rooftop Storm, Gravecrawler, a free sac engine, and any of Plague Belcher, Diregraf Captain, and Vengeful Dead get us there. The combo aspect is also why I suggest countermagic, because keeping a board by holding counters to fend off wraths lets you dig for combo pieces.

Vman on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

2 hours ago


N4kk1 on Mono Green Mana Ramp - ...

2 hours ago

Well at first cut amount of cards to 60.

Then what to cut:

26 Forests is enough i believe.

Deadly Recluse Doesn't really fit there.

Karametra's Acolyte Is too mana expensive for mana dork.

Roar of Challenge And Feed the Clan are more like sideboard cards.

I believe that you have better stuff to ramp on than Pelakka Wurm

Roar of Challenge Isn't that good against meta decks because they play lot of removal anyway so i would prefer cards like Blossoming Defense or Vines of Vastwood to protect you'r big creatures.

And for ramp Utopia Sprawl is very good with Arbor Elf

But these are just my opinions of course :)

flapjackwars on Blood Buys Gold: Neheb Eternal ...

2 hours ago

I would definitely play that in a more fair list. I'm building this one as a goldfish exercise and I'll probably build one more to my personal taste once the card actually releases, but this one is more obvious of a build whereas my personal build will require some decisions on the direction of the deck. Thanks for the suggestions!

Vman on When Weenies Wage War

2 hours ago

well Sea Gate Wreckage could be good here as you drop your entire hand down pretty early. A few non basics cant hurt THat much, right? ahahaha

IlGuale on Budget Mono-black control

2 hours ago

My bad, at my LGS the Persecutor costs less than the price suggested on TGC and i tend to stick on their prices.

Vman on Tired of the gatewatch?

2 hours ago

jace and lili need to have a baby.

  • Liliana dies during birth and takes Jace with her.

  • Nissa Takes in the baby and raises him/her in the forest to become a Tree hugger with the ability to Raise a Hippie army at will.

  • Chandra fucks up somehow as always and burns the forest. Killing Nissa and granting the baby Pyro abilities.

  • Enraged Gideon kills Chandra and takes the baby orphan. He raises the baby to become the ultimate fighting soldier.

  • However Gideon made a big mistake not teaching the young child about the rest of the planeswalkers and one day Nicol bolas gets to the young lad. and one thing leads to another and the baby kills gideon only to realize it was a big mistake.

-The Wizard-Necromancer Tree hugging, pyromaniac Baby- Super soldier Now Swears revenge on Bolas.

And that is how the gatewatch ends

Winterblast on Atraxa's super(un)friendly Stax

2 hours ago

benettnash what I mean is that this specific stax build is not oppressive enough to actually prevent a whole table from doing anything. I even struggle to do so with my UW list and that is much more straightforward without any of the fancy planeswalkers and proliferate stuff. Of course, a completely casual deck would be crushed, but it can't reliably shut down a table with 3 other players who at least tried to make their decks as competitive as possible. It's not even a question of the budget, it's rather about including enough disruption and cards that ruin competitive decks. For example Suppression Field is a cheap way to destroy a deck with lots of fetchlands and other activated abilities that are necessary for it to work. Choke can take a player out of the game if it resolves, same for Stony Silence and Null Rod. I play a deck with Rhonas the Indomitable which has no artifact speed but a shitload of mana dorks and disruption. It depends on the start but it can hold against our Arcum dagsson. On wednesday I had a dmg output of over 60 with one attack around turn 6 and it didn't take overly expensive cards for that. It's just the way you build the deck, if you include 3 more mana elves/artifact hate or three unnecessary fatties.

We don't often have new players here anyway and the last who started playing commander have quickly adapted their decks and went looking for good deals to get some necessary expensive staples. One of the newer players checks a local online selling platform every day and already got stuff like foil doubling season and foil mox opal for 60 euro in total...we are all around 30 years old and can invest a bit in the game on a regular basis. I also try to give advice on deckbuilding and on how to counter certain strategies with simple methods.

Losing to stax or a fast combo deck can be an experience which makes you reconsider your card choices or buying/selling plans, especially for newer players. Usually everyone thinks his deck is good, until they face something that seems unbeatable. Seeing the flaws of one's own deck is a great motivator in my opinion...of course you don't want to experience that for several hours straight, that's why I have other deck types to play as well

Emzed on Horrors in the Fog

2 hours ago

If you really want to make opponents draw their whole deck, you have to able to beat every single one of their 60 cards. Your current build will have huge trouble against decks with 4 Skullcrack or decks that deal 20+ damage with Lightning Storm, Walking Ballista, Grapeshot or Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. You will also run into serious problems with Eidolon of the Great Revel, Liliana of the Veil, Karn Liberated or Chandra, Torch of Defiance. If your opponent has any of these cards in their deck, you will make them draw it over the course of the game, and you don't have many interactive cards except for lots of fog effects.
My point is, if you want the game to go really long, relying mostly on fogs is a very risky plan. So you should either find a way to win faster and more reliably (maybe a planeswalker?) or improve your interaction (some counterspells in the maindeck?).

NieJacek on Bug infect

3 hours ago

How is the Postmortem Lunge working out for you? is x3 good?

Anyway I advise switch -1 Breeding Pool for +1 Windswept Heath

Also check out http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/infect-2017/

ChaosJester on Where are the Johnny Players...need ...

3 hours ago

Thank you guys for your help which I very appreciate! I already thought about the Voltron strategy but I fear a little bit cards like Extirpate. I think the Naya Zoo archetype is perfect for those cards because of the land An-Havva Township which produces this sort of Mana. I also like the idea with the infinite saproling combo, what can be the "garden" of An-Havva haha. What about a white card (forgot the Name) that can give all my creatures First Strike? Especially cards like Folk of An-Havva would benefit from this?

Murphy77 on Always Exerting

3 hours ago

I tried something similar with Mirrorwing Dragon to copy the effects of Aim High and Blossoming Defense to a range of exert cards - see Mirrorwing Exerted

RUST-O on Completely Adequate Surrak Dragonclaw

3 hours ago

I think you're right. Thanks for the suggestions.

veeonix on Modern Faeries

3 hours ago

No, I was definitely seeking to help. You are more than welcome to ignore my advice if it does not suite your needs.

However, I simply want you to consider, there are a lot of die=hard Faerie players, who still follow the old textbook formula. They haven't netted results.

I ask you this, what have you got to lose breaking the stereotypes and exploring other cards in Modern Format that could potentially make this deck be a real thing?

frusciante7 on Let's have that talk: Burn

3 hours ago

BURN FR EVER MAN. F**k haters, let's throw Lightning Bolts at them and purify them with fire!

Argy on Argy

3 hours ago

Foutch16 I'm not sure how long it takes to stop being a deckling. I remember it taking me quite a while.

I think you also need to pay $5 to upgrade your membership, in order to change your title.

I am the top Decklord because I have had about five number 1 decks in the past three weeks.

The top helper probably got a lot of their suggested cards accepted over the past couple of weeks.

Ziembski on Blood Buys Gold: Neheb Eternal ...

3 hours ago

Oh,just too uncasual approach for me. But think about Repercussion too.

thegigibeast on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

3 hours ago

Damn I like your list a lot! I am on my phone right now, so I will need to wait before to playtest, but I actually find yours way better than mine. The idea in mine was not to tutor Ad Nauseam only, but to use the commander as a way to up the storm count easier, and the deck can work better without the commander than yours I think... what if you face a Null Rod or Stony Silence???

I will playtest both later on today to see what is going on and tell you about it after!

Vman on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 hours ago

clayperce apart from being in grixis colors, killing the manabase from potential ramping. You might be on to something here ahahahahaha +1

DarkLaw on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 hours ago

There are quite a few effects that can cast instants and/or sorceries for free. Wildfire Eternal is not among the better ones, but it's fine.

westdoorblowsnow on Five Color Reanimator 13-6-3 FNM ...

3 hours ago

finally put the deck together and played it for 15 games or so on MTGO.Heres what my experience was.

the good:the gearhulks were great (didnt play with the green hulk tho)I find that after putting your opponent down to around 12, they tend to let you draw the cards from red hulk. which was great.reanimate black hulk to kill their threat was nice.the zombie part was also great and can win some games by itself without the hulksk return was great against humans early game (1 for 2-3)nahiri was amazing and deserves to be 2-of in the deck (exiling stasis snare and cast out on red hulk was just blow outs) this also leads to anguished unmaking being important after sideboard (can up to be 2-of)

the not so good:the mana was the most concerning part. Most times I have cards like the hulks and fiends stranded in my hand because i didnt have two of a basic type.aether hubs need to go because there wasnt another way to get energy.fiend and k return rarely was a factor (maybe most games I played against was either against aggressive strategy or just that I didnt have the mana to do it)getting cathartic reunion countered is devastating most times because usually its a way to get lands.

my modification after those 15 games was to take out the blue part completely to have a more consistent mana base. I went with 3 evolving wilds and more basics to help casting spells like hulks. also added 2x Hazoret to the main because its great mid-late game (we usually dont have much of a hand) also added fatal pushes in the main to combat aggressive strat.I think the worst matchup is control (XR) magma spray is bad against this deck after taking out the advanced stitchwings

hope my comments help. feel free to criticize.i will post more comments if I find anything else from playing it.

veeonix on Naya Midrange

3 hours ago

Bolt, Path, Helix?

Duchys on Budget Mono-black control

3 hours ago

Thanks for the suggestion IlGuale,

I know Sargeras is like the brewmaster god but playing playset Abyssal Persecutor is too hard on my budget since I wanna stay in the 25$ range. So the Rite of Consumption is not so great when I will run only one copy of Abyssal Persecutor.

sebvieira on Time to take froglegs off ...

3 hours ago

Replaced Retreat to Hagra with Life from the Loam and Sewer Nemesis with Rampaging Baloths. Although Sewer Nemesis is usually a huge creature, I felt that it will do much more in a graveyard based deck such as Meren of Clan Nel Toth since I have no problem targetting myself.

Vman on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 hours ago

RazortoothMtg i love the idea, always wanted to play Army of the Damned but the prob is making the deck work if you dont draw wildfire =( if only we had MOREEEE

NV_1980 on Senehem, The Locust God

3 hours ago

Maybe add Descent of the Dragons as a finisher? Turn all your locusts into dragons :) What's really funny, is that you may not even need to attack with the transmuted locusts if you have Purphoros, God of the Forge on the table, since the Dragons entering the battlefield will cause Purphoros to deal quite a bit of damage to all players.