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Horadric_Slave on Shark42

1 hour ago

you know what that would go great in? Ghave

Wheezy on Zur Stax Test

1 hour ago

How has this deck worked out for you? Thoughts on Grand Arbiter Augustine as part of the 99, make your stuff cheaper (through some taxing pieces) while making opponents things cost a little more.

Bassmaster on Omnath, Locus of Creature Ramp

1 hour ago

As I mentioned before, Seed Guardian is just my place holder for Sylvan Primordial which my play group allows me to have in this deck. But I wanted to keep the deck legal on tapped out.

I would like to put the Cobra in this deck! Just need to obtain him when he comes out next.

fromthedeath on Tis' a pirates life for ...

1 hour ago

Well, given the pirate theme and the ammount of creatures dying due to board wipes (i.e. Fumigate, Wrath of God, Devastation) I can't help to suggest Revel in Riches. A pirate needs a treasure, right? Arr

pistachio28 on U/B/R Treasure Control

1 hour ago

What do you think of pirate's prize instead of Hieroglyphic Illumination?

Sp00k on U/R Spell Slinging Burn

1 hour ago

Oi. A fair reason not to have hubs in. At 2 bucks each though I'd say snag your playset in trade if you can. They're handy

The amulet though, check out the Torment decks using it. They might seem slow but you get to 4 quickly enough, control the board well enough, and you can make it a land pretty easily to get 6 damage out of your lightning blasts and 4 out of your shocks for those later game synch wins.

xXBridgeWalkerXX on Surrock

1 hour ago

If anyone has any suggestions, I accept all criticism.

Argy on Kit-Kat Tribal

1 hour ago

My friend plays a Cat tribal deck.

He uses Oath of Ajani to put +1/+1 Counters on all his Creatures. That synergies well with Metallic Mimic.

Playing 4 of every Creature is rarely a good idea.

You need to switch things up by only playing 3 of some Cats:

3x Pride Sovereign
3x Regal Caracal
3x Sacred Cat

MAYBE 3x Prowling Serpopard. You'll have to test that one.

I don't like 22 lands for this deck. Even Aggro decks are running 24 Lands, and using utility Lands to help with a win in the late game.

For this deck I would suggest adding 2x or 3x Shefet Dunes. They can sacrifice themself to get their effect.

I would try going to at least 23 Lands. 24 if you feel that you can cut enough things.

Adding 3x or 4x Scattered Groves would also be a good idea. They help you not to get colour screwed, and offer Cycling in the late game.

You'll be surprised how useful it is to be able to get rid of a land that you drew, to look for something else.

Remove some basic lands for them.

I also think Gideon, Martial Paragon would be better in your Sideboard than Ajani Unyielding. Costs less and pumps all your Creatures.

Tag me in these Comments if you make some changes, and want me to take another look.

Bxbx on "Did you just attack me?" ...

1 hour ago


your deck-idea is great! +1

I once thought about a similar deck, but it was more goofy. It tried to incentivize the opponents to attack each other and then cast pump spells and cards like Berserk or Blood Frenzy on the attacking creatures - ideally on their commander. Your deck somehow reminded me of that idea. I think, I'll have to start working on that again.

Some suggestions:

The following cards were in the deck I mentioned before and could be nice in yours as well:

That's all for now. Let me know what you think

Soulsage on Soul's Starting Deck

1 hour ago

Even reading your "non standard" tips is super helpful! I would be more than elated to hear your tips on it now that its legal.

fromthedeath on Nekusar

1 hour ago

Have you considered the addition of Wheel of Fate to your list? Even Magus of the Wheel might have a place on it.

Mandalorian on Golgari Midrange

1 hour ago

Personally I like Lotleth Troll over the leech, but either way I think they are fine together.

I looked it up and I cant believe how cheap Abrupt Decay is these days either since it used to be 10$+. This card is also very very good. Nabs anything under 3 and cant be countered.

DotaFerShota on U/R Spell Slinging Burn

1 hour ago

Sp00k thanks for the feedback! I haven't tried any Primal Amulet  Flip yet. I was worried it was too slow? But the flip payoff seems worth it. Hub is also on my radar for this deck, so far I have tried to keep it budget while testing (I don't own any hubs).

sagramore on Arahbo's Kitted-Out Kitties

1 hour ago

superhuman21 - Gotcha, thanks for explaining - I was trying to work out how it works offensively, but it is just for defence. Still, you're right, it's a nice bonus for not much mana if you're blocking.

Soulsage on Soul's Starting Deck

1 hour ago

HAHA sorry! i was trying to fix it so people wouldnt get mad about it being not standard!

I would still love input!!!

BodhiQL on Raw, Untamed Power

1 hour ago

Aetherwind Basker seems pretty good, but as you said the mana cost is a huge turn off. There is not enough actual playable mana ramp available, and Attune with Aether and Servant of the Conduit don't provide much more than fixing. If something like Elvish Mystic or Somberwald Sage were to be reprinted in the near future I would definitely consider the Basker.

SynergyBuild on The Western Way of War

1 hour ago

Oh, and control is a surprisingly easy matchup in white, I just sideboard in Pithing Needle for Liliana of the Veil or Celestial Colonnade, Mana Tithe for the idiots that tap out to board wipe, and Luminarch Ascension as the preferred late game sideboard finisher.

I would change the sideboard up a bit, with Stony Silence being fun Affinity/Eldrazi Tron hate, and one of the only commonly used ones, I quite like a single copy of both Stony Silence and Kataki, War's Wage against artifacts, a Rest in Peace and a Tormod's Crypt, finishing the specific hate with a copy of Burrenton Forge-Tender and a Kor Firewalker. 3xPithing Needle is also fine. This leaves six open spaces, with what I would fill with 3x of Fragmentize and 2x of Luminarch Ascension and a single of Mana Tithe.

The finishing sideboard would be:

1xStony Silence

1xKataki, War's Wage

1xRest in Peace

1xTormod's Crypt

1xKor Firewalker

1xBurrenton Forge-Tender

3xPithing Needle

2xLuminarch Ascension


1xMana Tithe

zack_hodge on zack_hodge

1 hour ago

comment tutorial

ArchFline on Animation Foundry: Infinite Turns?

1 hour ago

Metallic Rebuke is a card that I considered but ultimately went without as the current moderne environment is able to deal with Mana Leak-like countermagic with too much ease. We have no desire to stop most of the enemies casts, just those that disrupt us or threaten infine shenanigans.

I am aware that Surgical Extraction is generally better than Extirpate however my choice exists because of how meaningful extirpate can be versus the strategy that we would use it against. Namely living end and storm. It is poor form to mearly considered a single card as always better than another as with magic what's more important is what work best given the specific deck. For example mine leaves up tons of mana every turn as my win-condition is reactive not proactive so the cost for Extirpate is often 1 thopter or servo which is a well spent trade.

Finally the the number of abrupt decays in the main board is perfectly reasonable as virtually no deck that is modern competitive would not suffer sufficient loss to it.

BrenoSulz on Soul's Starting Deck

1 hour ago

D: Just as I finished to comment you uptaded it to standard .

ScrubNation on I'm mad, you're mad, we're ...

1 hour ago

O my. I had no idea about Sarkhan the Mad hes replacing Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded definitly ej133 thank you! For Archfiend of Ifnir what should i take out? its a great card but i like the Incorrigible Youths. Maybe take 2 Cryptbreaker and put 2 Archfiend of Ifnir?? Falconone

BrenoSulz on Soul's Starting Deck

1 hour ago

Hi. I'll comment assuming this is not meant to be a standard legal deck.

Me and my friend came back to magic in the first innistrad block as a form of gathering again. We established some rules: each one choses a pre-constructed deck from the innistrad block and we could buy 2-3 booster por month and only use those cards to build our decks and we could only trade with each other. That aside, I choose the WR agressive humans deck and my all-star card was (4 copies, of course) Brimstone Volley.

The deck objective was to aggro early on and put my friend down to 10 life or less. After that it was pretty easy to close the games since I would have 3-4 week creatures and they would have 1-2 bigger ones, allowing me to attack with all and putting them in the spot where they needed to block but knew I would have Brimstone Volley with morbid online! (I actually won a game dealing 13 damage with 3 Volleys. Wasn't 15 because I didn't need the morbid in the last one :P)

If you manage to have tons of humans, then Champion of the Parish is your men. Boros Elite, Wojek Halberdiers, Ash Zealot, Thalia's Lieutenant, Stormblood Berserker, Glory-Bound Initiate, Unruly Mob, Lightning Mauler, Silverblade Paladin, Nearheath Pilgrim.

No blocks: Ahn-Crop Crasher is awesome and I see you already listed him. Earthshaker Khenra, Fervent Cathar.

Legion Loyalist, Goblin Guide, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Thalia, Heretic Cathar (yeah, I know what you said about budget, but I'm just listing), Bomat Courier, Skyknight Legionnaire is nice (and actually remembers me about the new dude from Ixalan Sky Terror). I love Hellrider, especially if you can get wide. Maybe build around Oketra's Monument? Charging Monstrosaur could be the top end of the deck's curve. In my deck back in the day, Zealous Conscripts was the top end. Speaking of 5-drops and top end of curve Glorybringer, Urabrask the Hidden, Thundermaw Hellkite and Stormbreath Dragon.

Tricks: Boros Charm is ridiculous, it does it all. Unfortunately we stopped playing right after the release of Gatecrash, so I couldn't have Brimstone Volley AND Boros Charm. Good old Lightning Bolt.

You need to change your mana base cause there are too many taplands. Some Sacred Foundry would be nice, there is Kaladesh's Inspiring Vantage. Otherwise I would say to use a few taplands, like 2-3 and get some Evolving Wilds. If the land is going to be tapped, at least Evolving Wilds will thin your deck so you have more chance to draw spells rather than lands.

PresidingDent on Celestial Army on a budget

2 hours ago

Why do you have Altar of Dementia?

PresidingDent on Utility for Yidris?

2 hours ago

Yawgmoth's will is great. It is also 40 bucks- affordable but not ideal. I'm sorry I failed to address this earlier, but could suggestions be $20 or under? Thanks.

Mcnotmac on Ixalan Vampires

2 hours ago

Ah, sorry - I see you simply used the 2014 version. It exists in Ixalan. blush

Mcnotmac on Ixalan Vampires

2 hours ago

Good deck list on the reply, but your roommate's deck isn't standard - Mark of the Vampire throws it to modern. Just a head's up for anyone copying.

MasterGUYomancer on Jeskai Swallower

2 hours ago

Lol still working the sideboard, but honestly you can use gift to reanimate champion of wits early if you can't pull of the instant win and just get a chump blocker. The full combo goes off by turn 4 at the earliest and I've only had it go as late as turn 7.

dzapf2008 on From Rags To Riches (Help ...

2 hours ago

You don't have a sideboard, so I would start with having Walk the Plank in your sideboard. You probably don't need it mainboard since you have a full set of Fatal Push. I tend not to suggest cards that can get pricey like Fatal Push especially since you already had a few in your deck. I like your addition of Lay Bare the Heart.

Mcnotmac on mil

2 hours ago

You gonna upload a deck with this at some point?

APPLE01DOJ on Black Merchant of Devotion

2 hours ago

I'd strongly advise still throwing in those 2 Bloodstained Mires. They can grab Godless Shrine.

Also I'd run some Fragmentize in the side.

Ghostly Prison is useless against Tron btw.

greengeye on matbyrne

2 hours ago

Hi, was wondering if you could walk me through how the Ultimate Hypergenesis deck works? I'm a bit of a noob to the format. I usually draft and just got into modern in the last year or so, but legacy is all new to me. Thanks in advance

Frank_Glascock on The First Lord of Innistrad

2 hours ago

Thanks for getting back to me.

I cut Bloodline Necromancer for Shadow Alley Denizen.

How Is Bloodlord of Vaasgoth, New Blood, Blood Tribute, Kindred Charge, and Dark Impostor performing? I am playing 34 creatures and could cut Pawn of Ulamog.

I cut all my mana artifacts for low cost fast mana. Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Mana Crypt and Sol Ring are in the deck. I have a fully optimized mana base so I did not need the color fixing of the signets or talismans.

I am playing Coat of Arms in the place of Cathars' Crusade. Is Cathar's Crusade on the chopping block? It seems too slow.

Argy on Black Aggro

2 hours ago

I've done a lot of testing against this and it easily beats midrange and Control decks.

Where it has the most problems is against Ixalan Ramunap Red. Adding some Magma Spray to the Sideboard would help with that, to Exile Scrapheap Scrounger.

I agree with the idea of adding Dragonskull Summit, as most of the time I wanted to use to draw a card with Glint-Sleeve Siphoner.

Nice deck. +1 from me.

superhuman21 on Arahbo's Kitted-Out Kitties

2 hours ago

sagramore. The combo I listed a few comments ago is pretty straightforward, and a little versatile. Strionic Resonator will allow you to copy a trigger ability such as Jareth's 7/7 UEoT, and you can choose to either give Jareth another 7/7 or some other creature (if that would be better this turn). Should you happen to have a voltaic key you can Strionic and retap it for 1 to repeat.

I understand stacking equip/auras on creatures. This though is versatile in that if you had 3 different creatures on the field that have triggered abilities, you could choose while one w/o having to pay a equip creature fee.

greatdevourer on Who Doesn't Love Dragons???

2 hours ago

So here are some of the cards that might help with your Meta.

First Choice: Altar of Dementia, Perilous Forays, Scapegoat, Last-Ditch Effort, Renounce, Plunge into Darkness, Goblin Bombardment
Seconds Choice: Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar
Third Choice: Shivan Harvest, Tooth and Claw, Undercity Informer, Disciple of Griselbrand

I didn't really list them in any order. Evaluate them and let me know what you think.

_Kro on Sanctuary

2 hours ago

trim the deck of all creatures that aren't cost effective (Ex: 3 mana for a 2/1)

RazortoothMtg on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

Insanity Beckons


Whenever you discard a nonland card, it gains Madness .

The darkness looms, and the mind begins to crumble.

Another madness card.

ts1337 on Kess, Duel Commander

2 hours ago

you do not have that many permanents, and it cannot bounce lands its a solid versitile bounce spell in a deck running so few nonland permanents