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justmesimple13 on the best EDH deck ever ...

1 minute ago

Near as I can tell this deck doesn't work. My understanding is a commander deck can only produce mana of the commanders color so you could only use black spells. Everything else fizzles.

tjjonny2000 on B/G Saprolings

5 minutes ago

with how many tokens you are running, i would argue that Vicious Offering should be a 4 of and remove the Vraska's Contempt

Cheesemeister on Jurassic Park

20 minutes ago

Sideboard is currently not reflective of the final product.

Tyqar on H: 2x MP Tundra W: ...

24 minutes ago

As the title says, have 2x MP Tundra that I'm looking to turn into 2x MPTropical Island.

I can add a bit of value on my side to even it up, depending on how bad the condition on the trops are. Willing to do 1-1 also.

Email will always get faster responses at [email protected]

linnywtf on EDH Landfall OP!

30 minutes ago

None of the green sagas are any good :(

chainert93 on chainert93

38 minutes ago

yup just makin decks

Fistergood on Shishigami

46 minutes ago

Might be worth putting in an Angel of Inventionas well as Contagion Enginealso Solidarity of Heroes is good in this deck. I havent ran it before but just some good cards also Doubling Season if you can afford it. You may also be able to abuse the fact that your commander shits out elemental creatures by including Omnath, Locus of Rage

Iamme10000 on Card creation challenge

56 minutes ago

Ode to Emeria

Enchantment - Saga

: Create a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying, and two 1/1 white Cleric creature tokens. Until your next draw step, opponents can't cast noncreature spells.

: Creatures you control gain +2/+2, Indestructable and Lifelink until end of turn.

: Target non-owner player creates a 15/15 colorless Eldrazi creature token with Protection from all Colors, Flying, Trample, and Annihilator 6, then gains control of all permanents the owner of Ode to Emeria controls.

Backbreaking for control decks if it resolves, Ode to Emeria gives you a decent tempo advantage and at least 12 power on turn 5. The downside, of course, is that it can be chumped as usual. And if, for some reason, that doesn't kill them...when Emrakul comes out of her moon, your entire team defects! And don't even think of trying to gift this one, buddy. She knows.

Sagas are fun. Make another Eldrazi-related saga, be it pre-Zendikar, Rise of the Eldrazi, or the (shudder) defeat of the world-eating unimaginable undefeatable unkillable four+-dimensional eldritch horrors from beyond reality far beyond the ken of even gods...by four random schmucks.

...not that I'm bitter or anything.

FancyTuesday on How do you get this ...

56 minutes ago

tl;dr: To make a deck with Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Muldrotha, the Gravetide, and Stuffy Doll in it work, simply cut Atraxa and Stuffy Doll :v

Hexaflexagon on Orzhov Knights and Angels

1 hour ago

Hi GMRexNihilo,

Helm of the Host. You're right, it's very expensive. But the cost is lowered using Danitha Capashen, Paragon for lowering the cost. If I can't get the required mana or don't have enough to spare, I can always Invoke the Divine it for more life.

I have been (mostly) surviving to get my top-heavy curve out. I usually use Knight of Grace, Knight of Malice and Seal Away to deal with the early game threats.

Thanks for the feedback,


Hexaflexagon on Vassals of Benalia (B/W Knights)

1 hour ago

Hey GMRexNihilo,

Thanks for commenting on my deck. A few tips on formatting:

If you want to have a card where you can hover over the name and see the card ( like Forest) then put [[]] around it. The same goes for player names and decks, although decks are a little different. Examples(put in an extra "[" at the start and "]" and the end):


[Forest] becomes Forest without the spaces


[Hexaflexagon] becomes Hexaflexagon


[vassals-of-benalia-bw-knights] becomes Vassals of Benalia (B/W Knights) for your deck. To find how you get that, it's that last part of the deck url.

Good Luck!

Vitoseph on Angels

1 hour ago

Sorry, archangel avacyn. Not guardian angel.

Vitoseph on Angels

1 hour ago

I don't believe avacyn, guardian angel is legal in this deck as she has an identifier of red on her flip side. I had to look this up for my angel deck as well.

FancyTuesday on How do you get this ...

1 hour ago

Colorless EDH is paradoxically highly competitive. At least, in that space between actually competitive EDH and casual EDH, it's often a heavyweight due to the fact that colorless mana is relatively very easy to produce. Half a dozen playable sol lands, monoliths, vault, ring, crypt. There's a lot of utility and power in colorless as long as you can pay.

If you're trying to punch up on a budget I wouldn't go with Atraxa. She may be strong casually, but building effectively around her is expensive. Rolling 4 colors means your mana base is either going to give you a permanent two turn handicap or cost $2000, and themes she plays well to (Superfriends, Infect, etc.) are either expensive or better served with other commanders.

Forgive my candor, but as you asked for guidance I have to tell you that Stuffy Doll is not a good EDH card. You can stick to your guns and run it because you like it, goodness knows half the cards in my decks are there because they're dumb and I love them, but if you're struggling this needs attention. Stuffy Doll is a 5 drop that doesn't affect the board at all on its own, only targets a single opponent in a multiplayer format, and does virtually nothing on its own. For Stuffy Doll to be powerful you need multiple other effects (make it a threat and attack, force them to attack with something it can block, or force them to attack with Pariah on it) or play and burn it. All told it's 8 ways dependent on other things just to be ok, let alone strong, in a game where two turns later Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is just going to sneeze it out of existence.

Muldrotha, the Gravetide is your diamond in the rough here. is probably the strongest combination of colors you could ask for in sub-competitive EDH, three colors is a lot more manageable than 4 on a budget (and with as one of three rather than one of four you can lean on ramp), and your commander is a recursion engine which is supremely valuable in EDH. If you wanna build her cheap:

  • Go heavy on card-value (one card nets you more than one card) ramp cards (ex: Cultivate, Skyshroud Claim) and plan on playing a little top heavy. Big explosive cards tend to be cheaper dollar-wise than low CMC, efficient cards
  • For your mana base favor green and ramp into the other colors. Stick to or duals, avoid (which is generally a more expensive combination anyway). Splurge and get the duals that have the subtype Forest so you can grab them with forest tutors
  • Small creatures should be utility pieces you can get added value out of reanimating (ex: Reclamation Sage, Solemn Simulacrum), not "good" creatures unless they offer a major advantage (ex: Vampire Nighthawk will never amount to more than a body, Nether Traitor might fuel sac engines cheaply depending on how you build the deck)
  • Roll big card advantage sweepers (ex: Decree of Pain, Bane of Progress)
  • Have versatile removal; exile and bounce are stronger than destroy (ex: Cyclonic Rift, Curse of the Swine
  • Have plenty of effects that can reload your hand (ex: Disciple of Bolas, Skullclamp)
  • Recursion is as strong for your opponents as it is for you, so have a handful of cards to apply graveyard hate (ex: Bojuka Bog, Agent of Erebos)
  • Have a couple threats that can legitimately end the game if not dealt with. We can't all afford to Tooth and Nail into Craterhoof Behemoth, but something like Worldspine Wurm or Dread Cacodemon won't break your bank.

Beyond that, just make sure that whenever you're slotting in a card it really does something for you, and if that something is dependent on something else that it's either a really dominant affect or a really common trigger (ex for both: Consecrated Sphinx). If all else fails steal your opponents more expensive things with clone effects and grave robbing (ex Phyrexian Metamorph, Geth, Lord of the Vault, Sepulchral Primordial).

Anyway, that's my take. Hope you find some of it useful!

MadMadison on Fugitive Fun

1 hour ago

xEleven Thank you so much! That's so kind of you to say. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Although sorry to hear that you took a beating from Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite! Were there any areas where you felt the deck didn't perform as well? Do you think it needs more removal/fewer lands/more instant speed interaction etc? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

LogicalFallacies on How do you get this ...

1 hour ago

Just to make the "annoying message" go away.

Gods_Shadow on Jeskai Tempo

1 hour ago

also... lightning angel profits from us playing Lyra over Baneslayer angel =P

WItC on Esper Token Answers (DOM)

1 hour ago

Well, my latest iteration didn't do as well as I had hoped in a friendly competitive league, although all of the losses seemed winnable. I did a warm up league queue against BW superfriends and stomped the opponent, with a Marionette Master win in game one.


1 Bristling hydra/pummeler/hadana climb: 1-2. game 2 bristles with energy and Hadana on turn 3, ouch. Last game opponent top decked into every counter to hold me off :( (know from Lost Legacy)

2 RB artifact: 2-0. Stomp.

3 BG constrictor. 1-2. Close game 3. Made errors because I was short on time. :/

4 WBR something. 1-0 Quit after game one domination.

5 BW weeines. 0-2. Bad flood game 1. Drought game 2, and opponent hit all sideboard. Rough

Gods_Shadow on Jeskai Tempo

1 hour ago

well lightning angel isnt only bolt proof (which comes up often in mirrors and against mardu), but it also stonewalls said mantis rider, matter reshaper, bloodbraid elf and kitchen finks, all of which you dont wanna waste carddisadvantage on.

In a control shell like this, it doesnt really matter if you are playing 3cmc or 4cmc creatures if the upside is that high.

connorbitw on knights of the round table

2 hours ago

thanks SlackMiller2100 for the comment I will added them in

Catalog9000 on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

The Moorland NecroWars

Enchantment - Saga

(Enchantment text)

Put up to half of your library rounded down into your graveyard.

Exile all creatures from your graveyard. Create that many 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens with Menace. They have Undying until your next turn.

Zombies you control have protection from Humans, Horrors, and colorless spells until end of turn.

If this card were printed during Eldritch Moon, I think it'd see play and be a powerful win condition, considering the meta at that time.

Centuries have past on Innistrad. Books tell of the horrors that unfolded during what came to be known as "The Night of Horrors". Many, however, have forgotten how to be afraid.

The events of that fateful night drove Vampires into hiding, Werewolves went into seclusion, Angels abandoned what humanity was left, and the Humans rebuilt their cities.

One thing which remains is the full moon. It became a symbol of hope; An icon of faith.

On the darkest of nights, the full moon gleans down upon their world, lighting the path to salvation, victory, and protection.

Over the past several hundred years, people have turned faith toward their moon and began to worship it almost as a god - a protector, a savior.

Unfortunately for them, they have forgotten the horrors that lurk within...

... create a Saga where the first two stages give you enormously powerful, but not game winning advantage. It is up to you to attempt to win within these first two turns of faith. But on the 3rd chapter of the Saga, all Hell is unleashed upon you for your ignorance and you lose everything as Emerkul's magic rips your boardstate apart. (Think of it like a 3-turn Demonic Pact)

In other words, make a Saga that will cost you everything if you can't win by your 3rd chapter.

And to represent the idea of unabashed faith, make it at lest partially white. Doesn't have to be mono-white, but if you can make that work than go for it.

AnbuRick on Spirit Tribal

2 hours ago

This deck gave me tons of ideas for my spirit deck, thanks a lot, do you know of any alternative for spell queller? That card makes the budget rise a lot otherwise the synergy is quite something and avoids some obvious choices with budget in mind already.

Either ways upvoted, love it.

I was thinking on making a spirit deck with green, white and black using shoulshifts but the synergy is quite low because I can't use a spirit with soulshift for it's bestowing/channel cost as it is treated as an aura spell and not a spirit spell...I think i'll be using your formula instead!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Unleash Hell

2 hours ago

Very cool list. Looks straight forward, but still not unfun. Good job.

To honor Maximus Decimus Meridius, you should totally include a dog somewhere. Maybe Underworld Cerberus?

Runlue on That's a Heck of a ...

2 hours ago

sadboys2002 I feel like a 4th Clifftop Retreat would be extremely helpful, but I have an issue with going up to a playset of the Vantage, and that being that there's a chance mid-game that it's a dead draw to me, being a tapped land. Also, I want to stay as low on the land count as possible, especially since this is an aggro deck. The highest CMC card in the mainboard is 3, and 23 lands seems like a massive amount. I haven't had very many issues with the landbase in the past, and it seems to be in a nice spot right now. Thank you for the feedback!

firefox1413 If you play this against control, just concede. I haven't found a good balance in the sideboard yet for the control matchup, and we DIE to spot removal. Vraska's Contempt is too popular right now in the meta, but if your venue is low on control, this deck can come out of nowhere fast. Against other budget=heavy decks, this one does substantially better as far as I can see. My favorite thing about this deck is how stupid it can get so early, whether it be from the massive armies Valduk can create, or the stupid big Champions we can get. Overall, it's a ton of fun to play!

RivenVII on Narset, Master of Chain Reaction

2 hours ago

the_unseen89 just remember that rebound only works when you cast cards from hand (you'd need to see the reminder text on a card, otherwise this would likely not be clear) since you mentioned Time Stretch. I doubt you hardcast it since it costs 10, though I guess that is possible. If you flipped it off a trigger, you're probably winning anyway with 2 extra turns, but just wanted to make sure you knew. It's a common mistake with Narset PW and one of the biggest drawbacks for running her in this list, though I also like her, personally.

Skulloelegy on Elf Party Up In Here

2 hours ago

But the real joy of EDH is starting from a base like this and seeing what works for you and your group, so if something doesn't work for you, try that Garruk!

Skulloelegy on Elf Party Up In Here

2 hours ago

Really anything you put in is up to you, I've never used GolGarruk but my gut says it would be a bit of a dead draw early game, but that's just me.

If you're looking to get that Patriarch's Bidding you mentioned in, sub out Creeping Renaissance -- That was my budget version of it -- And see how you fare!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Dastardly Designs #1: Nautical Nonsense

2 hours ago


Ok, just kidding. I really like your designs. These a mostly flavourful and at an appropriate rarity. Of all the cards, i actually like seefloor feast the least. It just feels to unspecial to me, though it's really powerful. I'm not a big fan of Feed the Pack abilities, and this fits right in. I love your legendary crab though. I can nearly see the card before me, and i wished my drawing skills were good enough to actually create the artwork i see in my head for it. The name is awesome as well. Very cool done design.

I'd totally play with your crabs if they were real cards.

StopShot on Sidisi's Rage Quit Stax. v ...

2 hours ago

Ahh, I've gone up against different meta's that use combo-kill. Sadly black is not too good at using tax effects to stop combos naturally.

What I can recommend to better go against a combo-kill meta in general would be:

Mind Slash: Repeatable Hand-Disruption.

Tainted AEther, Spreading Plague: Punishes creature spam combos.

Torpor Orb: Stops abusable ETB effects.

Damping Sphere: Kills Storm or Repeatable-Cast combos.

Blood Artist: Counters death-loop combos.

Mesmeric Orb: Ruins combo decks that don't run recursion.

Null Rod: Stops artifact combos.

Planar Void, Silent Gravestone: Hates on graveyard combos.

Hex Parasite: Repeatable kill target planeswalker.

Orb of Dreams: Denies loops that bounces or blinks lands, artifacts, or hasty creatures.

Orbs of Warding: Combos that target players or deals 1 damage per loop means nothing to you.

Every combo is different, so I gave a generic list. I'd only consider the cards listed that apply specifically to your meta, however; Mind Slash would probably do wonders for your deck.

chosenone124 on Dimensional Breach Protection

2 hours ago

Dimensional Breach oracle text:

Exile all permanents. For as long as any of those cards remain exiled, at the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player returns one of the exiled cards they own to the battlefield.

If you read 607.2a, "the exiled cards" refers to cards exiled with Dimensional Breach.

chosenone124 on Dimensional Breach Protection

2 hours ago

Billgod247 it really doesn't work like you think.


This has been asked on other forums. If you don't trust that site, feel free to ask in the Rules Q&A section and you will receive the exact same answer.

Here's the TLDR

607.2a If an object has an activated or triggered ability printed on it that instructs a player to exile one or more cards and an ability printed on it that refers either to "the exiled cards" or to cards "exiled with [this object]," these abilities are linked. The second ability refers only to cards in the exile zone that were put there as a result of an instruction to exile them in the first ability.

Asder on torpor honor guard

2 hours ago

Thomasin4413 do you mean Phyrexian Dreadnought? if so im trying to make this deck modern legal and it is not from the modern era

UnnacountedFor on ChaosClaws

2 hours ago

Hey, I saw that you also go to Tenth Planet and that's awesome. My name is kyle, I'm the highschooler who comes in on fridays.

Deathmark on Saproling Swarm

2 hours ago

Thank you very much!

aqKetoz on Mardu legendaries

3 hours ago

GoblinsBeatElves . He doesn't need angels for Lyra Dawnbringer. She wins the game on her own. U/w control decks use Lyra Dawnbringer regardless of the lack of angels. That being said. You have some pretty high mana costs. Consider some ways to ramp like maybe a treasure map or more early removal in place of Hazoret the Fervent because I don't see you emptying your hand fast enough to use her.

speck2993 on Make Narset Great Again

3 hours ago

Oops, didn't see that you didn't want Goryo's - reading is hard. In that case, I think the best way to power out an early Narset is Amulet of Vigor with bouncelands - I can't think of anything else that can get her out before turn 4 with any reasonable consistency, and if we're waiting until turn 4 we might as well ramp into a T3 Elvish Piper, which, as you noted, is too slow.

At this point, the strongest things we can be doing are still the Omniscience combo - otherwise we're going off on turn 5 at best, which is already too slow. Eternal Dominion might be OK, Time Stretch might be OK (since Narset is sticky, it gives us more shots at real cards), Army of the Damned puts them on a 1-turn clock. You could drop big planeswalkers - Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver all seem strong. The problem is that, as a combo deck, we have to be threatening to kill our opponent on Turn 4, and we still don't have a way to do that besides the Omniscience combo.

TheTurtler31 on Artifact-ually Correct

3 hours ago

Hey thanks for your comment, chcummings92! :D

I will definitely try to get my hands on some of those cards because they sure would help my curve out. Best of luck to you in your future artifacting!

enpc on Help for Kresh; except... this ...

3 hours ago

DankStompy: Edric, Spymaster of Trest is an example of an aggro control commander. But it is quite a niche build.

fury157 on 4 Color Hollow One (Avg. ...

3 hours ago

Wow. I am... thoroughly impressed. This is a fantastic build.

Why is it that you run a single land that can produce a black mana, but you can't fetch for it? What's the likelihood of actually being able to find it? What do you do if you find yourself wanting to hard cast prized amalgam but can't find the land?

How much luck have you had running this deck in a competitive meta? I really want to try building it but I'm not made of money, lmao.

speck2993 on Make Narset Great Again

3 hours ago

Narset can get us free spells, so we only need one attack. That pushes us into Goryo's.

We want noncreature spells that can win us the game upon casting. That puts us in Enter the Infinite + Omniscience .

back when Khans was released (and before we knew that he's sort of terrible); he packed it with extra combat effects to get as many Narset triggers as possible.

I'm convinced that that's the best Narset deck, or pretty close to it, and it's not very good.

Lightseid on Trying for 100% Competitive for ...

3 hours ago

I was always curious about it. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

jessniem on cards against a flicker deck

3 hours ago

If you get milled, you should run Laboratory Maniac and win the game.

Fleetwood-Mat on Fleet's Faeries

3 hours ago

ersatz_olorin it's the only 1 mana permanent in the deck, but I actually considered trimming them down from 4. The thing is that the value of what it provides is too great, it can help you ramp for spells faster, helps your creatures dodge counterspells, allows you to play creatures at instant speed... the deck isn't super fast, so having plays to set up plays 2 or 3 turns later on turn 1 can be a real difference maker and can help you maintain momentum. A lot of times you need mana open on turn 3 for cards like Liliana of the Veil or Scion of Oona, so having the vial at 2 counters gives you the ability to play a Spellstutter Sprite and counter a 3 drop if you played Bitterblossom on turn 2. It obviously sucks when you need something late game and you topdeck one, but the amount of times it helps vastly outnumber those situations.

Tethys on Jeskai Tempo

3 hours ago

Lightning Angel over Mantis Rider just because it's Bolt-proof? Higher CMC for just +1 toughness seems potentially suboptimal.

I like the list overall though; +1

TheAnnihilator on W: 1x JtMS, some random ...

3 hours ago

@DankStompy I looked up the prices on TCG again, and while the median price is $298.00, MP Tundras are going for roughly $240 on average -- it's still up from earlier today, but not worth the full $300. Thank you for encouraging me to double check. =D

@rockleemyhero, pskinn01, KillDatBUG I'll be getting back to you soon.