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DeadCold on UG Merfolks (RIX)

a few seconds ago

Mavoricke, do you mean Ghalta, Primal Hunger?

Kvothesixstring on Technically, Mogis isn't a Minotaur

a few seconds ago

Thanks dejvos93!

I love tribal decks, I have to check out your folder of tribals.

xhuggels on Crazy spellcasting, featuring flying creatures

7 minutes ago

Also, and i know this is a budget deck so this is just a side suggestion, but Rekindling Phoenix if you wanna add some $ to it.

pskinn01 on What happens if buyback cost ...

10 minutes ago

The lowest the buyback cost can go is 0. But you still must choose to pay it. In other words, you still have to state you are casting it with buy back.

I have seen someone have Memory Crystal, Emerald Medallion, and Cloud Key naming instants to make millions of saprolings with Sprout Swarm. Cast with buy back becomes just . So cast with buy back tapping forest. Cast again with buy back using the sapproling to pay convoke cost. Repeat any number of times.

xhuggels on Crazy spellcasting, featuring flying creatures

10 minutes ago

what do you do against, say, an indestructible creature who manages to enter the battlefield safely or, a planeswalker? i guess you can Lightning Strike or Shock a planeswalker to keep them for using ultimate, but you really dont have an answer to the Amonket gods, as bouncing them only saves you a turn. Hazoret the Fervent is especially dangerous as it has haste. Its a good deck, it just doesnt really have any way to deal with creatures past the turn 4 mark other than bouncing, which can force you to use 2-3 cards on a single creature within a game from time to time. The other problem is your win-conditions are very vulnerable to removal themselves, as they can be countered, exiled or destroyed, and every single color has an answer to them. Finally, i believe you are running 2-3 fewer lands than you need in a control deck that doesnt actually deal with creatures. you will have to play more than one card sooner than blue/black control decks.

I think primal amulet is a great alternative win-con alongside Lightning Strike and shock, and its definitely a main-board thing you should do. Id swap the Kari Zev's Expertise for 2-3 of these, as they help you save manna on more stuff, and drop 1 Favorable Winds for an extra land. Bouncing 1 creature with 1 spell is debatable whether its worth it or not, but bouncing 2 for 1 is great!

Lubas on Rhonas Paradox - Standard

13 minutes ago

Filuth the Channeler Initiate doesn't give me the mana to "combo" with the paradox, he is limited to the counters, but thanks for the tip!

Gundala on UG Merfolk

16 minutes ago

WHat a deck!

IlGuale on Phyrexian Unlife in Death's Shadow

17 minutes ago

If you really want to try an unconventional DS build in Orzhov colours, you must play Orzhov Charm. It's jankyness at its finest, but its second and third abilities look good with DS.

jdarmstrong135 on Gift of Mettle

18 minutes ago

TheOrakle I feel like Ahn-Crop Crasher does the same thing, except it can make sure you get in for more damage. While as Captain Lannery Storm can't guarantee something won't block.

jdarmstrong135 on Path of Ramunap [[Competitive Primer]]

20 minutes ago

averagenovice74 lolz my bad. I had assumed everyone read the B&R list. I guess if you didn't, the banning of Ramunap Ruins would come as a Shock.

LearnedHand on Phyrexian Unlife in Death's Shadow

21 minutes ago

Azdranax, at the point that Phyrexian Unlife's counters become relevant, in a regular shadow deck I would have already lost so I am not following. It may encourage Affinity to use the Inkmoth Plan sooner but it doesnt make it easier. I would also be more aware that Inkmoth would be a bigger threat and focus in my removal. I still see unlife buying extra time in that match up.

LeaPlath I can definitely get on board with this logic. It doesn't directly help win. But it does allow a Death's Shadow to reach its full potential. And even tier 1 and 2 decks run some form of solid defense (counterspells, removal, land disruption). I can see that it shouldn't be the highlight/focus of the deck but I still don't see why a 1 or 2 of wouldn't be helpful to a high risk deck.

hypnoticfreak on Merfolk's reckoning

25 minutes ago

looks a lot like mine. also, metallic mimics didnt feel good at all. maybe since temur got hit itll hold betterbut i 100% took them out for river sneak

dejvos93 on Technically, Mogis isn't a Minotaur

26 minutes ago

Looks Fun! I really never liked Neheb before but on this deck, it looks fine. Can't wait to try it out :)

Ashmed on Zada the Spellslinger

29 minutes ago

Hi bumcheeks, thank you for your suggestions! I did consider using Make Mischief, however a lot the creatures I will be using are 1/1's, with the vast majority of my buff spells only boosting the power of those creatures meaning they would die easily to it. Mirrorwing Dragon is certainly a possibility and I do need to test it out in the deck before making a decision to use it permanently.

x12721 on The Gift No One Wanted

30 minutes ago

You should run some Refurbish as well as a way to get the G-PG to the graveyard early. Champion of Wits is a good way to do this, or Strategic Planning. You could go T3 Champion into a T4 Gift.

averagenovice74 on Path of Ramunap [[Competitive Primer]]

32 minutes ago

jdarmstrong135 Lol, I didn't even realize what you were talking about until I looked at the banned and restricted list. Sigh Probably Basics, maybe Shefet Dunes

Ender666666 on Doesn't Play Well With Others

36 minutes ago

With the addition of Sunbird's Invocation for pseudo-draw, I am considering cutting Staff of Nin, in favour of Gauntlet of Power. Anyone have any thoughts on this? mercury01?

mavoricke on UG Merfolks (RIX)

37 minutes ago

And even though it isn't a merfolk I would put the new mono green stomp dinosaur in here since you can put it out super quick.

bridgetl2001 on Tribal Knight Commander Deck

38 minutes ago

How is this deck against a Krenko Goblin Commander Deck?

mavoricke on UG Merfolks (RIX)

39 minutes ago

So I would acrually play Unsummon over the select for inspection mainly becasur it can be done to any creaturw with out thw tapped restriction and if they target any of your stuff you can just unsummon it back to your hand so it's a pseudo hexproof. I would also bump kopala up to 3. making a fatal push or shock cost 3 is a pretty big deal.

greatgoofini on Zada EDH

43 minutes ago

Corrosive_Cat nvm im dumb as heck

greatgoofini on Zada EDH

46 minutes ago

Corrosive_Cat Harnessed lughtning actually doesn't work because youre choosing Zada but not targeting her.

Dave-writer90 on Odric's Army

54 minutes ago

Thalia, Heretic Cathar is great for any white commander (or white deck in general IMO) she's a 3/2 with first strike and makes your enemy play their non-basic lands and creatures tapped.

typhon126 on FNM Dino's

1 hour ago

I disagree with you AgentJackjohn. Yes, it does replace the 3 drop slot that was Rampaging Ferocidon however I don't think "City's Blessing" is going to viable for dinos. I'm sure it can be done, but consecutively I don't think so. Main deck wise I would cut 2 Carnage Tyrant as they are you top end and replace them with 2 more Lightning Strike or 2 Blossoming Defense depending on your LGS meta. I don't think a playset of Carnage is nessecary. The 4 Raging Swordtooth's I would cut down to 2 and cut 1 Regisaur Alpha for 3 Ripjaw Raptor's. 1 Cmc cheaper and the ability to do the single most broken thing in Magic:The Gathering....Drawing Cards. Plus with Haste from Alpha or Otepic it's a nice 4/5 for 4 that if blocked draws you something. With the extra 3 spots in the side now open, I would take a look at Prowling Serpopard. 3 Drop 4/3 that makes creature spells you cast uncounterable. Since RR and Temur took major hits in the bannings, that leaves combo, vamps and U/B God controll as the next big decks. You are going to need ways around Cast Out or Ixalan's Binding which you do with hexproof ways like Heroic Intervention and possible Blossoming (If needed). U/W Approach and U/B controll like to counter stuff early/mid game so serpopard helps there. And The Scarab God is a scary threat, so your only option to get around it is to make creatures fly, Hour of devistation it, or . Build the sideboard to your meta. If your planning on GP'ing with this deck, I would build the sideboard around what you expect to be there. Good Luck!! Hope my insight was somewhat helpfull.

RedZebra on The Raging Vorthosaur

1 hour ago

Shrub: I appreciate the ramp suggestions however I would rather use a bunch of flexible nonbasics since this is going to be the ideal version of the deck and one day I might even own Three Visits alongside Nature's Lore to take full advantage of the shocks, bicyclers, and battle lands. Pyrohemia is interesting and I can see the upside of repeatable pings, but it's downside makes me hesitate since I can't play it on a creatureless board at 4 mana.

5c0r910n: I disagree about cutting Boros Charm because it seems to me like it is extremely useful, and it has been in every deck I've fit it in. Instant speed indestructibility is very important to take full advantage of my Enrage abilities as well as protect from the majority of boardwipes in the format. It even protects my lands from Armageddon!

lukas96 on Red Aggro Goblins

1 hour ago

hey, Krenko is just to slow, id cut him and play more two drops instead.


1 hour ago

wouldn't it be good to play Baral's Expertise in this deck as well ? since it is capable of creating a huge tempo swing

DeadCold on New RIX Merfolks and UG ...

1 hour ago

Hey folks! I've never played Standard before and RIX made my mind change, I've got excited with the new Merfolks coming, so, I decided to create a UG Merfolk using IXL and RIX's Merfolks.Can you guys help me to build this deck? Could I change any card?PS: I want to keep my deck aggro, I tried to play with more counter cards (like Negate) and it was a boring slow play.My deck:

UG Merfolks (RIX)

Standard* DeadCold


Naj187 on Black Green Energy (Rivals of ...

1 hour ago

Updated for Rivals. Any advice is welcome.

Boza on What happens if buyback cost ...

1 hour ago

You can never have something in Magic cost less than 0. If a reduction would reduce to below, it reduces it to 0 instead.

Managem on Rakdos Aggro Madness

1 hour ago

Cool updates, is it more resilient?

You may want to consider Bloodstained Mire Sulfurous Springs or Lavaclaw Reaches fetchlands to help thin out the deck, Sulfurous is more pain land, but it comes into play untapped. Lavaclaw Reaches maybe for the occasion of needing/wanting a makeshift creature? If anything I'd recommend full playset of Bloodstained Mire over Blackcleave Cliffs maybe x2 Lavaclaw Reaches

elch27 on Gift of Mettle

1 hour ago

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Lannery Storm (I admit I'm probably wrong in this opinion), but my reasoning for Initiate is that it will help the deck outlast other aggro decks thank to the lifelink, especially once brought back with GPG. I'll definitely think more about it though so thank you for the input :)

ericchen2003 on Really Fun Budget Sultai Modern ...

1 hour ago

soupdragons, Got that card in there, can't forget that amazing card

Darkshadow327 on Hyper Budget Azor Tokens

1 hour ago

I don't really know what I could suggest for this deck. Maybe Immolating Glare, Stasis Snare, and Sram's Expertise for a little more removal/tokens.

Ayronna on Jund Reanimator

1 hour ago

Ogoki, I think that you'll have to pick either Explore to get cards in the graveyard, as I do, or pick something like that card. I didn't consider it, tbh. You'll need creatures on the field to make the enchantment work, so a 3-mana creature that double explores and makes a target for the enchantment (and double explores again if it dies) sounds a bit better to me.

I tried out Sultai first- Hostage Taker and Rogue Refiner both worked well until one was banned- but I found it to be a bit too slow. I do prefer being on the aggressive path. But you could add Champion of Wits and Torrential Gearhulk in there, and a bunch of blue card draws like Chart a Course and Opt and you'd have essentialy a Sultai Control Reanimator deck. I think that's gonna be a more popular choice because of the control it gives you- but my preferred playstyle is more aggressive.

pinecone2k3 on AH! Real Gerblins!

1 hour ago

I suggest swapping Krenko's Command out for Mogg War Marshal. Both initially get you two 1/1 bodies for 2 mana, but with MWM, one of them replaces itself when it dies, and because MWM is a Goblin creature spell, as opposed to just a sorcery, it can be cheated into play with Warren Instigator's ability.

Darkshadow327 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 hour ago

When I saw Azor spoiled I just knew that I had to make a deck around him.

Azor is Actually in Charge (EDH Tribal Series#8)

Commander / EDH* Darkshadow327


Argy on clayperce

1 hour ago

Here is the build for StuBi that I'm working on.

Lime and Salt

It just needs four cards to come out, but I need to test a bit more to work out which ones.

Corrosive_Cat on Zada EDH

1 hour ago

I don't know how much you'd consider energy, but Harnessed Lightning is a really funky card with Zada; you get three energy for each creature you have and don't have to spend a bit of it to damage them, so pumps stuff like Electrostatic Pummeler for every creature you have; pretty insane.

Filuth on Rhonas Paradox - Standard

2 hours ago

Rather than Naga Vitalis, how about Channeler Initiate?

BeholdTheKing on Booger Brigade!!

2 hours ago

Scavenging Ooze is a more expensive card to this deck but it's to good to leave out. It can hate out so much of what certain opponent are doing. Especially with all the mana this deck makes.Also don't forget Birds of Paradise + Parallel Lives + Rapid Hybridization equals funny ambush blocks.

Moonpro on Factorio

2 hours ago

Hey,I suggest to play the full playset of everflowing chalice and astral cornucopia.

If you want to play mono green and nissa, you could try Beacon of Creation + oran rief, the vastwood. It is really mighty with proliferate action. I dont think that you need contagion engine, and i would rather play contagion clasp to improve your early game slightly.

best regards