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GrayAlchemyst on Screw Hidden Information

1 minute ago

In all seriousness, remeber that cards that reveal the top of the library over time will functionally reveal a hand (and even if it takes time) by the end of turn youll be able to get your isperia trigger by hitting any person. Lantern of Insight

druna on druna

3 minutes ago

Hi Guys!

goblinguiderevealpls on Need help with assembling a ...

4 minutes ago

also bounce effects like Cyclonic Rift, Evacuation, Sunder have insane synergy with Wheel of Fortune effects

Chris2684 on The Eternal Greed Of House ...

4 minutes ago

Having more cards with extort may be good. Another thought is making a sub-theme with grave pact and adding in some "Whenever another creature dies" trigger. Cards like blood artist are great for accumulating value. I have also played with decks that run Sun Droplet. Sun Droplet is very cheap and once you are dealt damage it starts to do work because it repeats consistently every upkeep.

Uncanny_Ghoul on Tappedout event deck ~ kinda

6 minutes ago

Isn't cheating her out early bad for us? They can just fetch the card they need to get rid of it?

Panas on Inalla

7 minutes ago


I have an Inalla deck myself that exploits creatures that tap for effects. A very different build than yours, but strong and fun nonetheless. Take a look if you'd like an unconventional take on this commander.

With that said, I see a couple of issues with how your deck is built and what your overall gameplan is. I do not know your budget so some suggestions may not be things you'd buy, but they would certainly greatly improve the deck's functionality, and, I promise to keep these to a minimum as well as avoid any Black Lotus kind of stupidity.

First and foremost, although your land count is perfect your mana base is slow. And I mean SUPER slow! Almost 40% of your lands enter the battlefield tapped and this is the last thing a control deck wants. You aim to be reactive and keeping as many resources up at all times is very important. Try to replace most of those taplands with others that enter untapped. A relatively budget-friendly option is the pain lands (i.e. Underground River, Sulfurous Springs, and Shivan Reef). Add more basics to enable more of your check-lands to come untapped. Choked Estuary and Foreboding Ruins both are good, relatively cheap alternatives, so are Tainted Isle, Tainted Peak, Smoldering Marsh, and Sunken Hollow. Unclaimed Territory and Ancient Ziggurat are good considerations, while Riptide Laboratory can give a lot of extra utility. Focus on lands that produce blue mana, as that is the central color of your deck.

After lands, comes ramping into more resources. Again focusing on Blue the most can be important. You have some decent pieces here but I would consider a few more. Thaumatic Compass  Flip and Journeyer's Kite are underplayed cards that can streamline a deck's mana by allowing consistent land drops. If you can, investing in a Chromatic Lantern will solve a lot of problems a lot of the time.

What a control deck wants to be is reactive. As such these suggestions are very strong for this kind of decks and if you can I would invest in getting them first: Vedalken Orrery and Leyline of Anticipation are some of the strongest cards in M:TG. These suggestions will help streamline the deck.

The last thing I've noticed is that your deck lacks focus and a clear path to victory. Look for more cheap wizards that have disruptive etb abilities like AEther Adept and Sedraxis Alchemist, or, card filtering ones like Omenspeaker and Augur of Bolas. Pit Keeper is another nice addition to any wizard deck.

As for cuts, I would go for Control Magic, Clone Legion, Magus of the Abyss, Vela the Night-Clad, and Yahenni, Undying Partisan as they don't particullarly advance the decks goal in any significant manner.

I hope you find this (incredibly long post) useful.


SlimJim83 on Tappedout event deck ~ kinda

11 minutes ago

I think you'll need ways to cheat her out early, then you can use her to tutor for your lock. Best I can think of is Birds of Paradise and go with a Sultai Mana base. You still have the problem of dealing with your opponents' strategy while digging for your combo piece. It looks like you'll want a tempo aspect to this deck. For thatRemand will probably be a good choice. Storm uses it pretty well. That's my two cents. Good luck

Primalink on Ghave stuff

12 minutes ago

Haha I'm not trying to build fair Ghave, just a Ghave with no infinite combos. If I can, I would make it a tuned list that can make 20 10/10s by turn 3, just without any infinites

Ekkaia on Pauper EDH Wipes

15 minutes ago

Craven183 on Firesong and Sunspeaker: Burn Them ...

20 minutes ago

@antipopes Definitely! I'll be looking for a spot in the deck for it- plus it can be fetched with Sunforger which is at the heart of the deck. Thanks for the suggestion!

Uncanny_Ghoul on Do experienced players generally follow ...

20 minutes ago

Currently the standard sets are:


Aether revolt


Hour of devastation


Rivals of ixalan

Upcoming: Dominaria.

Every set older than these are out of the standard format.Those set can then be played in different format ranging from Commander to Modern, vintage, legacy depending on what you want to play. You should probably have a look at MTG Format list to help you out.


druna on druna

22 minutes ago

Hi Guys!

Barjack521 on !Aetherflux Reservoir Cheeritoes! colossal

23 minutes ago

This is version 3.0 or something like that, i actually was using Filigree Familiar in the original version but decided to go with the birds as the only chump blockers. Half the time I win by beating someone over the head with Metalwork Colossus anyway

Razjah on Budoka Gardener EDH (Unofficial)

23 minutes ago

Shotscape Yes and no. I like that Kite can be used over and over to help get to 10 lands asap. But I do need to get the compass in here, it's better than armillary sphere. I know I only had a couple, so I'll have to double check if my list is out of date or if I need to pick up a couple more compasses.

I'm pretty sure your group should be fine with this, it's not going to nuke lands like Kamahl or the empress of beasts and it won't just combo off like Gitrog Frog. Give it a spin! You can see some gameplay of this deck .

Uncanny_Ghoul on Tappedout event deck ~ kinda

27 minutes ago

Hello I'm hosting a small event-like deck on tappedout. The goal is to try to break a card combo as a community. Mixing our thoughts and ideas together to build a deck around it.

Breaking Maralen Together - Community Deck

The participation rate is a bit low even while featured so i'm turning to the forums.

What do you guys think about it? Can it work out? I was planning to do more of these if it did.

I was hoping people would have fun with the idea, maybe I was wrong :)

TheRedKnight on Intet Evolution

36 minutes ago

I'm not trying to mimic your deck. I asked because I was hoping for some insights from someone who was experienced with Intet as a commander. I figured unblockable would be the goal with Intet to get as many activations as possible... but maybe Intet is the backup plan for when ramp and hard casting huge spells don't work. I don't have the experience and so I thought I'd ask you. Also could you specify the random stuff please? Cards I assume I could use would be Mirri's Guile or Zendikar Resurgent for more top deck manipulation and ramp sadly I own neither...

goblinguiderevealpls on Need help with assembling a ...

41 minutes ago

my one suggestion is to avoid howling mine/upkeep draw effects, as they enable opponents as much as they damage them and it usually doesnt end in your favor

cdkime on Do experienced players generally follow ...

42 minutes ago


You are incorrect.

Standard has a very specific definition--only cards from a limited timeframe are allowed. Those cards are not "banned" from the format--they are ineligible by the basic rules. Standard is designed to ONLY be cards from the most recent sets in order to foster a certain type of fluid competitive environment.

You were probably using cards that were ineligible for the format. That's your mistake for not understanding the rules of the format you were working with.

As of today, the only cards that are banned in standard are:

  • Aetherworks Marvel - banned because energy decks were dominating the meta, and this made them obscenely powerful. It basically allowed you to draw and cast one of your best cards for limited investment.

  • Smuggler's Copter - banned because its mana and crew costs are far too low for the card's power. It's a 3/3 with evasion that loots you a card--that's obscenely great for 2 mana and not attacking with one of your 1/1s.

  • Felidar Guardian - enabled an infinite combo with Saheeli Rai that Wizards found somewhat problematic in the meta.

  • Attune with Aether - banned to limit the dominance of energy decks. This is ramp and a significant amount of energy for 1 mana.

  • Rogue Refiner - also banned to limit the dominance of energy decks.

  • Rampaging Ferocidon and Ramunap Ruins - both banned because Ramunap decks were taking over the meta, so these two staple cards were removed.

That's the totality of the cards banned in Standard.


Edit: If you want to find Standard-legal cards, it's really simple: On your Gatherer search, place "Standard" in the "Format" box. This will limit only to the cards available in Standard.

goblinguiderevealpls on Need help with assembling a ...

42 minutes ago

check out my primer for some creative ideas! its budgetless but there are some affordable cards and combos id recommend :)

competitive nekusar primer

Wolfrage76 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

46 minutes ago

Plazmasoul You are supposed to comment on the deck in the post before yours and provide actual feedback. Please don't skip people. ;)

MRDK on List of all infinite combos ...

46 minutes ago

Isochron Scepter + Reclaim + Temporal Mastery doesn't works: Mastery will be exiled after successful cast

druna on druna

47 minutes ago

Hi Guys!

druna on druna

48 minutes ago

Hi Guys!

Jarebear97 on The Dragon Horde

48 minutes ago

What is the point of Foe-Razer Regent? He seems to be the ONLY card in the deck that "fights" things. It just seems like 7 mana for an unhelpful ability. Just my own thoughts.

luther on Inalla

48 minutes ago

AEther Adept and Sedraxis Alchemist are both pretty opressive in my opinion. With either of them, they etb and you copy them. You use the original's etb ability to bounce something else, and the token's etb to bounce the original so you can use it again. It is almost like buyback-ing Capsize, but cheaper and only for creatures.

ZendikariWol on Card creation challenge

49 minutes ago

Saga of Humanity

Enchantment- Saga

I: Destory up to two non-human creatures.

II: Human creatures you control get +2/+1 until the end of the turn.

III: Sacrifice half the humans you control, rounded up. Remove a lore counter from ~ for each human sacrificed this way.

Make a new legend you want in Dominaria.

Technomonkee on Pirate Slaves

50 minutes ago

Thanks I updated some stuff and will post it to give feedback on how well it played.

Absolute_Cactus on Do experienced players generally follow ...

51 minutes ago

I'm simply trying to build a tournament legal deck that I would enjoy using. I've been researching for weeks, and still haven't found even 10 legal cards.

Argy on Everyone in the Austin area ...

51 minutes ago

No worries.

I wore my Keep Austin Weird shirt today.

Dr.Crust on Dakmor Salvage Fanclub - A ...

52 minutes ago

HOLY WEATHERLIGHTS, never saw Noose Constrictor in that way idk why, i use the Skirge Familiar for Exanguination stuff, but never saw the constrictor, I feel so dumb HAHA (ty btw).

Argy on Draft land q

52 minutes ago

I take a kit with me that I put together when I first started playing Magic.

Is has 17 of each type of basic land sleeved up, and enough empty sleeves for an extra 50 cards.

That way I can put my deck together faster, so I can take my time testing it before the first match, to see if I am happy with how it plays.

If you put together a kit like this, and keep it organised in a box, it is incredibly handy.

You just grab it whenever you head off to a draft or sealed event, including prerelease.

Absolute_Cactus on Do experienced players generally follow ...

53 minutes ago

I tried to build a standard deck, but 85 out of 124 cards were banned. That's a lot more than 7. The only cards that weren't banned were my basic land cards and Fling. So please don't tell me I'm incorrect.

p0megranates on Budget Thrasios & Kydele

54 minutes ago

@toastySmorc Thanks for your interest, and I hope the deck performs well for you. As for a write-up, at the moment I don't have much time unfortunately to do a writeup, but I can write a little paragraph:

I can say the general idea behind the deck is to make Kydele tap for as much mana as possible, then get infinite mana with Staff of Domination or Umbral Mantle, then with that infinite mana you sink it all into Thrasios, then using the infinite mana you kill people with infinitely large Stroke of Genius (target an opponent and make them draw their entire deck). Counterspells are mainly for protection for your commanders and strategy; the deck is all about combo and not control. That's mostly it!

druna on druna

56 minutes ago

Hi Guys!

Izulde on Elesh Norn's Abzan Rites

57 minutes ago

Thanks! Grave Titan is an excellent suggestion. I'll try replacing Thragtusk with him first, as it's been an underwhelming card, and GT adds much more value despite 1 more CMC and double black (which I don't think will be a problem with my manabase). The reason why I'm not sideboarding Elesh is because she's consistently an All-Star for me - either as a finisher or a stabilizer if I'm behind.

jpoleto on Waste Rack

59 minutes ago

Oh yeah it has crazy value if you can play it turn 1. Turn 1 waste not into two discard spells would be a ton of value.

skulstads on Selesnya Exertion

59 minutes ago

Skinken I only have a smartphone to manage the deck so it's a bit difficult to keep up to date. Also working a lot. I made a copy and granted you success.

ATOMIC1258 on Ezuri deadly smol creatures

1 hour ago

Thank you, I have friends and that is why I can't add Blighted Agent to the main board. Sadly I'm also on a budget and have been looking at Glen Elendra Archmage and Aluren I'll look into the other ones.

Skyfolk on Trostani's Token Buddies

1 hour ago

Kor Haven, opponent's utility lands mostly. Sometimes I copy Selesnya Sanctuary with Thespian's Stage. I mostly run Vesuva just because I have an FTV copy and no other good lands.

Thespian's Stage also serves a new purpose with Mirrorpool going in the deck, since I need colourless sources of mana to use it.

Darth_Savage on Death by tree

1 hour ago

If your looking for Blue/Black control ideas, maybe this from Seth:


Might give you a starting point...

EternalBrewmaster on Intet Evolution

1 hour ago

Not sure what kind of advice youre really looking for. Despite both using Intet as the general our decks have nothing remotely in common. I hate using eldrazi in most decks and made mine tribal dragons. You have a bunch of random stuff and unblockable stuff that seems totally unnecessary and I dont. There are cards in mine that might be interesting to you and should be obvious if you mouse over them. Best of luck.

TheACTR on Super Smash Boros | Firesong ...

1 hour ago

Sorry. It seems I wasn't clear when I posted my message earlier, but you all figured it out nonetheless. Still, this deck does have potential and I can't wait to see where you take it. +1 from me.

druna on druna

1 hour ago

Hi Guys!

skulstads on Selesnya Exertion

1 hour ago

I appreciate it A BUNCH! @Skinken

Neth on Athreos, The River of Styx

1 hour ago

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed doesn't make sense to me, he only brings back non-humans and you can't cheat him out

Lafoss on Budget Build: Odric's Army

1 hour ago

Shliken, For the series I am game to do whatever Commander that realistically fits on a budget (so no Praetors unfortunately). That said I think Iroas, God of Victory could be pretty cool! In the meantime I just uploaded another deck. Check out the "Other Decks in the Series" tab to check it out!

Epochalyptik on Draft land q

1 hour ago

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Legendclad on Mega Life Gain

1 hour ago

You should switch out Kemba's Skygard for inspiring cleric