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catafalcoman on I almost feel bad

2 minutes ago

Love the idea for this deck, i think Evolving Wilds would work better than Bloodfell Caves tho. You don't really need double lands (if you have at least a Mountain and a Swamp you're pretty much fine for the rest of the game), and sending the wilds in the graveyard makes Gurmag Angler easier to play. Still, +1 from me :)

silfarion10 on Mardu Nahiri

5 minutes ago

Maybe Gurmag Angler in deck too?

_Kane_ on Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

8 minutes ago

ACDAMAN I found this, "Tagging something on TappedOut involves wrapping its name in double square brackets. This can lead to problems:PutrefyThere is a card, a user and probably also a deck with this name. You could end up tagging something you don't want to. To stop this from happening, there is a full syntax that specifies what you want to tag. Use it. "

Here is the link to quote: Formatting

I personally enjoy having all of my commander list named after the commander card name.

Sigru on Lifelink Cats

10 minutes ago

Full of Cats with lifeline

ScrubNation on U/B/R Treasure Control

13 minutes ago

pistachio28 Hieroglyphic Illumination is a very useful card. I put 3 in because of the cycle and the draw. I feel it is better to run if you are not using much energy in your deck in comparison to Glimmer of Genius you can cycle it late to draw a card if you have no other plays to give yourself a play which is why i run 3-1. For this deck its a splash of red for Captain Lannery Storm. Spire of Industry i feel isnt as good as Aether Hub which gives me energy and a larger variety

Falconone on I'm mad, you're mad, we're ...

18 minutes ago

I see that you swaped and have 60 cards, what did you change? If you took out 2 Incorrigible Youths but liked it, then why not take one in and cut 1 Cryptbreaker?But the best thing would be if you try it out what you like more or what works better for you.

ChancesZombie on Booster with object

23 minutes ago

Well it never made it to retail I got it from WotC headquarters.

Ryjo on Speculation on new dinosaurs with ...

26 minutes ago

I don't know if we'll get any dinosaurs, I'm not sure what would make them unless they were zombies, but could have some of the aquatic dinosaurs in them. Another dino-lord is a possibility since after Ixalan block, we might not see dinos again for quite some time.

ClockworkSwordfish on Mono-Black Zombies

29 minutes ago

Is it meant to be a Standard deck? It would be easy to get some very strong and inexpensive cards if you're able to pull from past sets.

ColdHeartedSith on Speculation on new dinosaurs with ...

35 minutes ago

Need a big red T Rex 7\7 with afflict 5 or something maybe with menace or trample. A big baddy

clayperce on Juliandelphiki

35 minutes ago

Hey, great to "see" you again. And thanks for the upvote on Ponza.dec!

ClockworkSwordfish on LabManiacs Deck Tech: Breakfast Hulk!

38 minutes ago

Is there no way to get a written summary of the video?

ColdHeartedSith on Speculation on new dinosaurs with ...

40 minutes ago

I wish if they were goig to do dinosaurs they would go with a primal theme with tribal riders and Shamman and not focus on pirates. The two themes are in my opinion kind of strange together and I am hoping to see an introduction of a thunder lizard worshiping people and a Sarkan Vol type planewalker for Dinosaur instead of Dragons.

fromthedeath on Mishras factory and propaganda

46 minutes ago

Yeap, Propaganda will only take in account the current state of your Mishra's Factory, not the former.

Liquidbeaver on Backwards Assault

48 minutes ago

bewarekraken: Shape the Sands is not a strict upgrade to Tower Defense, in fact it is quite the opposite. Sands hits one creature and Tower hits all of them, for 1 more mana.

Anrix on Recross Belcher Speed v2

49 minutes ago

Did some testing again today. Tried dream salvage and as you said in the primer, it is quite situational so I cut it out. Then played without street wraith, but with 3 pyretic ritual + 4th cantor. It was okey (won 6 out of 10 matches), but recovering after a failed combo-attempt was quite hard. Two losses were against UWr-decks with a ton of counters and other hate (well okey, they are "designed" to beat combo-decks). One game lost to myself because tried to mulligan too greedy (should have kept the 7 card hand with a land and one land searcher + other mana without combo or draw spells). Greatest moment of the day: won a game with empty the warrens while opponent played stony silence and counters :P

Caravan-cantor synergy is so great as it makes the possible combo a turn faster: fast mana for cantor -> sac cantor and put the land directly to battlefield with caravan, then play another searcher and put the land to battlefield from hand playing one more searcher. Turn 2 play the last land from hand and cast recross. I would definitely keep the 4th cantor in. It also stores mana after reforge and also allows some non-green starting mana sources in hand to turn green.

Next I would test to bring 4 street wraiths back in and take out 3 pyretic rituals and maybe 1 lay of the land. Then put 2 pyretic ritual to sideboard with 4 empty the warrens. Bushwhackers were not needed today, but maybe as a 1-off in sideboard would do it.. So then it would be 6-7 slots for empty-package in sideboard and rest would be nature's claims, pact of negations, chokes and bolts in some combination.

ZM4C on Ghoul Story, Gisa

50 minutes ago

Forgot about that one! Thanks

BS-T on Speculation on new dinosaurs with ...

51 minutes ago

I'm really hoping for Enrage in a big way, I liked Emerge a lot and I don't think there was enough of it so I'm keen to get more of another mechanic I like.

MahBoi100 on From Rags To Riches (Help ...

58 minutes ago

I've now added a sideboard, dzapf2008. It mostly consists of cards I already have, but if there's any changes you would've made, please let me know!

Treehugger003 on Ghoul Story, Gisa

1 hour ago

Thornbite Staff is another way to get multiple triggers out of Gisa.

Darkblitz77 on One Punch Man

1 hour ago

Rabuko Yeah, sorry it took me so long to reply. So, in a perfect game, we play a forest into an Attune with Aether turn one, netting us 2 energy and an island. Turn two we play an Aether Hub and Servant of the Conduit, putting us to 5 energy. Turn 3, we play our island and Electrostatic Pummeler, putting us up to 8 energy. Servant is left up for mana to cast a dive down or Blossoming Defense if our opponent attempts to use removal on the Pummeler. Turn 4, we play a Larger Than Life on our Pummeler, making it a 5/5 trample, and if we're lucky, one more energy providing card to push us past 9 energy. We then swing, and pay energy to double Pummeler's power three times, once to a 10/10, then a 20/20, then a 40/40.

TreyV on Liliana of the Moon

1 hour ago

Oh yeah, plus Smallpox lets you toss Demigod of Revenge as well.

Panzerforge on Vela, Eldrazi Enchantress

1 hour ago

AceGambitDragonfly, thanks for the vote, and yes, in my final version I run no Wastes. I am already running a few of what you suggested, even in this budget build.

frogkill45 on Flashback Blitz

1 hour ago

Enigma Drake is probably just a better Spellheart Chimera since its out of bolt range, flying is usually good enough to evade most blockers, so you lose trample but gain 1 toughness

GoldGhost012 on KIngWiggins

1 hour ago

No worries, everything turned out fine.

TreyV on Liliana of the Moon

1 hour ago

This is fun, similar to a couple decks I've brewed and run the past year.

2x Smallpox, -1 BloodMoon -1 Fatal Push. Then Liliana of the Dark Realms can get back ahead with land. I've also used Dakmor Salvage to do that as well.

Guftders on Are there any creature spells ...

1 hour ago

Ancestral Statue is what you're looking for. When it enters the battlefield, you target itself with the ability. If you 4 counters on Animal already, then you basically get to cast this guy infinitely, getting infinite counters on animar (or since you'll have to declare a finite number, a very large number of times)

nintendoluk on Treasure Production Control

1 hour ago

Also Renegade Map could be funny

Early game -> mana fixLate game -> Marionette Master kill off

robsta109 on Zombie Horde

1 hour ago

Ghoulcaller Gisa is not banned in modern, that much is true, but Ghoulcaller Gisa came out in a supplementary set only and therefore is only legal in EDH, Legacy, and Vintage.

tschiller on Wildfire Eternal

1 hour ago

Already thought about it, then I saw the price :o

fromthedeath on Meren - I need your ...

1 hour ago

So, a small list of additions:

*as for the removal problem, you should consider adding Hero's Downfall and Abrupt Decay;

*as for the overall sac mechanic, Ixalan brought some really good additions, such ass Revel in Riches. In a pessimistic cenario it's a really synergic mana ramp, in an optimistic one, a secondary win condition. It can pair well with Bitterblossom.

*there is a lot of elvish mana ramps in your deck, so Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip seems really good in theory.

*Deathrite Shaman, Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Smothering Abomination are overall good cards. Exhume fits the theme as well, if you manage to get a big creature early in your graveyard (Grave Titan and Sheoldred, Whispering One i.e.).

*consider placing a Rune-Scarred Demon, it's a tutor that can be reanimated.

Lord_Khaine on Ghoul Story, Gisa

1 hour ago

Ghoul story bro, tell it again.

porcupinepete on Critical hit! (7 dollars)

1 hour ago

This deck is great. Pyreheart Wolf would be a good add.

The1986Legend on Me-OW! These kittens have claws!

1 hour ago

I don't think running aether hub would be necessary as longtusk cub tends to generate the energy he needs by himself. Although, if I had trouble with mana fixing I might consider it. It still needs to be tested more. Same thing for the Desert Hold card, it seems to function fine for removing threats and I don't necessarily look toward it for the life gain synergy with deserts. After testing, I think I might put in cast out. I just enjoy curving out and thats why I put Deserts Hold in.

Pingpongwizard14 on Merfolk Counters

1 hour ago

No just more casual play

Argy on Kit-Kat Tribal

1 hour ago

One more thing.

I like Appetite for the Unnatural better than Fragmentize, but that comes down to a meta call.

Dunadain on The Big Year (birds)

1 hour ago

It's considered polite to only put tags that apply to your deck on it.

-If there was a downvote I would.

LittleBlueHero on Speculation on new dinosaurs with ...

1 hour ago

Dinosaur Egg - G

Creature - Dinosaur


At the beginning of each upkeep but an incubation counter on Dinosaur Egg.

When Dinosaur Egg dies search your library for a dinosaur card with converted mana cost equal to or less than the number of incubation counters on it and put it on to the battlefield.


Horadric_Slave on Shark42

1 hour ago

you know what that would go great in? Ghave