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Balinor5 on Gruul Gore

4 minutes ago

I would try to fit in 1-2 copies of Xenagos, God of Revels. Maybe instead of the Ancients or War Chant... Replace the guildgate with Rootbound Crag. I know this adds a little $$, but its not that bad compared to the fetch/shocks.

g0r3gr1nd3r on Damned Devotion

13 minutes ago

Alright, you've put way more thought into this than i expected. I understand why you prefer the demon now, but what are your thoughts on Abyssal Persecutor?

Jonemode on Way of the Empty Palm

13 minutes ago

Worth upping artifact count for Unlicensed Disintegration?

Pheardemons on The Gold Standard (5-Color Blades)

20 minutes ago

I think you could bring down the Abrupt Decays to 3, maybe even two. Also, I definitely like Chromanticore for this deck. I would probably take out Transguild Courier. You already have Fusion Elemental for your vanilla big guy, so maybe for one extra mana you get a huge monster that has a hell of a lot more value than Transguild Courier

If you're worried about staying "on curve", you do have Mantis Rider for the haste spot, so it is possible you don't need Jund Hackblade? If you want to add something more into the deck that's possibly one to take out.

I'm not a huge fan of Congregation at Dawn. How has that worked for you? If you're playing Demand, do you really need Congregation at Dawn?

Rhox War Monk is also something I'm not the biggest fan here. However, I understand needing lifelink. I play Behemoth Sledge to keep reequipping. I did that to try and play more trample stuff like Siege Rhino to be more aggro. Also, I would recommend Siege Rhino somewhere in the deck.

For something of value, I do really like Witch-Maw Nephilim as a potential end game beater, or Glint-Eye Nephilim to be able to draw cards.

CChaos on Speculation about Amonkhet Gods (Spoiler ...

21 minutes ago

I previously posted a theory on MS: THE WRITING ON THE WALL

Basically Bolas will return as a god, along with the other 3 gods under his control or following his rule. They will be (I hope):

  • Grixis
  • Esper
  • Jund
  • Sultai

ManaChrome on Deck Creation Challenge

26 minutes ago

Alright! So here's how this challenge is gonna go... the person above you is going to give you a description for a deck, and you have to build a deck with that description... after that, give another description for the next person...

You can be as imaginative and ambitious in the decks and descriptions you give... as long as it fits it's theme... it doesn't matter if the deck is "good" or "bad"... (but try at least!)

Let's start simple... Make a deck in a 60 card format with 36 lands and 24 spells...

(Although not entirely my idea, this page was inspired by the "Card Creation Challenge" in the Custom Cards forum... be sure to check that out as well...)

theindigoeffect on How Do I Prevent My ...

29 minutes ago

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone: you've been very helpful!

OminousRex on RW Humans (Exert... Stage Left)

30 minutes ago

Well, this was a budget deck until I just added 2 Gideon of the Trials. He tested extremely well so I cut Stitcher's Graft to make room.

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

35 minutes ago

I do kind of like Zo-Zu the Punisher. I already put in Mana Barbs though. Either way something to consider. Thanks man.

PriestessKikyo1 on Dutchboy1982

36 minutes ago

I'm not a sir!! I'm a girl! :D

Rant on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

37 minutes ago

Also. You need some hate on landfall in here. Zo-Zu the Punisher seems fun.

gravemaster117 on Get Shrekt by the Maelstrom

41 minutes ago

Yeah, especially temporal trespass. I can cast it for as little as three mana, but i will still cascade for a 10 or less costing spell.

Naksu on The Gold Standard (5-Color Blades)

45 minutes ago

Transguild Courier, Demand and Fusion Elemental. Problem is I am super reluctant to take out a single Alara and the 4/5 drop slot is getting crowded, bumbing the average cost so high that 2x Trace of Abundance is not enough to meet ramp demands. The list as it is now is the tightest I could come up with.

Naksu on Fatal Faeries

49 minutes ago

Angelic_Kronos Yeah, I've playtested it a bit, but I really like Elspeth as a final boss and I also appreciate Gideon, Ally of Zendikar more than Sorin, because Gideon has huge impact even on an empty board and he can can ult on the turn played. And I dont really want more than 3 walkers.. Solid suggestion though, I had trouble deciding between Elspeth and Sorin.

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

53 minutes ago

Also, Rakdos Charm was in there to start. I am realizing I need some graveyard hate. I might decide to add it in, or try Relic of Progenitus or Leyline of the Void.

Pheardemons on The Gold Standard (5-Color Blades)

55 minutes ago

What are the cards you want to include?

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

55 minutes ago

Slaughter Games and Infinite Obliteration are interesting ideas. In a playgroup where you know what your opponent's are playing those are definitely good hate cards.

I thought about Havoc Festival for a long time. My problem with it is "players." My deck takes A LOT of life to gain advantage. Necropotence, Phyrexian Purge, Erebos, God of the Dead, Greed, Phyrexian Arena, Ob Nixilis Reignited, and Mana Barbs. I don't mind hurting myself to hate my opponents more, but I believe I need lifegain. I settled for Scytheclaw instead. Also, with Havoc Festival you will become a serious target. You will need to make sure you have protection to stay alive. At least with Scytheclaw I can try politics to stay alive by making a deal not to attack someone.

Rant on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

56 minutes ago

I also am a huge fan of Rakdos Charm in my play group. It's hilarious seeing someone mass a butt ton of tokens or creature then go in for a killing blow with craterhoof then killing them with its effect

The7thBobba on I Don't Like Hand Shufflers

59 minutes ago

Things I like:

Lupine prototype fits like a globe, nice balance between drawpower and firepower, and a cool and fun concept.

Things I'd do differently:

I'd probably add a few cheaper spells, possibly some deathtouchy blockers...

Unless you build around it, things with delirium are just very overpriced if they don't get the added effect, and your deck, as it looks right now, probably won't see delirium kick in.

To activate Mindmelter you need sources of mana that specifically produce colourless...

Startled Awake  Flip is monstrous, but unless you're going for a more consistent mill strategy, it's not a very good fit, imo at least.

Sin Prodder is sooo cool, but unless you run more red, it feels like a drag.

Concealed Courtyard. You have no need for white mana...

Things I'd consider adding:

Harsh Scrutiny: it might be limited, but it's very cheap, hits a lot of nasties, and lets you filter.

Mind Rot: is a classic, and two cards dropped for three mana is value. They might not become exiled, but since you're playing blue and black, you're in the right place to abuse your opponent's graveyard.

Miasmic Mummy: a discard on a body. Value...

Unburden: is like mind rot, except with the added value of a possible cycle.

Rise from the Grave is an all time favourite of mine, when playing discard.

Naksu on The Gold Standard (5-Color Blades)

1 hour ago

I have a few cards I absolutely want to include, but I'm having trouble finding balance again to keep it as consistent. Gimme some help boys!

TheRedMan on rakdos amonkhet aggro

1 hour ago

Neheb, the Worthy allows you to have one card...So no trouble there.

MindAblaze on Speculation about Amonkhet Gods (Spoiler ...

1 hour ago

Somehow I feel like Razaketh is going to play into this.

Rant on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

1 hour ago

Well, a card I'm definitely going to run in my build.... Havoc Festival, I also think Slaughter Games is good for removing a known target in any deck that learns how to deal with this big beautiful monster. Infinite Obliteration for repetition and consistency.

Zerraphon on He's better than everyone, Kruphix.

1 hour ago

KaiserChef would you have any suggestions on this deck? other than the nissa?

Bananastormcount20 on Xenagod Rampage

1 hour ago

While your deck is pretty solid in theory alot, and I mean alot of Xenagos decks work well when stuffed with dragons, with their decent bodies and flying for evasion they are good, but most of the better dragons have good abilities on attack or making contact with the opponent. This also lets you run dragon specific mana ramp, tutors and buffs.One of the allstars and leading to fast game ends being Atarka World Render. That being said suggestions for you current build could include Chaos Warp and Song of the Dryads are quick decent removal.
Otherwise the only things I could suggest are the same as the first statement, focus your deck, maybe take out some of hte low curve aggro like Fanatic of Xenagos for Cards like Warstorm Surge that really pay off with your big creatures.

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

1 hour ago

Rant - That is a point I will concede to.

I would argue that Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast are a little better being that their only one mana, and that they can destroy a blue permanent as well. The deck doesn't need to be true control for them to be able to work. Not every blue deck plays enough islands for Boil or Boiling Seas to truly make a difference, but every blue deck will play some sort of blue permanent, or a counter or two.

Either way, you have any possible suggestions for the deck? Anything you can think of that may go well with the deck/theme?

GabeCubed on cant beat em join em

1 hour ago

I'd say Oblivion Stone is probably better. They both have about the same speed, just a difference of it being a better mana sink, and can remove more.

Ratchet Bomb does come down sooner, but still take about as long, and takes out less.

Oblivion Stone is about the best option out there.

Moonbar on Smuggle Mages

1 hour ago

This is great. It's like Mono-U Martyr in Legacy, but cooler.

KaiserChef on Get Mana Hydrated

1 hour ago

Zerraphon though I'm not running Craterhoof Behemoth you have some token creation, so consider that when you play it after a huge token creation even 4 or 5 tokens turn all the 1/1 creatures into 6/6 tramples for a turn.

chataolauj on Bluewhite control

1 hour ago

I feel like you have too many supreme verdicts. What if you go against a deck that doesn't play creatures at all? I feel like it'll be a waste to run 4. If you're worried about creatures, maybe a Ghostly Prison?

sarumanthechef on RG Pummeler

1 hour ago

Insult / Injury seems like a natural inclusion

Rant on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

1 hour ago

Well, aren't Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast the same issue as boil?

MagicGALAXY on Temmet, Vizier of a Shit ...

1 hour ago

Lilbrudder So I changed this deck by a lot. Instead of trying to go wide or beat down with big tokens, it has a equipment arc to it so I gain MUCH more value with a unblocked token. Damage is great, but being about to untap stuff is much better. Very curious to see what you think.

Jewishman on One Punch Deck

2 hours ago

I would focus more on milling, tempo and board control and less on generating fast mana you don't need. Force of Will is extremely expensive and you have almost no blue cards to discard to play it. With lotus petals you can tap out and have mana up more reliable counterspells; Counterspell, Cryptic Command or Mana Drain if cost is no issue. While you've got 4 trinket mages you have no way to find your painter as trinket only fetches for ;Enlightened Tutor, Fabricate might be better. Ensnaring Bridge covers you against aggro and gives you more fetch options (replacing Monastery Mentor's), works with your lions eye diamonds, Basilisk Collar goes well with tokens and gives your walking ballista damage deathtouch.

I would also consider having just 4x of painters and grindstone. They're a 2 piece instant win combo, you want to be drawing them into your hand turn 0 with tutors to find whatever control piece you need to win and some ramp or counterspells.

shadowcaster on Breya's Genius

2 hours ago

I forget his name but somebody at the gameshop told me Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Kormus Bell, then Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. It's in your colors too! I'll be at the shop Wednesday. Happy gaming!

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All ...

2 hours ago


First off, thanks for the compliment and glad it could make your day!

Secondly, not at all. I have no problem spreading the pure hatred that is Rakdos. Hope you destroy all of your opponents and make them bow to your power!

Boil and Boiling Seas are pretty metagame dependent. Possible dead draws in a lot of games.

scythelord10 on orzhov sacrificial humans

2 hours ago
  • the liliana's and the cavern of soul's, this deck is like 12$..... and its super fun to play, and surprisingly good

godzilla080 on Cheap blue metal

2 hours ago

I REALLY like the deck. Have you seen Mycosynth Golem and Tezzeret's Touch? It might be worth it to splash the black. You already have Springleaf Drum maindeck!

Froghog90 on Scarab Control

2 hours ago

Scarscale ritual seems like an awesome inclusion, thanks! Don't know how I missed that one lol. I'm a little curious how you see Phyrexian Unlife fitting into the strategy.

BenGarrison on AKH - Grixis Control

2 hours ago

Alright, I'll probably wait a few weeks to make a big purchase on a deck to let everything settle down.

I've read a lot of people being suprised by Censor, running it as a 4. Hieroglypic Illumination replacing Anticipate aswell, and Pull from Tomorrow working out really well. Sphinx of the Final Word also is just great against control.

RumAndCoke on Endless Agony 2.0

2 hours ago

I apologize for the delayed response. Your deck is very well built. I'll suggest two cards I've personally used, and played against, that are always helpful:

Rhystic Study and Cyclonic Rift.

kaboomeow on Platinum Izzet Moon

2 hours ago

Love this deck! Although, my list runs a 2-of Pia and Kiran Nalaar to help with blockers. It evens out the four-drops, to something more than Madcap. I'd definitely test it out!

PixelTamer on Ravnicube v0.3

2 hours ago

Version 0.3 posted based on this feedback. Thanks!

godzilla080 on Beginner Competitive Tron

2 hours ago

Walking Ballista and Hangarback Walker are good inexpensive pieces as well. It doesn't have quite as many synergies with the Eldrazi. Have you looked into Eldrazi-tron?Inexpensive slight upgrade to this one.