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IrishMidgetMan on Zur's Enchanted Wonderland

2 minutes ago

Great looking deck. Love the Barren Glory combo.

Serra's Sanctum is a must have for a Zur deck (although pricey)

Replenish and Ajani's Chosen have saved me on more than one occasion in my Zur too.


Chris3778 on #1 Black Zombies

3 minutes ago

yes thank you for posting this Argy I'm a huge fan of Gerry Thompson zombie deck too

Chris3778 on Esper Zombies

5 minutes ago

Argy thank you so much for the advice and tips on the deck

thegigibeast on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

5 minutes ago

Ok, so I goldfished a bit with your list, and we are winning on average turn 4/5. I think you could add Ebon Stronghold over a Swamp for the possible mana acceleration. I would also go with Grim Monolith, as it is another mana positive rock, and sometimes 1 mana is the only thing you need to win a turn earlier. Dark Confidant would be another good creature to continue drawing early to draw into something like ramp, and it could be sacrificed later on. I would like it over Reassembling Skeleton, since I am not really using the ability to reanimate for further sacrifice because I need to keep every mana I need, mana is so thight on turn 3/4/5...

Rayezilla on Mono Red Burn

5 minutes ago

would be nice to throw in some blood moons... however I think I'm going to try for boros.

saj0219 on cklise

7 minutes ago

Absolutely! Who knows, maybe I'll even find some other things I'd want.

PoorParagon on Kefnet's Meat Grinder || 10-1 ...

11 minutes ago

Full handed army was a better name :(

Got most of the pieces and gonna try to try this tomorrow at FNM. I was thinking maybe drop a cub, bristling hydra, and a confiscation coup for essence scatters. What you think?

Also I been playtesting and I've been able to keep a full hand each turn for the most part,the only problem is having trouble hitting kefnet. Have you tried a 3 of or is that too much?

Hata98 on The Scarab God Makes His ...

13 minutes ago

Agent of Erebos ismainly in the deck to counter other graveyard strategies that don't rely on creatures. Even if they do rely on creatures, once some graveyard strategies get going, even The Scarab God 's activated ability won't be able to stop them or necessarily slow them down. That's why Agent of Erebos and Withered Wretch are in the deck as a cheaper and to some extent more efficient graveyard hate which I only use as a backup plan anyway.

calexander on The Scarab God Makes His ...

26 minutes ago

There are a few cards that seem counterproductive to the use of the god. specifically agen of erebos. I understand why hes good in almost any black deck as a counter to graveyard shenanigans, but with that you are essentially giving a clean slate to an option you have

cklise on ToolmasterOfBrainerd

28 minutes ago

As our trade was successful, would you be willing to upvote the decklist for my collection to help me increase my visibility? It would be greatly appreciated.

cklise on PhotogenicParasympathetic

29 minutes ago

As our trade was successful, would you be willing to upvote the decklist for my collection to help me increase my visibility? It would be greatly appreciated.

cklise on sirbar

29 minutes ago

As our trade was successful, would you be willing to upvote the decklist for my collection to help me increase my visibility? It would be greatly appreciated.

cklise on Sparky41

29 minutes ago

As our trade was successful, would you be willing to upvote the decklist for my collection to help me increase my visibility? It would be greatly appreciated.

cklise on saj0219

30 minutes ago

As our trade was successful, would you be willing to upvote the decklist for my collection to help me increase my visibility? It would be greatly appreciated.

cklise on Dredgar

30 minutes ago

As our trade was successful, would you be willing to upvote the decklist for my collection to help me increase my visibility? It would be greatly appreciated.

lagotripha on Upvote if you love Thrun! ...

31 minutes ago

Its difficult to make budget reccomendations in a general sense, because its difficult to know how likely your meta is to show their weaknesses. If you're seeing a lot of fetches and toolbox strategies, arbiter is the correct choice, but there are a huge array of possibilities which while situational, might be more appropriate.

Grand Abolisher does a lot as a single step down to help resolve worship. Most of the creatures for consideration are already in hatebears lists. Personally, I'd much prefer to try and resolve a Pithing Needle or Phyrexian Revoker for the number of sacrifice effects tied to plainswalkers and general combo peices in my meta, and when operating on a budget colourless cards that can be swapped between decks on a sideboard really do help . I'd consider a single Spirit of the Labyrinth- it is very vulnerable to removal, but has a lot of utility blocking combo until they can fetch an answer. Cards like Storage Matrix/Witchbane Orb are similarly disruptive if looking for budget options, but cmc is super important when looking for tools. The manadorks will help, but it is a consideration. Dawn Charm has utility. Heliod's Pilgrim can search out pariah for combo-wombo, but otherwise isn't very useful. Bower Passage has blowout potential against decks reliant on lingering souls to stabilize, or Gravity Well to handle a lack of flying coverage. Some people swear by Skinshifter. Scryb Ranger is a dumb trick that can win games.

There are a lot of cards out there- there is going to be something to fit exactly what you need. Thalia is popular because she is such a great generalist. If you're casting spells, nope, wait another turn. But for budget, look at what you regularly face and find something that people sideboard to do that delay, even if it the lowly fog effect of Dawn Charm.

sebvieira on Magus of the Crucible (HOU)

32 minutes ago

I don't play modern, only EDH. But if you build a deck around The Gitrog Monster (one of my favorite EDH decks) I just have to give you a +1

If I had more time/budget I would definitely try to create a similar build. I'm interested to see how it'll perform. Please post results when you get the chance (and of course, after HOU releases).

mastermew on Laughing As The Kingdom Burns ...

32 minutes ago

I just bought a collection of cards from a garage sale and as I was going through it I saw a few cards I thought might be good for this deck. After work I can take a look for ya.

Airakk on Clan of Vampires

32 minutes ago

hi cmschewnne, Guul Draz Vampire and Shadow Alley Denizen are two very nice vampire firstdrops i use in playset in my own vampire deck =)

ah! maybe you understood me wrong. i don't wanted to be rude ore telling you what you have to do! i just wanted to say what i noticed about your deck =)

now i will test your vampire deck against mine =)

you can check out my vampire deck here on "tappedout" if you want =)

ChaosJester on Where are the Johnny Players...need ...

43 minutes ago

Really cool! I have one more question Oloro_Magic- what if I have two of these leylines in my opening Hand? Can I put both of them into the battlefield?

hosshughes on hosshughes

44 minutes ago

Thanks HorseFist! Too true on the budget thing. MTG can be such an expensive game, but only if you let it. There's still plenty of fun to be had for a reasonable amount of money. Keep flying the budget flag!

bluechandra on How You Like Meow?

50 minutes ago

xLovePotionNo9x Yes, just doing a search for standard green cmc <3 makes it pretty clear. A Hapatra deck would also be fun. I'd like to see it with Dreamstealer, Hapatra, And some big creatures. Then, combo that with some unblockable.

Sleazebag on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget ...

55 minutes ago

Having a Mikaeus deck for under $20 is impossible until they reprint him. It's the first thing I have in the description.

I'm keeping the $20 name because of how iconic it has become, and because I'm holding out for that reprint.

Excluding Mikaeus himself the rest of the deck is only a few dollars.

hosshughes on A Whole Nu World - ...

56 minutes ago

@The_2ndpanda: Thanks! I put Aetherflux Reservoir in because 14 ramp cards + 15 draw spells + 3.2 average CMC = opportunity for a big action turn where we could gain a lot of life. It's also in there as a political move. If we don't get one of our token producers, we can threaten to pop if someone tries to kill us when we have no chump blockers. Just a fun card, but certainly replaceable :)

fluffyisgod on Argy

56 minutes ago

Hey check out my deck i have been running let me know what you think Mardu ReRe

Tobiasbigtoe on Azotius Propaganda, YES that is ...

56 minutes ago

German science is the world's finest!


Oloro_Magic on Where are the Johnny Players...need ...

57 minutes ago

It would sync well with the saproling combo and make all your creatures even more resilient, and the leyline ability to start on the field as an added bonus as potentially turn one you get a 3/2 blocker.

LittleBlueHero on Neheb, The Eternal

1 hour ago

Thanks for the upvote!

I will take a look at yours on my lunch break today see what I can Steal... err borrow :)

BlueScope on Does Open into Wonder and ...

1 hour ago

There is no functional mechanic of redundancy in MtG - even if you'd cast Open Into Wonder on that creature twice, it would have this ability text:

Whenever Stealer of Secrets deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

While such a card would likely not be printed, there's no reason why you wouldn't draw three cards when dealing combat damage to a player here - the last two abilities neither overwrite each other because they have the same text nor because they have an origin of identical name (nor for any other reason).

The term of redundancy is used (I believe) exclusively for keyword abilities such as Deathtouch - a creature can still have multiple instances of it, yet it will be redundant because lethal damage is always lethal damage - you can't deal "twice lethal damage" (and if you could, it wouldn't do anything special).

Marcs7 on Worthy Minotaurs

1 hour ago

Hi Argy, this deck is very interesting, but I don't understand how the new neheb gets around the problem of board wipe.Apart from that, nice decklist, +1 from me

fluffyisgod on Mardu Reanimator

1 hour ago

westdoorblowsnowI thought about painfull truths but i run 4 cathartic reunion and 3 tormenting voice which actually synergies with the deck i will play a land every turn i promise you that, That fox has been the best card in Deck i have everafter 2 of them just to gain needed life and gain blockers i want him to die to draw more cards and if they magma spray him then they do he is there to dely me dying lmao and i have ran refurbish but currently turn 4 gearhulk isnt as good as people think the only impactful turn 4 gear hulk is Combustible and he wont always be there,Everafter is so much better because its 2 creatures and dont have to be Artifacts, once rotation happens i will be replacing Everafter with refurbished, but so far Refurbished is cute but its been a trap. Lmao

ChaosJester on Where are the Johnny Players...need ...

1 hour ago

No I talk about Knighthood. I think this should be better than Archetype. :) Akrome is too expensive with 7 Mana in my opinion. What do you think about Leyline of Vitality? I think this is a decent card with its +0/+1 ability that can change a lot on the board, plus it has the life gain ability.

Cicjose on G Ramp/Beats

1 hour ago

you need to have Creeping Mold in your sideboard because of Solemnity

multimedia on W/B Tokens

1 hour ago

If you look at Standard right now there's a deck that wins consistently with tokens, Zombies. Consider converting your deck into B/W Zombies with a main token theme. Wayward Servant can add a significant amount of life loss and life gain when duplicating Zombies tokens. Servant in combination with Zulaport Cutthroat would give you damage from both angles when Zombie tokens are created and when they die.

I suggest Zombies because they have a ridiculously good lord package right now with Lord of the Accursed and Liliana's Mastery. Both these cards give Zombie tokens a lot of reach. Because you care about making tokens Dark Salvation can pull double duty as a token maker and removal spell.

Possible List trying best to keep it budget (Untested):

I've included Cryptbreaker even though he is $4 a piece which might be out of your price range. He can be a constant Zombie token maker and a draw engine when using Zombies which is exactly what you want. Procession into Mastery does create a lot of power on the battlefield.

Good luck with your deck.

Jpegwun on Breya, Ghost in the Shell ...

1 hour ago

Idk about everyone else, but i don't like Steelshaper's gift in non voltron decks. It's main purpose is to get an equipment. Yeah some combo pieces are equipments but fabricate is much better. As for whir of invention vs fabricate, originally i'd side with fabricate, but..i guess it depends on what you're tutoring. essentially its the same thing, but fabricate lets you hold the artifact for future plays if you dont feel its safe to play it after you've tutored. but i could see whir of invention being useful for a "i win this turn" card.

Unicornsareevil on Retribution (need help/optimization)

1 hour ago

What about Zulaport Cutthroat?

Also the flayer seems too expensive for modern. You could just go monoblack, use some sack engines and any undying or persist type cards you can find. I like the Retribution of the Ancients btw.

Matrixxx999 on Somebody stop me!

1 hour ago

Well, I counted nine targets for fetchlands:

  1. Godless Shrine
  2. Hallowed Fountain
  3. Island
  4. Plains
  5. Scrubland
  6. Swamp
  7. Tundra
  8. Underground Sea
  9. Watery Grave

But to be honest, I can only recall a couple of games in which all the fetchlands were used.

I also had a lot of games in which Chromatic Lantern was on the battlefield. So all the lands (including fetchlands) were helpful.

pappabear75 on TYMNA + TANA STAXX ON ...

1 hour ago

At this point I do not know what to cut.

What I would like to add:Reclamation SageContainment PriestHarsh MentorNature's Claim or Beast Within Saffi EriksdotterFiend Hunter (potentially for more combo)Fire Covenant Ramunap Excavator (Over Crucible of Worlds once it comes out.)

What I think might be the weakest slots in the deck (I could be wrong though).Goblin Bombardment (might just need another sac outlet)Dusk/Dawn (so fun though)Retribution of the Meek (kind of ehhh)Vindicate (very slow removal but hits walkers)Aura Shards (With all the Null Rod type effects and Manglehorn is this worth it?)

westdoorblowsnow on Mardu Reanimator

1 hour ago

would you consider painful truth at the 3cmc slot? (lots of main magma spray running around for that fox) this would almost guarantee your 4th landdrop and maybe 2 refurbish replace 2 ever after?this lets you reanimate hulks turn 4

Jaredmc on The Shawshank Redemption

1 hour ago

I've cut it down to three colors and made Halfdane my general. I think this is probably the most flavorful general in these colors as I believe he is representative of Andy Dufresne (the main character.) Andy has to learn how to adapt to life in prison and takes on many different roles to do so. It also helps that Halfdane and Dufrense rhyme!

I still need to cull the rest of the deck down trying to balance theme and function.