angry wood noises

The big boi on the video is multani coming to get ya

The deck:

This is a mono green voltron deck. You want to vomit right away all your lands (with some landfall triggers as payoff too) and then cast your commander as fast as you can, the megantic multani. And then smash some skulls open. Your main strategy is taking people down with some quite blunt hits, but you do have some support in the form of ramping-dorks and some token payoffs from those landfall triggers. If multani ever dies, it has a very powerful recurring ability on itself, that further empowers the landfall theme. You also have many forest-sized creatures, as this is a mono green deck and they will be as fat as Multani.

Why is Multani, Yamivaya's avatar, the commander of the deck?:

Multani is arguably one of, if not the best landmatters voltron commander, and very underrated. It's quite more powerful than Molimo, thanks to a cheaper mana cost and reach, not even counting the ability to take multani back from the grave, and has trample, meaning that multani's fat ass will certainly hit something at least.

The deck's strenghts:

We are a pain to very greedy decks, as we can play multani again and again virtually forever. The voltron component of the deck is very powerful against heavy lifegain decks, and reach means not even dragons will be willing to squish theirselves against our angry wood thing. We also have an absolute frickton of ramp so mana screw is going to be really hard to happen.

The deck's weaknesses:

The have the core and the heart of a voltron deck, so we will suffer against most things voltron decks suffer, that being sacrifice and the likes. Our only way of combating edict effects are our ramping dorks and the scarce token generation we have, so massive armies will be a problem too- try to finish up the game before token decks start florishing-. The best case scenario is that multani gets so big that the enemy needs to adress it chumpblocking with its tokens to oblivion, and still getting trampled, and the worst case is that we don't fatten Multani fast enough and we die to a horde of goblins/soldiers or whatever the token player is making.


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