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Rubinia Old School (Pre-Tempest)

Commander / EDH Casual Control GWU (Bant)


Rubinia Old School is a Bant deck that has two noteworthy restrictions:

  1. It only includes cards originally printed before the Tempest block (until mid-97)
  2. It follows the current EDH banned list, so no moxen, lotus, ancestral, etc.

The deck is meant to be as competitive as possible within those two restrictions. That said, the deck won't stand a chance against contemporary cEDH lists but can do fine against casual lists (see video demo for an example of how it usually win).

I recommend it for everyone who used to play magic back in the 90s or those who play other old school variants. It is more for the nostalgic value than anything else. I've also designed other old school EDH decks and I honestly think this Bant list is top tier among them.


Thievery is the general theme of the deck: The plan is to steal good spells from your opponents and then either try to close the game quickly or lock your opponents with resource denial. The latter strategy is more likely to work than the former because the deck lacks finishers.

Video demos


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