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This deck will go from a few lands to attacking with 85+ copies of Battle of Wits on turn 5-6 most games.
The opening hand is important, our main priority is either having a land that searches for a forest card (not a basic forest though) to get Dryad Arbor. Alternatively Khalni Garden or another land that turns into or creates a green creature can be used.Tolaria West is good for searching for any of them. If you don't end up with a creature land then Keruga, the Macrosage can be pulled from the companion zone then cast. The only card you want to avoid in the opening hand is Cultivator Colossus Depending on your playgroup you may get a free mulligan or 2 but you don't want to mulligan down to reduced hand size otherwise the combo may fizzle later on. So we have a hand with a bunch of lands now what?
We need to get 6 mana consisting of at least 2 blue mana and one green mana as well as a creature created by a land(preferably Dryad Arbor) Most games this can be done by turn 5-6. Once you have the required 6 mana cast Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty from the command zone. Imoti will always hit Natural Order if it is in your library, so target the dryad arbor, Keruga, the Macrosage, or any other green creature you control. Natural Selection will cheat Cultivator Colossus into play and now you are ready to play some lands and draw your deck card by card. Many of the lands in the deck will sacrifice themselves or another land you control so make sure to not miss those abilities. You want those lands in your graveyard so that you can cast Temporal Trespass using the 1 blue mana you have floating as well as Crumbling Vestige+Vesuva (Make sure to play crumbling vestige before vesuva so that vesuva will be able to copy it when it enters the battlefield. ). You want to draw all but about 3 cards from your library then all of your land abilities will trigger after your Cultivator Colossus ability ends. Now cast the temporal trespass for the extra turn and pass. Now that your lands are untapped play Mycosynth Lattice to make everything artifacts,Battle of Wits, Tezzeret, Cruel Machinist to turn your Battle of Wits into a creature, and then Rude Awakening making all of your lands creatures. Now to wrap it all together cast Infinite Reflection targeting Battle of Wits making all of your lands 2/2 Battle of Wits copies. Finally make all of your dreams come true by attacking your opponents for lethal with Battle of Wits!
Any suggestions or advice is welcome. This deck isn't trying to shake any metas and is all for the fun of the format. Thanks for taking the time to view my deck and read this far!
Battle of Wits has been overlooked in EDH for far too long! It's time to show everyone what they have been looking for. This deck is designed to go wide and can do 150+ damage attacking with Battle of Wits!


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