Budget simic voltron! Gameplan is to cast Wilson on turn 2 and immediately begin pumping him, then win by commander damage. Ward 2 means he probably won’t get killed immediately, although we run plenty of counters and token generation to protect against sweeper and sacrifice effects. Totem armor offers more great protection against sweepers. By the time our opponents can cast spells like that, we want Wilson to be big and strong and unblockable. The Sword Coast Sailor background can help us politic our way out of losing Wilson, as we can promise to only kill the healthiest player.

I’d love feedback on this deck! I’m especially looking for the following:

  • tuning the curve so I avoid awkward turn 3’s. Turn 2 will always be Wilson, but given how many strong 2 mana auras there are, we have a bit of an awkward mana situation for turn 3 given how many strong 2 mana auras there are (and that our Background is 2 mana as well). I’ve tried to remedy this by adding as many strong 1 mana auras as possible (so we can double spell) and adding as many 1 mana protection spells as possible, but I’m not sure if that’s the best way. The 3 mana slot for simic auras is not the best, but I could be persuaded to use that strategy if better ones are found.

  • more generically good voltron cards like Fireshrieker that can help close the game faster. This is my first voltron deck, so I’m not as familiar with these. Simic also isn’t usually voltron colors, but I’m choosing to sacrifice that support in exchange for reliable unblockability.

  • wondering if I should lean into an enchantress subtheme because of all the auras…

  • utility lands…hard because this needs lots of pips early

  • there should probably be at least one other 3 mana artifact so that Trophy Mage isn’t just a tutor for Fireshrieker (although I do think it’s worth including solely to tutor Fireshrieker)

  • protection for Sword Coast Sailor? Good players will quickly realize that Sword Coast Sailor is the real key to the gameplan — without it, Wilson is usually just a pretty good 7/7. I should probably expand the counter/protection suite to make sure I can defend it from removal as well as I can defend Wilson.

  • add Nadu, Winged Wisdom from MH3

  • add Bogles? This deck is basically a Bogle build anyway, Slippery Bogle and the unblockable variants could be excellent Wilson alternatives if need be

  • more synergistic interaction options


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