I have begun to make a deck for every Angel Flight on Innistrad, now that Liesa exists to round out the cycle.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope, the mightiest of all the angels and the chief creation of Sorin heads up the mono-white angel-tribal Flight Moonsilver.

(I always have a mono-white angel-tribal deck...)

Previously, the deck was headed by Lyra Dawnbringer. When the little psionicist Sapphire-Moon had served the sea god perfectly, she was translated into a deva, so that she could return to her world and fight for it, and, for her sake, her beloved Abbas was made into an asuras.

Lyra is so perfectly gorgeous, and she captures Sapphire-Moon's selflessness perfectly. Angel of Condemnation does a good job of being Abbas, and thus was born the angel deck I always wanted.


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