So generally I only build decks in Sultai (Zagoth) colors, (Dimir, Golgari and Simic) as I live on a delta with no plains or mountains near me and I'm a bit Vorthos like that. I was very disinterested in Neon Dynasty. However when the Kotori Pilot Prodigy precon was spoiled, I fell in love with it. I was very anti Universes Beyond until this set, so I built this deck as a place to put several UB cards. This is my ONLY upgraded precon (I did used to have a Kadena deck, but got rid of it).

This deck has Transformers, Warhammer and even an Unfinity card, and it's all on theme.

It's been tuned and has a lot of artifact synergy with a huge focus on vehicles.

(Also I prefer Kotori over Shorikai. As much as I love Neon Genesis Evangalion, the bunny rabbit moonfolk ace pilot, I enjoyed more)


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