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Thraximundar, but it's all metal band names

Commander / EDH


So, a friend of mine had an idea, and i decided to build the deck using a bunch of spare cards I had.

The idea was to literally built the most metal deck I could, i.e every non-basic card name must sound like a metal band.

Naturally our best commander (or the best commander i had) was Thraximundar, and Grixis happened to be the most metal shard there was.

The deck will perpetually remain a work in progress - every time a new candidate pops up, it'll replace the least metal card in the deck where possible

The core plan of the game is to blow up stuff and beat face.

Last but not least - the decks soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciE-BONYOwM

Seriously I swear the deck play tests better when I'm playing this. It's a sign.


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