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I have always liked Phage the Untouchable, the character design, her abilities. So I'm doing the most unholy thing known to man. I'm making Phage the Untouchable my commander!! "But you can't cast her from the command zone without losing" I hear you say, I know but it doesn't matter because I have ways to be able to use her.

Of course this is not a competitive deck by any means, I rushed this deck a little so it will need a lot of work. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me!

Using Command Beacon, Tortured Existence, and Dermotaxi I can get Phage the Untouchable into my hand discard her into the graveyard, then imprint her onto dermo taxi for the win!
My main goal is to have no cards in my hand, use cards like Brink of Madness, and Headless Specter to gain advantage, as well as using cards to make my opponent's discard use creatures, and spells like Fell Stinger, and Aphetto Dredging to draw if needed. Basically I want no one to have cards in their hands, giving me the advantage.
These are all the cards I could find that refers to Phage False Cure, Aphetto Dredging, Syphon Soul, and Swat. If there is some that I have missed pleas let me know :)


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Delving into far more discarding cards, and combos. Not just making other discard but my own hand as well. I have added Thought Gorger, Tourach, Dread Cantor, and Waste Not for now still looking for changes to make.


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