An up-to-date Ezuri budget deck I posted on my other account (Ezuri gives 1/1’s with Trample a purpose).

If it works nicely I won’t need to add expensive cards, though if it can’t keep up with my playgroup’s decks, I’ll make space for some more expensive upgrades (as seen on the maybeboard of my other account’s version of this deck).

  • if you want people to hate you: Blighted Agent with at least +9/+9

  • if you’ve got at least 1 big trample/unblockable for each opponent Overwhelming Stampede

  • and Simic Ascendancy if you can add 20 counters in the same turn you play it, and it doesn’t get removed in the same turn around the board.

  • if you have at least 5 experience counters, use Sage of Hours for infinite turns. Ezuri just needs to stay on the field


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