This is my current version of Xenagos facebeating. My build features an obscene amount of ramp with 20 cards dedicated to accelerating my mana output (counting Zendikar Resurgent and Mina and Denn, Wildborn as 1/2 ramp each due to their slow nature).

I do have the classic red combo of Kiki-Jiki+Zealous Conscripts with a few tutors to pull it out if I want but I prefer to win through one massive creature. I am aware of the Aggravated Assault combo with Savage Ventmaw, and of the existence of other extra combat phase cards. Unfortunately college has left me in the financial position where I am electing to not use those cards despite their power.

I would love suggestions on what to add to my list but keep in mind that I am extremely limited by my budget.

Suggestions on what to remove are even more important than things to add. If you have tested a card extensively and know that it isn't effective I would love to use your experience.

my notes for updating

Out:Heroes' Bane, Eldritch Evolution, Wood Elves

In:Chandra's Ignition, O-Naginata, Prowling Serpopard


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