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Rosheen Spellslinger

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This G/R commander deck capitalizes on a metagame that's full of creature and artifact removal and weak on counterspells and land destruction. It ramps with land and mana doubling enchantments to create a situation where you are capable of dealing 40+ damage with red X spells.

Yes, I know there are other commanders for this type of deck. Like I said, the metagame is full of creature removal. Rosheen flies under the radar, unlike Wort, The Raidmother.

The reason for all the basic lands is that all of the really good super-ramp cards look for basics. I ran into a problem with a few games where I was searching for more basics than I had, so I decided to just trim it down to only the lands that are going to directly help me win.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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