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Esper Servos (Ixalan Updated]

Standard* Tokens W/U/B (Esper)




This deck creates a lot of tokens with the help of Anointed Procession using cards like Animation Module + Metallic Mimic , Sram's Expertise, Servo Exhibition and of course Servo Schematic.

Chief of the Foundry buffs them with +1/+1. Keep in mind that servos will enter the battlefield not as 1/1s because of Metallic Mimic and/or Chief of the Foundry. They can be much more powerful then you would expect. If this is not enough the planeswalker ability of Tezzeret the Schemer or his mighty touch will do the rest for you.

Tezzeret's Touch for example can be played on every given artifact but i suggest you to take one of the Metallic Mimic or Servo Schematic :)

But maybe you choose to beat your oppent with Mechanized Production?! Or with the Throne of the God-Pharaoh?! This is up to you now ...

Here is a video of my last opponent for example.

Try this deck you will not regret it...

Have fun with it as much as i had so far !



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This deck is Standard legal.

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Tokens 1/1 Servo, Tezzeret, Etherium Cell
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+1 Authority of the Consuls maybe
-1 Crook of Condemnation maybe
+1 Treasure Map  Flip maybe
+1 Marionette Master maybe