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Niv Instants and Sorceries

Commander / EDH Spellslinger UR (Izzet)


Izzet Spell-slinger

Started as an attempt at Storm EDH under Mizzix, but combined with a Niv Mizzet Izzet goodstuff deck. Have made some bit-by-bit improvements along the way. Favorite synergy is Niv with Dismiss Into Dream, letting me kill any opponent controlled creature for two mana a pop.

Recently played against my buddy's Tolsimir, and did really well. Runechanter's Pike came in clutch letting me swing for big flying damage. Isochron with High Tide made for some solid mana production. And Icy Blast bought me enough time to grab the win. Definitely a fun casual deck that's considerably different from my usual creature-focused playstyle.


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