Forked Bolt


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (DDP) Common
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon

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Forked Bolt


Forked Bolt deals 2 damage divided as you choose among one or two target creatures and/or players.

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Forked Bolt Discussion

greeb1957 on Naya Dino

1 week ago

Something I have found to work with my Dino’s is Farseek plus Canopy Vista and Cinder Glade. I put a fair number of Basic Forest in for them (I’m leaning mainly G/R+w). Also having more basics than maybe normal gives plenty for ranging Raptors to grab. I’ll often find if the game is going much past turn 6, I’ll have two basics out for sure and then those dual “battle” lands come in untapped.

Another interesting land choice I am loving is Desert. Ping Ripjaw or Ranging, ping their creature each turn. Lots of versatility for that card in this specific deck.

Creature wise I have many thoughts on that front. For now I would try 4 Thrashing Brontodon. It’s a great body being a 3/4 and with your heavy lean towards Dino cost reduction, will likely be just GG every game. Then in the pinch you have that convenience of sacking to get rid of a problem artifact or enchantment.

My favourite ping spell right now is definitely Forked Bolt. The sheer versatility is amazing and feels especially good when draw a card and playing a land for only one R.

I’ve got many other thoughts on this deck type from my testing. Last but not least, one of my newer testing cards Skarrg, the Rage Pits.

Brall on Forked Bolt - Hit once ...

1 month ago


Does Forked Bolt hit a single target once with 2 dmg or does it hit twice with 1 dmg?

Thank you!

BluemanMTG on Jescaw

2 months ago

Sweet deck brew. Would love to try something like this out.

Just an idea reading the comment above, Dual Shot be a suitable idea since Forked Bolt isn't legal? Or maybe add an Electrickery mainboard or something to deal with Delver's stuff. What we REALLY need is the trilands from Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir (Mystic Monastery pls) downshifted so true, non tron/affinity 3 colour decks can shine in Pauper.

Grubbernaut on Jescaw

3 months ago

Wizards, we need Forked Bolt legal in pauper. Like most decks, this one struggles against Delver, and there's not a lot of good stuff we can do to keep up against either U or UR.

I could go up to more Pyroblasts in SB, but unless we get a fast draw with removal, it's pretty dang tough.

SB CHANGE: -1 Curfew, +1 Pyroblast. Not seeing Bogles anymore, but do want to keep the pocket SB card in Curfew for them. Also works well against Inside Out, and is fine against Gurmag Angler decks.

I feel like Deprive could be replaced by Lightning Bolt. What do you guys think? I occasionally get value from bouncing back an Ash Barrens if I had to play it to make a land drop, but probably in <5% of games. And then occasional value against discard decks.

As always, cheers!

Grubbernaut on

3 months ago

+4 Incinerate +4 Fireblast, -4 Shock -4 Lightning Strike. For SB, +4 Forked Bolt


SeekerofSecrets on Izzet My Turn Yet?

3 months ago

I really like what you going for but I think that it needs to be refocused, Goblin Guide is really out of place, I think for your creatures I would run 4 titi, 4 peezy and then 2 Nimble Obstructionist or maybe a Crackling Drake as a 1 -1 split with obstructionist! I'm really excited to see it in modern as a izzet finisher!

Pyromancer Ascension is pretty out of place without a solid way to fill your yard, i would just drop it for 2 land

for your spells you should have at least 8-10 cantrips, 4 Serum Visions is a must, and then some combination of Opt, Thought Scour (if you switch to Logic Knot) and then maybe Chart a Course. to make room for this i would drop Deprive to a 2-3 of, Electrolyze to a 1-2, all of Ionize for 2 Logic Knot and then Risk Factor to a 2-3 of.

also i think that Forked Bolt should be Rift Bolt

Good luck! I hope that I was some help!

Grubbernaut on Jeskai Control

3 months ago

Opt is so much worse than Brainstorm, Ponder or Preordain.

Also, why no Lightning Bolt? Gotta have it, so good.

Also: Forked Bolt is not pauper legal, see link:

mastermew on Sideboard hate against Zoo while ...

4 months ago

thank you ToolmasterOfBrainerd for the advice!

Yeah, I know Remand can be good as well as Electrolyze, but I am not sure if I want to keep the Forked Bolt. I am toying with the idea of a 3rd Terminate or a MB Dispel, possibly even 1 Logic Knot. I could maybe go 2 Logic Knots and go down a Mana Leak.

Pretty much what I am getting so far is that game 1 is a L to zoo when it comes to Grixis Delver.

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