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As The Faerie Flies [Yanling Flying Tempo]

Oathbreaker Aggro Control Faeries Mono-Blue Tempo



A rough build for the New Mu with Contentious Plan as the Sig for cheap draw and proliferate to hit the ultimate. Faeries, Mill and good stuff spells -- Though I'm thinking about Chain of Vapor and String of Disappearances as the sig, that's still up in the air if you pardon the pun.


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-2 Contentious Plan main
+2 Contentious Plan main
-2 Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer main
+2 Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer main
-1 Teferi's Time Twist maybe
+1 Arcane Signet maybe
+1 Mizzium Skin maybe
+1 Lazotep Plating maybe
+1 Heraldic Banner maybe