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A Storm of Sacrifice - Budget God-Eternal Bontu

Commander / EDH Aristocrats Budget Mono-Black Storm Tokens


Storm out with God-Eternal Bontu ! Using a combination of token generators, sac outlets, and aristocrat-pingers, you can sac Bontu and play him over and over again, ignore commander tax, and draw your deck to search for the perfect card to destroy your opponents! With cards like Pitiless Plunderer , Pawn of Ulamog , and Midnight Reaper , and others, you can continue to sacrifice, draw, and replay Bontu over and over again for endless value, essentially "storming out". This deck is capable of drawing upwards of 30 cards per turn, and can get out of hand really quickly. Suggestions are very welcome, since this deck is still in its infancy. However, please keep the $30 (Commander Excluded) price in mind.

Breakdown by Category:

This category isn't that special. Our ramp is pretty boring and somewhat inefficient compared to some other options, but that's the price of playing on a budget (get it, price).
Almost all of our removal spells (barring Murder ) are in some way related to our game plan. Either we can reduce our cost by delving away some of our huge graveyard, or we can remove our opponent's threats simply by forcing other players to sacrifice them, something that doesn't hurt us in the slightest. Even our inefficient removal gives us tokens that we can throw at Bontu , so no matter which of these cards we pull, we're getting value and we're getting rid of a threat.
We're only running 2 boardwipes because good EDH board wipes are just so damn expensive. However, there are a few budget options (sadly most of them are found in white) that do fit with the deck, and Mutilate becomes a lot better when our whole manabase is swamps.
This whole section is either cards that generate tokens, or cards with LTB triggers. Either way, stuff we can throw at Bontu to generate value and dig through our deck.
Technically, in Magic: the Gathering lingo "Aristocrat" means a sacrifice outlet (see, Falkenrath Aristocrat . However, I much prefer using it as a term for something that generates value whenever one of our creatures dies. These are our game-winning cards - Dark Prophecy and friends let's us draw through our deck, Pitiless Plunderer and friends can help us go infinite/almost infinite with the insane amount of mana they generate, and Zulaport Cutthroat and friends help us finish off our opponents by slowly draining them out.
Even though our commander is a sac outlet on a stick, we want some way to recur him without having to pay commander tax. That's where our sac outlets come in. When we play Bontu, we can get his ETB, generate a huge amount of value, and then sac him and tuck him third from the top. This protects him and allows us to get him back into our hands by saccing tokens or small creatures and using Dark Prophecy -esque cards to dig him back up, and we can then play him again and generate the value all over again. This is where our deck "storms" out - by tucking Bontu and then playing him over and over again, allowing us to draw 10, 20, or 30+ cards per turn, and then finishing off our opponents with our pingers .
Sometimes, one of our main pieces gets removed, maybe we need more sac fodder, maybe our whole board just got wiped - that's what our recursion is for. We can grab key combo pieces and get them back into play. The steep mana cost on these spells may seem frightening, but with such a tight budget these are our best options, and they get the job done. Important note: Voyager's Staff does not recur from the graveyard, but I put it here because it "recurs" Bontu 's ETB effect.
The perfect manabase - 37 swamps!


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