The moment K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth was revealed during C19's preview season, brewers from near and far saw his Phyrexian mana cost and immediately knew he was made to be broken. I was also intrigued by this card but could not find a build that interested me.

And then I saw this list. Check this first so that you have a basic idea of how this deck works.

It's definitely something. However, it lacked back-up plans should the main combo ever become hated out. So I made some modifications and the list you see here is what I think is a good sweet spot to highlight K'rrik's absurd power level.

The main combo of the deck involves K'rrik himself with Aetherflux Reservoir and Bolas's Citadel. That alone is powerful enough as it will come to a point where the life gained through the Reservoir will outpace the life lost through the Citadel. However, you can only play so many cards off the top of your deck until you hit a land.

That's where two cards come in: Sensei's Divining Top and Necropotence. These two cards will allow you to filter the top of your deck to ensure you can keep storming off and kill the table with a Kaladeshian Death Laser (or with Tendrils of Agony if you're feeling nasty).

This deck's secret tech is the underrated artifact Vedalken Orrery. Most spells in black are slow, so this card can help the deck keep pace with faster decks.

Sadly, being in Mono-Black means you don't have much in terms of protecting your combo pieces. So, this deck has the likes of Contamination, Painful Quandary, Polluted Bonds, Desolation, and God-Pharaoh's Statue to keep the rest of the table off of your back as you storm off.

An alternative win con is to suit up K'rrik. Gift of Doom, Lightning Greaves, Vampiric Link, and Shadowspear are in the deck to make the Phyrexian fanboy hit as hard as possible since he gains counters whenever you cast Black spells. While there are no Trample effects in Black, hitting big will have to do (or by using Shizo, Death's Storehouse because nothing can stop this B O I). Note that, because of how Vampiric Link is worded, it actually stacks on top of K'rrik's Lifelink. Look it up.

Another wincon is to abuse the devotion mechanic by repeatedly sacrificing Gray Merchant of Asphodel then recurring it with Beacon of Unrest to regain loads of life to use as fuel for spellcasting later on.

Also, the deck's name comes from the fact that there're only there're 18 Shadowborn Apostles and 18 Swamps in the deck.... look, I know this deck could be more powerful but I'm a Timmy a heart. Flavor comes first, okay!?! LOL.


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So.... I heard of this deck:

All I have to do is swap out all the storm pay-offs....



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